Try filming your skateboarding

Many skateboard stores in the world have performed their marketing strategy by posting tons of skateboarding videos of worldwide and local skateboard competitions. Besides the effective marketing strategy, this is also a good means of spreading a useful understanding relating to skateboarding lessons. 

They could be in the form of a mass of tutorial videos performed by some pro skateboarders which have gradually become a reliable source for the unprofessional skaters, especially the newbies to learn more tricks. But prior to embarking on learning tricks through these videos, you should equip yourself with a best skateboard

Because they are products that are designed and performed by a professional team, they can bring the followers the repeated vivid skateboarding images and moves which are totally different from sources of books. Furthermore, both the basic and difficult techniques could be divided into many small parts for the watchers to easily follow and learn it thoroughly. 

Why are you recommended to try filming your skateboarding?

Therefore, skateboarding film has achieved more and more great success and highly assessed by the skaters’ community because these movies can help them learn the basic and hard techniques in leaps and bounds just by watching the tutorial videos carefully. 

Nevertheless, do not assume that skateboarding video making is only for professional teams or famous skateboarders. If you feel self-assured in your skateboarding skill,  you can freely make such videos to impart your experiences and tips to other skateboarding players.

 Once you have certain videos and are noticed by several fans, no one knows it is possible that some brands and shops will pay attention to you and ask for collaboration. 

The reasons to start this new hobby

In this article, we would like to list some sound reasons for you to take it into account. Firstly, it is an ideal tool to follow your skateboarding improvements. After finishing a video, you can watch it again to observe your performance carefully and figure out what are you performing not exactly and better it the next time. 

In addition, when you post these videos on social media, you can receive constructive comments from the skateboarder’s community that you joined. So this is one way worth trying to improve your skateboarding level day by day whether you are a beginner or a professional skater. 

However, that is just one tip of the iceberg that you can see clearly. If you are quite good at your skateboarding level, your videos might be paid attention by the local or even famous brands and backers. As a result, you have the opportunity to start creating your “personal brand” in the skateboarding community, not to mention a decent amount of money. 

You can make it by posting these videos on Youtube and get a certain number of viewers after a while. You should post the video on a regular basis to keep your followers attached to your channel and also put along with the promoting post on Facebook or Instagram. It would be an exciting journey.

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How to make your skateboarding video clips.

Creating skateboarding clips is not something too difficult as you might think if you have the fierce determination, along with the preparation of necessary equipment. 

The first step to realizing this job is looking for a mate who can be good at filming to assist you since it is an ordeal for you to record the videos only by yourself when you also need to manage to deliver your skateboarding lessons.

It would be even greater if your cameraman is a skater who knows at least some knowledge about skateboarding so that obviously he can seize the best shot of moves. 

After you are done with your camera and cameraman, let move to the step which is finding suitable places for filming. If you can find many ideal places and record videos in these places, that would be a plus to draw more followers. 

In addition, you should be well - prepared for each of your videos, from the content to the trick performance. You should organize the lessons in a logical order so that your followers can find it easy to keep track.

In some videos of advanced technique, you should practice sometimes before officially filming to show the best of your skill in the video, then the brands and companies can notice you through those incredible performances

In the editing process, it is essential to make it short by selecting only the striking parts and organizing the scenes in proper order. You can also learn to add some necessary texts in your videos to make your content more accessible.

Always remember that keep uploading your videos regularly is compulsory and each one has to be thoroughly filmed and edited if you want to increase the subscribers of your channel. 

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