What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Out Of – Five Important Basic Parts

What are skateboard wheels made of ? If you are still seeking the answer, you have come to the right place! In the following article, we will introduce the basic parts of a skateboard wheel and the ways to take an adequate one for different purposes.

Skateboarding is an exhilarating and pleasurable sport for many people, especially those fond of engaging in venturous activities.

Because of being a hazardous sport, it may be quite unsafe if you can not make sure whether the board or the wheels are well qualified enough or not.

But worry not, we will help you right away!

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There are five integral parts of a wheel you should be aware of when purchasing a set of skateboard wheels.

1. Material

Back in the 1950s, the material of the skateboard wheels is from metal; however, when realizing that metal is not appropriate due to lack of traction, skateboard manufacturers replace it with clay. But it was soon substituted, leading to the golden age of using polyurethane in making skateboard wheels.

First introduced in 1956, polyurethane is one of the most flexible plastic materials. With this material, people can do many unusual objects, including skateboard wheels.

Nowadays, with the technique’s advancement of producing skateboard wheels, manufacturers heat and mix two different types of polyurethane, which are polyols and diisocyanates, to create the best material for a high-quality wheel.

As different purposes decide the wheel's hardness, the manufacturers can slightly change the ratio of the mixture between those two kinds.

Better in traction and less bumpy a ride, polyurethane is the material that you should consider when purchasing a set of skateboard wheels.

what are skateboard wheels made of

Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

2. Hardness

When it comes to hardness, it is advisable to use the durometer scale, which has 100 points. The higher the point gets, the harder the wheel is.

If you want a skateboard for a long ride, it is recommended to go for soft wheels, which nearly create no sound and have a closer grip. On the other hand, a harder wheel can be a much more suitable choice when skating on a terrain of full obstacles.

There are four dissimilar groups of wheels divided by the hardness.

+ The softest type - 78A-92A, has a better grip. What’s more, with this type, when sliding, the wheel absorbs more vibration, and the noise decreases more, giving you the experience of a smooth and soundless ride. 

So it is satisfactory for rough grounds such as sidewalks, parking lots, and so on. However, this kind makes skating a little bit harder and slower than the harder ones.

+ The next one is medium hard 93A-95A, which is like the combination between a soft wheel and a hard one. It will let you skate faster and smoother with less effort. As a result, the medium hard wheel is ideal for both street skate and longboarding.

+ The best option for pools and skate parks is the hard type, 95A-99A. As it is quite hard, the wheel is quite durable and long-lasting, so that it is perfect for people who love doing tricks in those perilous places.

+ Last but not least is the very hard type, which is from 99A to 100A of hardness. Or sometimes, they are even harder, from 83B to 84B. 

This one is quite hard to handle because it decelerates its speed quite fast when sliding. The harder it is, the tighter the construction is. And in this case, with the tight construction, the very hard wheel is much heavier than the other types. 

So sliding your skateboard on pavements or the streets may not be a lucid decision. Also, for this level of hardness, it is hard for beginners to skate and do tricks. It would be best if this type were used by professionals who have more seniority.

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3. Shape

A variety of wheel shapes may confuse you, but there are a few simple rules that will help you put your mind at ease. If you want your ride smoother and more effortless, make sure that you have chosen a set of wheels that their surface area is large and wide. 

Also, the width of the wheels is an important element. While about 30 to 35mm of width will assist you in doing tricks, the breadth of 40-60mm is great for longboarding and rough surfaces.

what are skateboard wheels made out of

The Bones’s six most popular shapes

4. Color

You might think that the color of a skateboard wheel does not make a difference to your sliding experience. Actually, it does.

There are various colors of wheels for people who are interested in this sport. However, the minority of those people would just let their wheels with no color. That is not because they are bland and boring. It is because the clear ones help them perform better and more outstandingly.

With a larger amount of urethane, the wheels have more contact with the ground. But the pigments lead to less urethane. So, as a result, the colored wheels have less traction than the no-color ones.

If you want a less bumpy ride but still want to express your personality through your wheels, you can purchase the clear ones and dye them on your own. In that way, not just show your character, you also can enjoy the pleasure of creating the one-and-only design for yourself.

what are skate wheels made of

Dying skateboard wheels on your own

5. Core

Two different types of cores give different riding experiences. The large one helps divide the weight more equally throughout the wheels. For that reason, you will slide faster and easier to control. However, larger cores mean less grip, making your slide not as smooth as it is with the small ones.

Sum Up

The above is all about our answer to the question What are skateboard wheels made of. Material, hardness, shape, color, and core are the five indispensable things of skateboard wheels you should notice.

To play for safety, it is essential that you make your decision for each part carefully. Not just that, a suitable set of wheels will make your skills improved shortly.

We hope that you will make good use of our post. Thank you for your reading!

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