Why Are Longboards So Expensive- Top Brand 2021

People commonly come to us and ask: Why are longboards so expensive?

The answer is because longboards are unique types of skateboards that come in many different shapes and are beautifully decorated. Moreover, they are famous for their high-quality material, body parts, and accessories.

Longboarding, recently, has gained more popularity, leading to an increased demand for longboards. High demand also pushes longboard prices higher.

This article will explain why longboards are more expensive than other board types and suggest the top-rated longboards for your consideration.

why are longboards so expensive

Materials, technology, style, quality, and brand reputation are the main reasons why longboards are so costly.


The longboard parts are made from different kinds of material, and each part material will price the longboard differently. Let’s look at three basic components of a board: deck, wheels, and bearing.


Bamboo, maple wood, and carbon fiber are three common materials used to make longboards.

why are longboards so expensive 2
  • Maple wood is the cheapest and the most popular; it is a tough and durable material for longboards.
  • Bamboo is dense, but it is lighter than maple wood so that bamboo-made decks will have higher prices than maple ones.
  • Carbon fiber is the high-technique material that creates the most expensive one. It is the collaboration of the wood durability and strength of compounds from carbon. Carbon-fiber longboards will allow you to have the smoothest and fastest ride.


Back in the old days, wheels for longboards were made from rubber, UHMWPE plastic, clay, or even metal. Now they are made of a petrochemical called polyurethane. It is durable, flexible, and comes in various cool colors.

why are longboards so expensive 3

Depending on the wheels’ material, the price can be different. But if you own a great longboard, you will want to have high-quality wheels to match them.


Standard longboards are usually equipped with bearings made of stainless steel. However, high-end longboards come with built-in precisely tuned ceramic bearings.

why are longboards so expensive 4

Ceramic bearings allow longboard skaters to move smoother in a longer time than stainless steel ones. Moreover, ceramics are stronger with high-temperature consistency, so it is supposed to reduce friction better.


Another reason why longboards are expensive is that manufacturing a longboard costs more than a normal skateboard. More technology effort is put into the construction, adding more to the longboard price.

As we mentioned above, the material used for making longboards is dense and sturdy, so that you need powerful machines to manufacture them. Besides, people can't make carbon fiber longboards manually but technologically.

Style And Quality

The main distinction between longboards and skateboards is their appearance. Longboards are much more stylish and sturdy. For that reason, players prefer longboards to normal skateboards.

why are longboards so expensive 5

Stylish Longboards

Quality commitment for a product must be strong to avoid low-quality ones, which may lead to injury. A longboard that meets the requirements of quality while boasting a sleek look will surely have a high price.


Recently, longboarding has gained more traction among young people. This is because they found it more stylish than a normal skateboard.

Demand increases but supply remains unchanged. As a result, suppliers will seize the opportunity and push the price of longboards higher than usual.


Brand reputation has a considerable impact on a longboard’s price.

why are longboards so expensive 6

Models from reputable manufacturers are usually on the more expensive side. However, buyers are more rest assured about the product’s quality. Well-known brands like Landyachtz, Sector 9, Madrid, etc., offer many good quality products at fairly high prices.

But lately, they are trying to compete by launching new products with more affordable prices but still keeping the same high quality. This news brings a good “hunting” opportunity to longboarders.

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What Are The Most Popular Longboard Brands?

Here are some popular brand names for longboards that you might be interested in.


Landyachtz is the largest and most recognized longboard brand in the world. Their longboards are for everyone - from beginners to advanced skaters. Landyachtz also has a subsidiary that manufactures long wheels and trucks.

Arbor Collective

Abor is famous for its production of longboards and being a social pioneer in promoting sustainable development. The manufacturer is committed to incorporating environmentally-friendly materials into their longboard’s decoration.


Madrid made the first fiberglass longboards in the 60s with different shapes and coatings. Since then, Madrid has remarked its name on the market and became an eternal brand.


Comet is widely known for its durability and tough longboards. Comet uses state-of-the-art strains that they’ve developed themselves associated with their wood coating and glues – all created to make boards environmentally friendly.

Sector 9

Among the best longboard brands, Sector 9‌ manufactures and supplies longboards of the highest quality and durability at the most affordable prices on the market.


Why are longboards so expensive? After reading the article above, we are sure that you can now answer this question.

As a rule of thumb, the high price is associated with quality. So if you’re willing to pay for the best longboard, we recommend considering our list of dependable brands. Hope you can find a good one soon!

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