What Size Skateboard Wheels Do You Need ?

Being a skateboarder, I know how hard it is to find the best wheels for your skateboard. Usually, skateboard comes with wheels, but sometimes manufacturers overlook their quality to save a few bucks. 

Most experts believe that customizing the skateboard is one of the best ways to introduce thrill in your skateboarding experience. Keeping this in mind, we have focused on what size skateboard wheels you should choose for yourself.

what size wheels should i get for my skateboard

Before making a decision, consider your weight, height, and experience in skateboarding. Here are some of the ways which will assist you in making the right decision.

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Even if you buy a pre-build skateboard, there will come a time when you need to replace them. When the wheels come in contact with the surface, friction is produced which tears them down. Let us move on to what size of your next wheels will make it easy for you to glide on the ramp.

The wheel size will not only control your balance and speed but will also influence how effectively you take turns and twists. 

For professionals, we recommend smaller wheels as they are lightweight and give you more speed. In other words, you can easily perform ollie, grabs, and other technical movements with smaller.

However, newbies should prefer larger size wheels as they provide more balance to learn new tricks, especially on rough areas.

what size skateboard wheels

Narrow wheels are suitable for performing stunts on the street while a broader one makes it easy to commute through town. From the research paper of Tessa Walker, we know how important is a skateboard for the daily commute.

Don’t forget to consider these features before deciding on what size skateboard wheel you should buy. Here is one of our most favorite videos with detail overview of different types of skateboard wheels and how to choose the best fit for your needs and style. 

Measure the Diameter

Mostly, wheels’ diameter is measured in millimeters. The size ranges from 50 to 75 mm. Here is a list of conditions for the  different diameters and when they are suitable for you:

  • Wheels with the diameter ranging from 50-53mm are ideal for accomplishing stunts on skate parks and bowls. 
  • Mid-range diameters are measured from 54-59mm. These wheels are ideal for individuals who have just started to learn how they can control the skateboard on vertical ramps.
  • Wheels with 60+ diameter will be ideal for individuals who love to add some adventure in their skating experience. These wheels are ideal for traveling on rougher surfaces as they are more sturdier.

Consider the Durometer

Durometer refers to the hardness of the wheel. Wheel’s hardness impacts the skateboard’s grip on the surface and its speed. Have a look at the common hardness level of wheels and their benefits:

what size skateboard wheels do i need

78a to 87a: These wheels are ideal for rougher terrain, which includes pebbles, rocks, and crack. The softness of the wheel allows you to have more grip. Furthermore, these wheels also reduce the impact on surfaces.

88a to 95a: These wheels may not have much grip, but they should be your first choice if you prefer speed. We all know how much you love speed when you are skating on sidewalks.

96a to 99a: These wheels can be called an all-rounder. They will not only provide you grip when you are learning the basics of skateboarding but will also introduce you to ideal speed which you require to taste the thrill.

101a+: We know that experts skateboarders love to challenge themselves. As a result, they shall not hesitate to buy wheels with such hardness levels.

Shape of Wheels

The shape is known for determining the grip your board will have on the surface. Moreover, it will also control the skateboard’s response to locks and grinds.

what size skateboard wheels should i get
  • Wheels with square shape will increase the grasp of the board on the surface.
  • Round wheels increase the maneuvering ability of the skateboard.
  • For more control, try to select wheels with sharp edges.

Variety of Wheels

Skateboard wheels are available in several types. Description of these wheels have been given below:

Cruiser wheels have a size ranging from 54 mm to 60 mm while durometer (hardness) is between 78a to 90a. Consequently, these wheels will glide smoothly on any kind of terrain.

Longboard wheels provide more traction on surfaces that other wheels can’t handle. In other words, 60 mm to 75mm size and 75a to 85a durometer makes it easy for you to cruise through tougher terrain. 

If you love to perform heelflip and kickflip on flat surfaces such as skate bowls and ramps, then street or park wheels should be your first choice. 50mm to 60mm size and 95a to 101a durometer not only makes them lightweight but also faster.

In case you want to begin skateboarding, here is a useful article for you, 8 best skateboard for beginners in 2021.


Skateboard wheels should never be taken for granted. Before selecting them, make a list of things you need your wheels to perform. Afterward, visit a reliable shop or online site. Don’t compromise on quality in any condition.

Low-quality wheels may be responsible for causing accidents. We hope the things mentioned above will help you to choose the perfect wheels for your skateboard.

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