What Makes A Good Skateboard – Quick Guide In 2021?

Any professional skater would say that getting a high-quality skateboard will be worth your money, but exactly “ what makes a good skateboard ?”. 

There are just so many products with all kinds of designs, technology, and construction currently available on the market.

Knowing that browsing through each of them will take you ages, we have decided to conduct a list of criteria, which should give you more insight into what a good board may look like.

A skateboard consists of many components such as the deck, the trucks, etc. And these parts need to be well built for the skateboard to be considered high quality.

The Deck

This is the most important part of a skateboard; without a proper deck, you will not be able to skate at all. You may think that a sturdy plank is good enough, but there are more in-depth technical features. 

The Material

A quality deck should be made with 7-ply maple logs. This durable wood is the only way to go to ensure your skateboard can sustain your weight without snapping in half immediately.

On the flip side, steer clear from cheap decks made from plastic or pine wood; as durable as the board at first look, these materials are brittle and can pose a major threat to your safety, potentially breaking during your usage. 

what makes a good skateboard

A cheap skateboard can be ruined after a couple of uses

The Design

The standard shape among skateboards is similar to a popsicle stick, with the nose and tail of the deck rounded and steeply curved upward. Professionals prove this shape to provide the most stability and control over your movement, while the curved ends act as a foundation for advanced skate tricks.

Spotting a poorly designed board is not quite difficult. Some cheap skateboards just look like a piece of wood, others, however, try to replicate the correct shape, but the overall feel of the board is poor and lackluster.

what makes a good skateboard 1

The optimal shape of a skateboard deck

The Trucks

Have you been wondering about the parts connecting your deck to the wheels? Those are called trucks, which are metal components that work as axles for your skateboard. They determine how smooth your turns are and how correctly the board reacts to your movements.

The Material

As we have mentioned, metal trucks are necessary for the best experience, and aluminum alloy stands on top. It is not only lightweight but also durable, enhancing your skateboard’s flexibility and resilience.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers ignore the required metal construct and try to make weak plastic trucks and paint it to look like aluminum. We recommend you take a closer look and feel the trucks to identify the exact quality of the trucks.

The Measurement

Each component of a product needs to work in conjunction, and skateboards are not an exception. Trucks should have the correct size with the skateboard deck; hence, the wheels can align with the edge of the deck.

what makes a good skateboard 2

How your skateboard would look like with fitting trucks

The Wheels

You may have known that skateboard wheels are only plastic; this is true, yet, all plastics are not made alike. In fact, only pure polyurethane (PU) plastic is acceptable for making wheels. 

Bad skateboard wheels can be found with plastic or a mixture with a minuscule amount of PU. This can result in riding experience, and even worse, the wheels can crack and cause accidents. 

A tip that will help you identify “real” skateboard wheels is to look for the manufacturer’s name, the hardness level, and diameter, which are typically indicated right on the wheel. 

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The Bearings

Having well-made wheels can be pointless, should you not have nice bearings, which leave space for the wheels to spin freely on the skateboard trucks. Unlike the other components, a qualified set of bearings will work more effectively after being worn out a bit. 

Additionally, these bearings are reusable; you can take them off, do some maintenance, and they will work just as new! Another point worth noting is that low-end bearings are not designed for one-time use only, costing you extra for replacements after few uses.

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The Grip Tape

Do you know how your skateboard has colors or those artistic patterns? You may answer that they are painted on the board, but contrary to popular beliefs, they are actually grip tapes. 

A plain wooden board is very slippy and does not grip your feet well. Without good grip tape, skaters may have a hard time keeping balance on top of their board. The tape also works as a layer of protection for the deck, protecting it from scuffs and scratches.

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what makes a good skateboard 4

Grip tape can be a protective layer for your deck

The Assembling Quality

So you have checked every bits and pieces, confirmed that they are in perfect condition, but how were they assembled? As small as this detail may be, it does have a large impact on the quality of the final product.

After testing out many skateboards, we can confidently propose that you buy the individual parts and assemble them yourself. Only skateboarders will know how they want their skateboards to feel like and make proper adjustments.

We have not been able to find any mass-produced picks that can create an all-round skateboard like the actual user.

The Brand

Branded skateboards are not popular for many reasons; they perform well, can last for a long time, and look great. Of course, these products come with a hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for. You can never go wrong when choosing any famous brands.

This does not mean smaller or even unbranded items are not worth your time. Such products usually only focus on one criterion, so you need to look closer to find the right board for your personal preference.

what makes a good skateboard 6

Some well-received skateboard brands on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we found that many people are concerned about when they are hunting for their favorite skateboard.

What Is A Good Skateboard For Beginners?

We must make one thing clear first: Just because you are a newcomer does not mean you should only stick to cheap, low-quality skateboards.

The first decision you need to make is how you want to skate: 

  • Are you a hardcore fan of skating and want to perform advanced tricks? A shortboard is a no-brainer.
  • A casual skater who wants to dash around the parks? Grab yourself a cruiser board and start your first trip around the neighborhood with ease.

Overall, a beginner skateboard should have a sturdy deck, tight metal trucks, and high-quality PU wheels for maximum stability and balance control.

How Much Is A Decent Skateboard?

On average, you can spend anywhere between $70 and $150 for a skateboard, depending on the build quality and branding. After some research on the market price, we found that a standard board can go as low as $60.

So to answer your question, a decent skateboard should be at the $60 price range, though if money is not your concern, it is always better to spend extra for an all-round board.

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How Long Does A Skateboard Last?

There is no definite answer, for it is dependent on how you use your skateboard and how you keep it. In common cases, you use it frequently and keep it in good condition, your skateboard should last from 5 months to a whopping 2 years.

Last Words

And above are all about our answer to the question “ what makes a good skateboard ”. Those tips are based on our own experience, so rest assured that you can easily identify good and bad products! We hope that by reading them, you will be able to find your dream skateboard!

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!

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