What will you do with your skateboard in bad weather

Wherever you live, from Asia to America, Africa to Europe, surely you suffer from wet weather for a few months. This weather is obviously not for your skateboard, you cannot bring it outside and have a ride. In these cases, what should you do?

Of course, no one wants to put your good cruiser skateboards aside or store it in a box until spring comes. This is the reason why we have this article to show you a lot of ways to do with your skateboarding in such bad weather. Let's have a check!

What will you do with your skateboard in bad weather

There is a garage in your house with a concrete floor, so what are you waiting for? It is all you need on a rainy day. First of all, ensure the garage is empty without any car as well as huge obstacles like carton boxes. A mini skatepark is ready now.

 In case the area of the garage is big enough, and you have an available mini-ramp or rail at home, why not put them in and start your skateboarding journey? The empty garage is not a perfect place to skate in the bad weather but also a practicing place so that no one can judge how good or bad you do.

Skate in a carpeted floor

In case you don't have an available garage, you can replace it by a carpeted floor in your house to enjoy your skateboard. It is recommended to do it in the living room, which is usually the largest room in a house. Since this indoor space consists of furniture, riding around is not easy, you should only practice some tricks like kick turn, ollie, shuvit or so on. 

Use indoor skateboard practice tools

The other way you can do with your skateboard in the bad weather is indoor training equipment. These days, there are plenty of companies providing these kinds of equipment, with various kinds and ranges of price. There are a lot of indoor skateboard tools you can use to practice without going outside, especially you are a beginner.

use indoor skateboard practice tools

For instance, if you want to improve your balance on board, you can find a balance trainer and practice in the wet months and hope for the achievement when spring comes.

Go to the indoor skateparks

This is obviously a choice for skateboarders who are looking for a place to enjoy the ride in the wet or winter days. If you are living in a large city, there will be a number of local indoor skateparks. You can go to these places to have a great time with your friends. It may cost some money, however, it is worthy. In addition, if you go to it regularly, you can register for a member card and it will help to save a lot. 

In case your neighborhood has no indoor skatepark, and you find that there are a lot of people loving skateboarding around you, why don't you propose to have one? Skateboarding is an active and amazing sport, we believe there is no reason that people deny this idea. You can raise money from youth organizations, local authorities, churches or even companies.

Watch videos about skateboarding

You want to have your skateboard active all the wet days, but sometimes it is impossible. You can make use of skateboarding videos. Watching these videos bring a lot of fun during the boring days. Moreover, you may know several pieces of knowledge about all types of skateboards as well as helpful tips from pro skateboarders. You can learn many tricks here, know how they are done as well as the pros and cons of each.

Watch videos about skateboarding

The final option for you in the wet months is to play skateboarding video games. It may be not a good idea, but it may take your free time while keeping your love with skateboarding. 

Snowskates and Snowdecks

If your living place has a snowy winter and the ground is mainly covered in white snow, why don't you make use of this instead of ignoring? Snowskates and snow deck are needed in this case. Snowskates are likely the same as snow deck, except the fact that they don't consist of trucks. In case you wonder “what size skateboard do I need?”, you can find a help in the Internet. You can use this to ride around the neighborhood, we are sure it will be fun. 

The final words

In this article, we have shown you somethings you can do with your skateboard in the bad weather. The winter is coming and the sky is becoming cloudy. So, we hope that you enjoy our article and have a great time. 

For those who are looking for more skateboarding tips and advice, you can have a look at our website. If not, leave a comment so that we will know your question, and will respond as soon as possible.

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