Why Don’t Skateboarders Wear Helmets – Safety Tips

Skateboarding can be fun and interesting; however, ensuring safety during your ride should always be the priority. To take precautions against possible injuries, wearing a helmet is essential for any skater. However, why don’t skateboarders wear helmets, although they know it’s beneficial for them?

To uncover the underlying reasons behind this, today, we’ll discuss many points of view on this controversial topic, then show some features that you could look for when buying a helmet. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

No one can deny the benefits of helmets in guaranteeing people’s safety. The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to reduce the risks of serious head injuries if people fall, thus increasing the chance of saving their lives. 

When you’re a beginner and start to learn how to ride a skateboard, it’s common to fall. In this circumstance, a helmet comes in handy in protecting yourself from a head injury. And even if you’re a competent skateboarder, an accident is occasionally inevitable.

why don't skateboarders wear helmets

Wearing a helmet while skateboarding

From what has been discussed above, you can’t make sure that a dreadful accident will never occur to you. Therefore, you can avoid a concussion or a skull fracture by being vigilant with your safety and having a high-quality helmet anytime you skate.

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Why Skateboarders Don’t Wear Helmets

why don't skateboarders wear helmets 1

Skating without a helmet

There are many reasons behind the fact that skaters don’t like putting on helmets while doing this sport. Now, we’ll look at some common explanations for this action.

Wearing Helmets Is Uncomfortable

Skating with a helmet can be very annoying, especially when you are a person who usually sweats and skates in scorching weather. 

A helmet also adds weights to your head and consequently, neck and shoulders, making it more difficult for you to turn around or skate downhill.

Carrying your helmet around can also be a problem as you have to keep a watchful eye on it for fear that someone would steal your helmet.

The Helmet Is Dorky

Some skaters who have been practicing for years don’t wear a helmet for reasons like “It does not look cool” or “It’s out of style.” Riding a skateboard without a helmet makes you appear to be a daredevil, who isn’t afraid of taking risks. 

Additionally, the style of most helmets is old-fashioned and bulky. Although safety is of the greatest importance, how the helmet looks still does play a factor. And it is usually the factor that hinders skaters from using this protective gear.

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Ignorance About The Necessity Of Wearing A Helmet

Some skateboarders think whether wearing a helmet or not will make no difference. Because they overlook the possibility of falling and don’t recognize the significance of a helmet, they see no point in putting it on.

Wearing A Helmet Is Not Compulsory

Helmets are not compulsory in cars, except for some ramps requiring participants to do so. As a result, if you wear a helmet in some countries like New Zealand, you’ll receive many stares from other people. 

If having on a helmet is mandatory, everyone will deem this action a norm, and nobody would even blink an eye, seeing others roaming around with one on. 

Choosing the Right Helmet

why don't skateboarders wear helmets 2

A skateboarding helmet

There are countless possible choices out there that might confuse you when deciding which one to buy. Don't worry. That's the reason why we're here. Make sure you take all the following factors into account.

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The first thing you need to do is to measure your head and decide which size will be most appropriate. Take note of the measurement and bring it with you to the shop when you buy your helmet to ensure a proper fit.

Wearing a too-large helmet or too small is uncomfortable and doesn't provide enough security. You may also purchase helmets with adjustable paddings, which usually come in various thicknesses and allow you to customize them to fit your size.

Safety Certification

The aim of purchasing a helmet is to ensure your safety. When selecting a helmet, you will want to look for stickers inside the helmet from the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

These labels indicate that the helmet will provide a high level of protection in the event of an impact.


It’s vital to keep your head dry and cool with a helmet featuring ventilation and air vents. They will help prevent the unpleasant experience and the potential distraction of sweat getting into your eyes when playing.

Retention System and Straps

These two are essential for maintaining the helmet in place. They come in a multitude of sizes, but what matters is that they can be fastened and customized to your liking. 

You can use a fast-release buckle system or an ordinary one, provided that it can fix the helmet on your head.


After long-winded parts of explaining to you why don't skateboarders wear helmets, we can conclude that safety should always be your first consideration when it comes to skateboarding. 

Certainly, wearing a helmet while skateboarding will not bring you the daring look, but it’s always better safe than sorry.

SkateAdvisors hope that this article has provided useful information for your skateboarding experience. Thanks for reading.

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