What To Look For In A Longboard? – The A to Z Guide

Are you having trouble deciding which longboard is best for you? Getting dizzy from the vast selection of decks in all shapes and sizes, the numerous varieties of trucks, and the many varieties of wheels? Or, in another word, “ what to look for in a longboard ?” is a big question to you. 

To choose the best longboard setup, you must first decide how you will ride your longboard. The parts of a longboard are equally as important as the longboard itself, so finding the proper ones comes down to deciding what you want to achieve with your longboard. 

A longboard is a type of skateboard. It's usually longer than a standard skateboard and comes in a variety of forms. Because of the larger wheels, higher-quality building materials, and more accurate hardware, it tends to be quicker when skating.

Longboards are commonly used for cruising, traveling, and downhill racing, known as longboarding. Longboard 'dance' and 'freestyle,' in which the rider utilizes skateboard-like motions and steps up and down the board in a fluid manner, are also growing more popular. 

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Types of boarding

Things To Think Of First When Buying A Longboard

Price And Skill Level

If you're just starting out and aren't sure if you'll be likely to maintain this sport for a long time, it is advisable not to spend too much money on a costly longboard. After trying to skate, you may discover that it is not for you, therefore investing a sufficient amount of money is the perfect option.

That isn't to suggest that there aren't some excellent low-cost longboards around. The ten toes cruiser board is an excellent example of a high-quality but reasonably priced board.

You can obtain the greatest advice from those who have experience. Alternatively, you might begin by visiting e-commerce websites on the Internet.

In addition, you will have a number of alternatives when it comes to deciding which longboard is best for you. Beginners should choose for a longboard that costs approximately £50.

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what to look for in a longboard

Freeride longboard skateboard

Furthermore, keep in mind that the larger the longboard, the more balance it provides. This is why novices are advised to utilize a larger longboard rather than a smaller one or one with a more customized design.

Speaking of beginners, the most suggested size, regardless of height, is between 32 and 42 inches.

Type Of Rider

Longboarding, like other board sports, offers a wide range of riding styles. And it goes without saying that each type of rider has varied needs for a longboard. Although you can try different methods depending on your skill, when you first start skating, you must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

what to look for when buying a longboard

Professional skater skating longboard

This will be the foundation for selecting your longboard. It's more probable that you're a cruiser if you're a newbie. Carving slopes and tearing across large distances are common activities when longboarding. If you want to go downward, you'll have to stoop down and shred down the hills. 

Most cruising longboards on the streets are between 32" and 42" long. These are the ideal moving options. The wheels are soft so that you won't feel every bump, and the board has a flex that can help you stay comfortable on extended rides while also absorbing some of the harsh terrains.

They should also be as quick as feasible. You also need to put in extra practice time to improve your braking skills. Because you can only take on the downhill kind if you have an excellent feeling of braking.

Professional longboarders are mainly free riders. They frequently surf on steep descents and use tactics such as slides and curb hops. You must also distinguish between a free rider and a freestyler. 

Free riders are the only ones who can do all of the longboarding skills, including dancing on them. A freestyler, on the other hand, might be a beginner who is only learning the fundamentals and does not have a certain style.

Longboard Trucks Should You Know

The trucks secure the wheels to the deck and allow the axle to rotate and turn. Longboard trucks feature a reversed or inverted kingpin, which distinguishes them from regular skateboard trucks. 

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Longboard’s truck construction

This allows for greater side-to-side movement, which improves stability and control. These, like skate trucks, may be changed in terms of how readily they pivot. Tightening the kingpin nut compresses the bushings, giving the kingpin a stronger sensation while rotating. 

Tighter trucks are better for high-speed stability, whereas looser trucks are better for turns. The way the trucks pivot will vary if the hardness or durometer of the bushings is changed. 

Skate trucks can be classified into two main groups: TKP trucks and RKP trucks. On skateboards, the TKP ones are very common. They're amazing for stunts and grinding rails, and they're also terrific cruising and carving trucks.

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TKP trucks and RKP trucks

The RKP trucks are another type. These are mostly seen on longboards and are meant to be stable and smooth turning. They're excellent for cruising and carving, and they may even outperform the TKPs. For cruising and everything else longboard-related, we definitely suggest them.

Longboard Wheels You Should Choose

Longboard wheels are available in various designs and sizes, also vary in hardness levels and cores. For beginners, the majority of information is unnecessary.

Longboard wheels are typically tall, measuring between 60 and 70 millimeters in diameter. Some wheels are taller, however they are generally specialty wheels. The higher the wheels, the smoother they travel and the easier they are to navigate over cracks, rocks, and rough roads.

Different lip forms can also be seen on wheels. Some have sharp (or square) lips, while others have rounder lips.

The round lips move around easily and can break if you carve too hard on them, whereas the square-lipped wheels hug the road tightly and try to keep the wheel from sliding. However, if you slice hard enough, they will break free.

Longboard Length Suitable For You

In a straight path, the height (also known as diameter) of the wheel is the distance between where the wheel touches the ground and the top of the urethane. It is frequently stated in the wheel's name and is expressed in millimeters (for example, 75 mm / 78a). 

Larger wheels provide a smoother ride by allowing you to roll over cracks and obstacles with less effort, but they also slow you down. Smaller wheels accelerate quicker, but if you strike a large enough crack or piece of debris, you risk being bucked off your board.

The key to a comfortable cruising is to choose one that is short but broad enough for your feet to stand securely. The majority of little cruisers are inconvenient since they are too small for your feet. Skating becomes more simple and pleasurable.

The Fundamental Differences Between A Longboard And A Skateboard

Here are the key differences between a longboard and a skateboard:

About Shape And Size

When you compare a longboard to a skateboard, you'll note how flat the longboard's nose and tail are. On a skateboard, the nose and tail have more of a curve to make landing tricks and flips simpler.

It should come as no surprise that longboards are longer than skateboards. They may be up to 59 inches long, although the average skateboard is roughly 36 inches long. 

Longboards are also available in sizes as tiny as 28 inches long, which might be perplexing. If the length concerns you, keep in mind that the main difference between the two is that longboards are flat while skateboards curve. So, if you see a shorter, flat board, it's most likely a short longboard.


When deciding between a skateboard and a longboard, skaters, especially professional ones, are typically concerned about the wheels.

Longboard wheels are large and soft for quicker and smoother rides. Skateboards feature smaller, tougher wheels that make shredding rails, ledges, and gaps easier. Softer wheels provide a smoother and more coordinated ride if you want to merely cruise on your board.

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The limitless probability of decks, trucks, and wheels – not to mention the subcomponents inside and between these, such as bearings, bushings, hanger, spacers, and so on – make choosing the proper longboard for you a difficult task. 

Your specific usage pattern, riding style, and physical ability will determine which combination is best for you. In this article, we attempted to filter through the information and summarize the most common decisions made by longboarders for each type of riding. 

Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question “what to look for in a longboard before making a purchase?” and pinpoint the style of board that is best for you.

However, nothing beats hopping on a longboard to get a feel for how it rides, so armed with this knowledge, visit your local boardshop and test one out before you buy!

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