Tips for skateboarders to remove the bearings

Bearings play one of the most essential parts of any skateboards, it decides how smoothly and quickly your board is when riding. Like other things, bearings' quality is various, from hundreds of dollars to a couple of dollars. Depending on your budget and demand, choose the most suitable one for yourself. Find some skateboard brand reviews here.

The quality also affects how often the bearings need a cleaning. When there is a little dirt located between the small parts, you have better clean it up as soon as possible or the bearings will be damaged very soon.

Step 1: Get rid of the wheel nut

First, prepare a necessary set of skate tools like a wrench to take off all the wheel nuts that help to hold the wheels on the axles. Spin them counterclockwise. After that, you will see some spacers, keep them in a certain place to we can re-assemble later.

The bearings now are available for removing from the wheels.

Step 2: Remove the bearings from the skateboard wheel

Make use of bearing press

Using skate tools in removing the bearing from the wheels is highly recommended. And a lot of skateboarders said that skate tool like a bearing press is an essential tool in case you want to remove the bearings. It helps to hook the bearings and pull it out the wheel directly without any damage.

However, you should be careful since lifting an angle may lead to the break of the bearing. In this case, definitely, you have to replace a new one, or you may fall off the skateboard at any time. To ensure the lifespan of the board, understand How to Choose a Good Skateboard first.

What is the skate tool?

Many skate tools have a part that you can use to remove the bearings, but many skaters said that this part does not work so well. This doesn't have a suitable length to lift the bearings out. 

Pry the bearings of the truck axles

Another way skaters use to remove the bearings from the wheel is to use the truck axle. You put the wheel back to the axle with a width of about 0.5 inches or less. You will see about 2 bearings and a spacer here. Push the axle off in order to let it go as far as possible while the bearings are still here.

Hold the wheel in your palm and put the force into it to push it in a certain direction. At an angle, the bearing will be out. Try another direction if the first try is not successful until you get it out.

This way is a little bit difficult as you are not able to insert the wheel into the axle since space is small, or the axle is too hard to push. It's time for you to ask for help from experienced skaters. Depending on the types of skateboards, skaters will have different solutions.

Try with a handheld tool

A handheld tool is another option you can apply the pry-out technique to get the bearings off the wheels. The advantage of this tool is to limit the damage to the truck axle caused by the removal process. However, it is harder to work with this tool in comparison with the previous ways. If you are able to work with the truck axle, don't worry too much about that. 

In this method, you have better choose long enough tools so that you can easily leverage and grip the bearing. In addition, sometimes this work requires a lot of force, so a good tool can be helpful.

Tips for taking the broken bearings off

When there is a bearing broken inside the wheel, it is possible that all inner parts leaving out and stuck in the skateboard wheels. It is not easy to take them off. However, we have a tip for you, let's see how it works:

  • Remove the wheel from the skateboard, put it on the clean ground, use the screwdriver to put under the ring while touching the outer parts.

  • Push the screwdriver in to keep it stably 

  • Turn and pop the bearing out

Some skaters said that they made use of the truck to remove the ring of the bearing, it is ok, particularly when they are riding on the street and cannot find out a screwdriver. 

Flip & Repeat

In the previous step, you have known know to remove a bearing from the wheel. Repeat do it with the other side. 

The following times will be easier since now you are able to see the inside of the wheel. So, you can estimate the exact distance the tool need to go to make the bearing out. Once the tool doesn't go too far or you will hit the inside parts of the skateboard wheel.

When you have the bearings out of the wheels, you can start cleaning them as well as the wheel too.

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