What Is A Drop-through Longboard? Is It The Best Option For You?

Compared to the past, drop-through longboards are gradually ubiquitous for those passionate about skateboarding these days, besides some basic kinds of boards. So, what is a drop-through longboard? What is so special about it? And most importantly, is it the appropriate choice for you? 

If you still have an ambiguous definition of this part of longboards, this article will offer you a helping hand in understanding it better.

The Special Feature

Unlike a top-mounted board, whose trucks are mounted directly to the underneath of the board, a drop-through longboard allows the trucks to be mounted through the deck thanks to a cut hole.

Because of this special feature, the typical trucks are unnecessary. You do not have to invest any extra money in specific trucks.

About Its Size

If you put a drop-through longboard up, it can be as high as your shoulder. About its weight, it is pretty light, and you can bring along a drop-through longboard without any effort. The surface of the deck is made of plywood, and it has a large size so you can feel comfortable when you step on it.  

what is a drop through longboard

Close-up Of A Drop-through Longboard

Most Suitable For?

It is beneficial for beginner longboarders to try out this board version because you can control your speed and movement more easily when using it, especially learning the freeride basic steps.

Strengths Of Drop-through Longboard

Simple Design

People tend to choose drop-through longboards because they do not have complicated structures, thus providing the players a high speed. Getting a drop-through longboard if you are a speed lover or going downhill makes up your daily route mainly. 

what is a drop through longboard 1

Going Downhill By A Drop-through Longboard

This longboard version is worth considering when commuting a long distance, thanks to the lower center of gravity that brings you outstanding stability at high speed. 

Because of their design, the good weight distribution is also one of the most significant pros of drop-through longboards.


They are more flexible than the other kinds of longboards, and they are extremely close to the pavement, so you can push, slide or brake with your feet effortlessly. This factor fundamentally supports your ride smoother than ever. 

A drop-through longboard diminishes the stress on your hips and all your body parts lower. It reduces your leg pain to the minimum when riding. You will rarely experience health problems related to muscle or joints.

Support In Doing Tricks And Riding Styles

Various attractive tricks and riding styles can be performed with drop-through longboards. Skateboard players always put themselves in new challenges when they are on the boards, thus enjoying their hobby much further.

You can have the chance to show your personality or your skills through a drop-through longboard, it will be a good idea.  

Drop-through longboards also match for low-speed carving. Its configurations meet most individual’s requirements.

what is a drop through longboard

A Player Is Riding A Drop-through Longboard

Various Price Segments And Easy To Buy

Do not worry about the price since drop-through longboards have each price segment suitable for everyone, with a wide variety of colors and patterns. We believe that owning a board at a reasonable price is not difficult for you, even if you are a student who has to live on a tight budget.

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Because they have been soaring in popularity, you can easily have one in local sports shops or just by one click on the online markets.

There are several longboard groups and pages on social networking sites where the sellers display various kinds of drop-through longboards to find potential buyers. You can go online to find some deals without wasting time. 

Another excellent element about this longboard is that the amount of money needed to spend on special trucks is not a concern since they are already included.

Disadvantages Of Drop-through Longboard

Easy To Get Out Of Shape

As we have mentioned before, since your weight is distributed principally on the eight bolts attaching the trucks to the board, drop-through longboards are not the strongest ones. When you ride a drop-through longboard, it gradually damages each part of the board because your weight impacts them. 

That is the reason why drop-through decks are easy to get out of their shape over time. Their design is chiefly for cruising and carving, leading to the limitation of skateboarders. Not everyone is suitable.

Hard To Grip

Even though they keep us stable, drop-through longboards still have their weaknesses on several platforms. Due to their special structure-the lowered deck, drop-through longboards make your ride hard to grip for corners.

It also happens while doing professional maneuvering. You should consider it carefully. 

It is good for going downhill, but you have to notice drop-through longboard drifting when the bad experience may occur. When it comes to turning, you cannot make the turn immediately because of the lower deck.

what is a drop through longboard 3

Drop-through Longboard Is Easy To Keep Stable But Not For Gripping

Less Traction

A professional skateboard struggles to concentrate on technical performance because a drop-through longboard has less traction. In addition, some technical ridings require leverage - something this type of longboard cannot satisfy, unfortunately.

The Comparison Between Drop-through And Drop-down Longboards

We have our reasons to make that comparison among them, to make sure that you can distinguish clearly and make your own right choice. We want to prevent you from wasting money and confusion when choosing your suitable longboard. Let’s continue reading this article to the end!

A drop-through longboard is very similar in the look to a drop-down longboard, so you can find it difficult to tell them apart. Although they may come across as the same longboards one at first, you can distinguish between them once you understand their shapes and purposes better.


Beginning with the similarity, both drop-through and drop-down longboards have lowered decks. Therefore, the trucks are closer to the deck than the other kinds of longboards. 

In skateboarding, there is a concept called “wheel bite”- while in action, if the trucks were to rub on the deck, it would cause some serious accidents. To avoid it, drop through and drop down longboards are made with the large cutout above the trucks. You are no longer afraid of “wheel bite” with these two longboards.

You can be safe as much as possible thanks to this unique structure. Their balance-keeping ability is equally good and brings you a comfortable ride. 

what is a drop through longboard 4


Next, we will go deep into the differences between drop-through and drop-down longboards. Drop-through longboards differ from drop-through longboards in characteristics serving each using purpose. 

Drop-downs provide riders to commute at a very high speed, which is more than what drop-throughs offer. However, their decks have no flexibility like drop through longboards’ ones.

Because in the manufacturing process, there is a pressure that affects drop-down longboards’ decks to bend them down behind the trucks. You may prefer drop-through longboards to drop-down ones if flexibility is your key factor in choosing a longboard. 

You can slide with drop-downs more easily because of the drop-down setup. Therefore, they are more likely to be for you if you need to kick sideways to make some sliding performances.

You can also do that thing with a drop-through longboard, but you have to put more strength in your legs to kick out and make traction broken.

Meanwhile, for downhill riding and cruising, drop-throughs are the top priority of your choice. The main point you have to focus on is that drop-downs are mostly suitable for advanced free-riders, and drop-through longboards belong to beginner free-riders.


In current times, skateboarders pay more attention to drop-through longboards beside various kinds of boards. They currently find drop-through longboards interesting in their uncommon design and ride characteristics. 

Like the others, drop-through longboards have their advantages and weaknesses. Through this article, you should deliberate carefully to ensure that they meet your preferences and requirements. 

We hope you can get all the information about what is a drop-through longboard, and you can choose your appropriate board. Have you already had your own choice? 

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