What Size Are Skateboard Bearings – The Best One For Your Wheels

Have you ever wondered about what size are skateboard bearings ? Every skater understands the importance of skateboard bearings when it comes to improving their skating performances. 

Choosing the right bearings for your skateboard can improve the smoothness and speed significantly. However, picking out a compatible set of bearings is no plain sailing. Some beginners find themselves completely lost when they first have to deal with the ocean of bearing options. 

To lend a helping hand to those in need, we are going to answer that question in our post. On top of that, we will also cover some basic knowledge about skateboard bearings. So please stay tuned! 

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608-2RS Skateboard Bearing Set

At first glance, skateboards are seemingly straightforward in terms of design. The whole thing basically consists of a deck and four wheels. Nevertheless, behind the ultimate performance of any skateboard is the joint effort of many essential supporting parts.

Skateboard bearings are one of them. Their location is right in the middle of the wheel. And they act as a fuel pump for the wheels’ rotating mechanisms to run efficiently. 

They are circular-shaped metal devices that help attach the wheel to the axle. When the deck is moving, the rotation of the wheels creates tons of unwanted friction. It can cause a reduction of the skateboard’s speed. 

Mounting two bearings inside the wheels helps to lessen the wheels’ fraction. As a result, the skating speed and the smooth feel will be significantly improved.

What Are The Sizes Of Skateboard Bearings?

When it comes to choosing bearings for the skateboard, many people wonder what bearing size should they choose. Anyhow, skateboard bearings were standardized to have the same size. 

This is a fact that has come as a surprise to many skaters, especially those who have few experiences in the skating world. Even though board wheels, into which the bearings are fitted, vary in sizes, all bearings have identical measurements. 

Their universal dimensions are often measured in millimeters. It is mainly because board bearings are relatively small-sized. Their inner diameters (also known as the core) are eight millimeters, which are the inside edge of the hollow holes at the center. 

The outer diameter, the outside edge of the hole, is measured at 22 millimeters. Lastly, their width is seven millimeters.

what size are skateboard bearings

The Universal Bearing Measurement

When checking information of any bearing, you must have come across the number “608”. This is the designation of the universal inline bearings’s size explained above. These industrial standard sizes are applied to other board types such as longboards, outdoor quad boards as well. 

Skateboard bearings often come in a set of eight pieces since each wheel needs two bearings. There is  a wide range of color options for you to choose from. Some of the most common color themes are pitched-black, white, gray, red, etc . 

Recently, the skateboard industry has developed the “688” bearings. Their other name is micro bearings since total sizes are also cut down. The size reduction is the result of the cutting in the wheels and bearings’ weights. 

However, these bearings are only common with professional skaters since their main task is to support high-level skating performances. If you just kick start your skating journey, knowing about the standard bearing sizes is enough.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Skateboard Bearing?

To choose the best bearings for your skateboard, instead of paying too much attention to the sizes, it would be better to know how a  standard skateboard bearing is structured. 

These are the seven parts that construct a bearing:

what size bearings do i need for my skateboard

A Bearing’s Main Parts

The C-ring: The role of this thread-like C-shaped ring is to secure the bearing shield to a fixed position. It is located at the groove on the bearing’s outer edge.

The Bearing Shields: It is placed on the side of the bearing. As the name suggested, this ring protects the ball bearings from all the outside dirts. 

The Outer Ring: It is the biggest ring that contains all the other smaller parts inside.

The Inner Ring: This ring fits inside the outer ring. Together with the bigger ring, the inner ring creates the bearing groove and a hollow hole at the center. 

The Bearing Balls: They are the set of six to seven steel round balls that are kept inside the ball retainer. Bearing balls are essential in any bearing. Without them, the bearing casing won’t be able to spin smoothly.

The Retainer: The retainer holds all the bearing balls in place when the wheel is spinning. 

The Rubber Seal: It is the second protector of the board bearing interior apart from the bearing shield. 

The Bottom Line

This is finally the end of our post! We hope the information we provided in the article has helped answer the question “What size are skateboard bearings” for you.  

Since every bearing has the same size, you can put aside this factor when looking for a set of skateboard bearings. Instead, pay more attention to the other aspect of the product that we have listed above.

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