Tips for removing grip tape on your skateboard

When you find that the grip tape on your skateboard is worn and torn,  it's time you think about removing it. You can choose several ways to get rid of the tape, but it is recommended to consider carefully before applying on your board since not every way are effective. So, this article is for you!

Tips for removing grip tape on your skateboard

First of all, you need to know the exact definition of grip tape. In skateboarding, grip tape is considered as an armor of the board, which is placed on the surface of the board to increase the friction between the skaters’ shoes and the board.

In addition, this is also a decorative thing that makes your skateboard to look cooler. You can change to other tapes in case you want, too. It is as important as How to Build a Complete Skateboard.

Grip tape is made of various materials. You can choose a sandpaper grip tape if your budget is not too much. Silicon grip tape is an ideal option but much more expensive. Because of that, its quality is better too. This type of tape increases the sharpness over time.

The reasons why you should remove the grip tape

1. The quality of grip tape is worse over time

The grip tape plays an important part in the skateboarding experience. A nice tape makes the skateboard more attractive, and the high-quality tape also helps to skate more smoothly. However, if the adhesive is getting old and scratched after days, you will not have a good skateboarding experience as before.

Moreover, the old grip tape also threatens the safety of skateboarders since the board is no longer as rough as before.

Tips for removing grip tape on your skateboard

2. Change a new one to improve skateboard experience

Sometimes, you may want to remove your grip tape even though your current one is still good. It is the same case when you wear clothes, you have a lot of choices with various styles and materials, and you would like to change it regularly to ensure that your skateboard always looks awesome!

The best ways to remove the grip tape

Whether you ride your skateboard regularly or not, its surface is usually in the dry and dirty situation. As a result, it is not easy for you to remove it in normal ways. Seriously, if the grip tape is not removed carefully, your board will remain some dirty stains that make the board look worse than before.

So, how can we remove the grip tape without any mistake?

The answer is yes. In fact, we have several ways to do, but we have filtered and would like to introduce you a list of the most effective ways you can easily apply. In case you are a beginner and you don’t want to remove the old grip tape, you can find a list of the best skateboard for adult beginners to get the best one.

Method 1: Make use of your hairdryer

Using a hairdryer is the most common way that almost skateboarders apply in removing their grip tape. The very first step you need to do is to disassemble all the trucks from the body of the board since it helps us to take the tape off the board more easily.

Turn the hairdryer on for about 3 minutes to heat the surface of the grip tape. As you may know, the adhesive will loosen if you put the heat on it, and the result is that the tape is easy to remove.

After that, find a thin and hard thing such as a razor blade, put under the deck to take the edges away. Remember to not put too much pressure on the blade since it can affect the deck's surface. In case there are some difficult parts that you are not able to remove in this way, use the hairdryer again. Later, gently peel the tape by hands, follow the previous edges which have been trimmed. 


The most advantage of this method is easy to do. You can find a hairdryer in any house. We highly recommend you to apply this way.

This is also the most popular way skateboarders use to take care of their boards. 


Besides advantages, using the hairdryer to remove the grip tape also has some drawbacks. First, in this method, such thin and hard objects like the razor are needed, but if you are not careful in using it, your skateboard may be scratched. 

To avoid this situation, find the appropriate angle to put the blade at while keeping the back of the blade up. 45-degrees is a suitable angle you should have a try.

Method 2: Using Alcohol

If you don't have any hairdryer at home, what should you do to get rid of the grip tape on your skateboard? In that case, alcohol can be a choice. You can use any kind of alcohol, but you can have a try with my favorite isopropyl alcohol and will be surprised at its cleaning ability.

You have a list of things to prepare before going into the main process, including a clean cotton towel, a small amount of isopropyl alcohol contained in a bottle. 

Let's start the process! Have an overview of your current grip tape to find out the place where you can start. Pour some alcohol into the towel until it is damp enough, apply this towel on the surface of the tape again and again. Repeat doing this till there is no sticky tape on your board.


Like the first method, this is quite easy to do and you may see its effectiveness after some tries. In addition, you can protect your board from getting scratched by the blade.


There are some types of alcohol that are dangerous if you don't use them properly. For example, isopropyl is easy-to-burnt alcohol that you should use with care, or you will not only clean your board but also get rid of your house.

In addition, it is recommended to keep these types of liquid far away from the reach of children. Its smell also can affect your health badly. 

Erosion is another feature of this alcohol so don't dab it too long on your board, or your board may get some "hurts". The high-quality skateboard may take longer to remove the tape, so it is suggested to find the top 10 best skateboard brands.

Besides some recommendations for removing the grip tape from the skateboard, there are some methods that you should not apply or you may have a skateboard full of “scars” later.

1. Use fire to remove the tape

All of us know that heat can help us to remove the grip tape without any difficulty. But we don't mean the direct heat from the fire in that case.

In fact, there are some people not having a hairdryer or alcohol available in their house, and they think about fire as a replacement. Actually it works and the grip tape is removed completely, but the skateboards are affected badly too. It is because the direct heat from the fire is too strong, you are not easy to handle it and protect your board.

2. Put too much pressure on the blade

In method 1, we have introduced you to place the razor blade under the deck in order to remove the grip tape. In fact, with some people, placing and passing the blade through is not an easy task. You may easily put too much pressure on the blade, as a result, not only the skateboard is scratched but you also may hurt yourself.

In the past, I thought it was necessary to push as much force as possible on the blade, then I had my hand stabbed. It was a painful experience that I am sure none of us want to suffer. Be careful with anything you do.

3. Apply alcohol directly to the surface

From my point of view, alcohol is a good cleaning liquid. It may remove the stain quickly. In contrast, its speed of soaking and corrosion is very fast so if you apply it directly to the surface of the skateboard, alcohol may damage it badly.

This is the reason why you should only pour a little amount of alcohol on the cotton towel to ensure you to get enough amount for cleaning.

The final words

We have tried several methods of removing the grip tape from the skateboard. Until now, there are the two most effective ways that we have introduced to you in the above paragraphs. We highly recommend you to apply these ways since we have tried and succeeded many times.

Taking the grip tape off the board is a common issue that many skateboarders have to suffer, and there are plenty of solutions you can easily find on any skateboard website. Let's share with us any tips you think it is effective. Thank you!

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