What Size Longboard Should I Get – Solve The Dilemma

One common question people new to longboarding seem to ask themselves is " what size longboard should I get ?". Because these boards come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be confusing and intimidating for newcomers to pick a suitable one.

This article is our attempt to provide a thorough guide on this subject so that you can find the right longboard for yourself. Let’s dive into it.

what size longboard should i get for my height

Longboard Size Rundown

Unlike skateboards, which skaters primarily use for performing tricks, longboards can facilitate a multitude of other activities like commuting, street-carving, hill-bombing, and doing turns and tricks. To be able to do all that, longboards vary in length, width, shapes, etc.

Long Longboards

what size longboard should i get

Board With Long Deck

When someone mentions longboards, these are the ones that first show up in people's minds. They usually measure between 42 to 50 inches or above. People who enjoy longer and more relaxed rides will opt for this board type.

Generally, riders use them for traveling, cruising and downhill racing. And most of the time, they are geared towards taller people.

Midsize Longboards

what length longboard should i get

A Midsize Longboard

Midsize longboards are typically around 40 inches in length. People regard them to be just right for almost any riding style.

Cruising, however, is the most popular activity. Being medium-sized, they offer the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability.

Short Longboards

what size longboard skateboard should i get

A Short Longboard

For the most part, shorter boards are less stable to ride, but they are considerably easier to maneuver. This means riders can turn corners smoother, making these boards perfect for street carving and performance.

Measuring about 34 inches, midsize boards are the most suitable for people who want relaxed cruises on the street without losing out on the flashy aspects of skateboarding.

Moreover, those using their boards only for tricks and stunts can easily use these to transition to other forms of skateboarding.

Narrow Longboards

what size of longboard should i get

A Narrow Longboard

Boards that measure around 7 inches are narrow longboards. People who choose narrower boards often do so because they want to easily exercise sharp-angled turns and quick flips. Pick these up if you're into flatland skating or boarding on the streets.

Wide Longboards

what longboard size should i get

A Wide Longboard

These boards have their width measured 8.5 inches and above. Wider boards do not mean that they shine away from the performing tricks, though. Greater width enables riders to execute jumps from stairs and over large gaps.

They are also excellent for supporting lots of weights. If you have a plus-size physique or like to carry your stuff while riding, opt for wider boards. They make transportation and commuting easier.

What Size Longboard Should I Get?

Many factors affect the size of your perfect longboards, such as your height, age, and your preferred riding styles. Let's delve into what determines the size of your board.

For those who are new to longboarding and still do not know how to do it properly, stick to medium-sized boards. As they cover virtually all skating styles, they can help you figure out your style of boarding.

Height and Age

Many people tend to disregard height and age, assuming that these factors do not play any role in their skating experience. However, there are some good reasons why that is a false assumption.

First, the center of mass of a taller person will be higher than that of someone shorter. This means balancing for people with substantially more height is significantly more difficult.

Boarding, in general, is for fun, for relaxing. Making things harder, or potentially more dangerous, for others is not fun. And can you imagine the struggles of a 4-feet-5 10-year old, who is just starting, on a 50-inches board?

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Another reason is the correlation between your age and height with the size of your feet. If you are older and taller, chances are your feet are bigger in comparison to smaller, younger people. It is just much more comfortable for you to be skating on wider, longer boards.

Likewise, shorter and narrower boards are most suitable for people with smaller feet. They offer more control so it is easier to steer, turn, and stop.

However, smaller people can typically ride on anything they want. There will be a slight difficulty here and there when you try out longer boards. However, they are quite neglectable and easy to overcome.

If you are heavier riders, you should opt for wider nylon or plexiglass boards and decks. All for the sake of your wellbeing and your boarding sessions' enjoyability.

what size longboard should i get

Recommended Board Size According To Your Height

Preferred Style Of Riding

The other important aspect that you should take into consideration is your preference in riding style.


Comfort and steadiness are what you need on relatively long commutes on your boards. We believe that you would want your ride to be easy and enjoyable whether it is going to lectures through campus or carving down the slopes of your town.

Concerning the length of your board, anything that falls between 28 and 46 inches works just fine.

With the shorter boards, you can make quicker turns and sharp corners, while longer ones are much more suitable for long distance travel as they provide greater speed and stability.

Longboards measuring between 28 and 32 inches are beginner-friendly and ideal for shorter or smaller boarders. Taller riders are also welcome to try them out if you are that confident.

On the topic of newcomers, the size from 32 to 42 inches is the most commonly recommended, regardless of the rider’s height. If you or your friends are tired of sharing a longboard for short rides, perhaps you should opt for something in this range.

Still, if you want to go for something longer that offers more chill cruises, pick up boards that are over 40 inches right away, and don't be afraid to try them out. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that the longer the board, the heavier it is.


what size longboard should i get for my height

Your Preferred Style Of Riding

Not just an ordinary activity but a sport, downhill longboarding has become one of the most competitive boarding genre aspects. Many riders can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

You will need the right board, specifically the one above 35 inches if you enjoy bombing hills at high speeds. It’ll help you travel as fast as your heart content, while you can still have a certain degree of control over its motion.

Better yet, look for a deck with a drop-through, w-concave and square-lip wheels, which will further increase your speed. If you are a beginner, you might want to consider a 42-inch board or longer.

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You are choosing the long longboard for safety measures. Moreover, you should practice more before you’re confident enough to go downhill. Make sure to wear your helmet and safety knee, elbow pads.


Freeriding involves skating downhill at decent speeds with extra slides and curbs. Therefore you will need some skills and relative comfort with traveling at constant velocity.

This style has less emphasis on speed but more on control and power slide. This requires stable and easy to-steer boards, so it is best to pick up the one within 38 and 42 inches.

Anything under 38 inches can be too unstable, and anything above 42 inches can be too hard to maneuver.


This particular style of boarding is open to both beginners and professionals. We recommend you pick up a midsize board as it has the balance between maneuverability and stability.

Freestyle, however, is more about being creative with your riding rather than having to follow a rigid set of rules. Therefore, don't be afraid to experiment with all the different sizes of the longboard to figure out the one that works best for you.


Remember that you need to consider both your physique and personal preferences on boarding when choosing the longboard's size.

We hope that this article will help you answer your question “ what size longboard should I get ?” and you can find the perfect one. Be sure to enjoy the rides!

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