“ Where Can I Buy A Longboard ?” Find Your Perfect Match Here!

A longboard is a type of skateboard that comes in greater length and more versatile models than its conventional counterpart. Ever since the 1990s the longboarding culture has gained significant recognition. Along with it came the bloom of longboard stores all over the world. 

Thus, it is easier nowadays to purchase a longboard, but much more difficult to find a good, and most importantly, the suitable one. 

Been asking yourself “ Where can I buy a longboard ?” Read the article with detailed recommendations and wonder no more!

Had an idea about how your ideal longboard would look like? Let’s go look for it!

The Ultimate Answer To “Where to buy longboards online?”

Even though buying online means physical touch prior to payment is unavailable, we would recommend online shopping, for there is a great range of choices and prices for you to choose from. 

Below are the highly favored sites; let’s check them out!


where can i buy a longboard

Unlike most shops that sell all kinds of skateboards, MuirSkate is specialized in longboards only, and it has made a name for itself in the online longboarding community.

Its products are of optimum quality, and so is the customer service. On its website, you can easily pick out the most suitable one using the Buyer’s Guide section, which includes some cool setup guides for different riding styles. 

Prices typically range from some 50$ to a couple of hundred dollars, depending on the size and design.

Brand Sites Or The Longboard Store

For those who already have an interest in a certain brand, you should go straight to their brand sites and look for your ideal longboard. Here are some worth-noting brands.


Landyachtz is among the most excellent longboard brands in the industry. 

It offers a huge variety of decks and structures, making the decision-making process from such a pack be rather challenging but certainly interesting. 

An additional fact to your purchasing experience here is that Landyachtz promises to plant a tree for every board you buy!


Scrolling through all Loaded’s models would not take as much time as Landyachtz’s, but that would be spent looking at the design because Loaded is well known for its simple but artistic and abstract graphics. 


Ryane sells 7 types of longboards: Deelite, Elevation, Slide, Darkside, Gateway, Flow, and Mini Cruiser. 

Although it could appear a little more costly than some other brands, a Rayne longboard never lets buyers down, especially when the shop also categorizes options for every type of rider.

Or you could go to The Longboard Store and search for those brands. Either way is convenient; it is all up to you!

Prefer To Take A Real Look Before Spending? Local Shopping It Is!

Advising on local shopping is hard because it depends on where you live. If there are brand shops, then we recommend you take those options. However, if there are only local choices, don’t hesitate to give them a try because they can offer surprisingly good quality longboards, too. 

Buying longboards offline allows you to take a close look and consider thoroughly before paying. So if you do go all the way to the shop, make sure you know what kind you are looking for in the first place and check out the structure, design, and price thoroughly. 

You could look at the shop on Yelp beforehand to have some helpful background knowledge about your dream longboard.

What Are The Criteria When Buying A Longboard?

Above are places where you should buy your longboard, but there are too many kinds of longboards, having the brands only cannot guide you to your “the one”. Check out the criteria below to find your perfect match!

The Most Important Criterion: Longboard Riding Styles

where to buy a longboard skateboard

There are numerous styles of longboards, which come in line with various riding styles. The most common are: 


This first mention is the most commonly seen form of longboarding since every beginner has to start with it. Cruising is normally about transporting on regular surfaces with relaxation and no tension. Therefore their wheels are often satisfactorily soft.


This way of riding promotes and requires creativity as there is no limit to the possible course of movement. Freestyle longboarding involves skills like sliding, jumping, flipping, etc.


Downhill longboarding should be restricted to experts, or at least, the experienced: It is simply the act of taking down the hills with crazy speed, carving, and drifting.


This riding style is the combination of freestyle and downhill as freeride longboarders slide down the hills while still maintaining to style it up.

Longboard Deck Shapes

Deck shapes also play a great role in how you rock the boarding world, so don’t forget to consider this aspect thoroughly. There are two main types: Directional and Symmetrical.


In conclusion, we would recommend buying a longboard online for its various choices and the fact that you can compare products with the help of existing feedback. However, whatever way you choose, consider the criteria carefully because it will be a pretty lasting investment. 

Hopefully your interest in “ Where can I buy a longboard ?” has been fulfilled with this article.

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