Tips for new skateboarders to push and ride a skateboard

Pushing is a basic maneuver of skateboarding in which skateboarders step on the board and make it ride with controllable speed. This fundamental help you to roll and increase the speed while skating.

This maneuver consists of several tips and techniques you can apply when learning to push. Let's have a look!

  • Stance

  • Foot Position

  • Turning

  • Riding

  • Stopping

The stance is the very first step you do while learning how to skate. Any beginner should know that it is considered as one of the most important techniques in skateboarding. This is the reason why you have to do it right. You can find more in Category Skateboard Purpose.

The stance is divided into two main types to stand and push your skateboard: regular and goofy. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantage; and depending on your level of comfort, you will choose the suitable one. 

The regular stance is a combination of actions, with your left foot forward on the board, and the right foot is used to push. 

Goofy is opposite to the regular one with the right foot forward and left foot to push.

You can choose one type which makes you feel more comfortable. We have some recommendations for you to find the right one. For example, you are running on a slippery area, which foot will you put forward,? On in case you play football, which foot will you use to kick the ball? If the answer is left, congratulation, you are regular. In contrast, you are goofy. Is it easy?

Tips for new skateboarders to push and ride a skateboard


Now you have completed the determination of stance, let's move to foot position. It is recommended to put your front foot at the one-third of the skateboard's length, below the bolts of front wheels. The back foot, on the other hand, put on the tail in order to make it easier in transitting to other tricks later, for example, when you learn how to ollie higher on a skateboard.

However, we are learning how to push a skateboard, so there are some differences. First of all, pushing is somehow like walking. It means you just step on the board and walk like on the street. Then, let your front foot on the board and push the back one.

When you are familiar with this walking, you will see your front foot is leaning forward so that you can be balanced on board. In case you don't want to push more, let your front foot put horizontally on the board, while the back one is on the tail. Such little movements have some effects. However, this technique is not easy so you need to practice regularly.

You have better to push with your back foot. At first, almost beginners are used to push with the front foot; and this action has a name called "mongo". Over time, you will find that mongo is not really comfortable and sometimes make you feel unstable. So let's try the right technique when you start learning.

When you achieve this maneuver, don't hesitate to ride around the neighborhood to make it smoother. If you find something not right, have a check whether all steps are exact or not and adjust later. You have better spend time making it right so that you can avoid problems in the future.


The following step in learning how to push a skateboard is turning. Like stance, there are two main ways of turning you can do when you are on a skateboard. The first one is to lean your body, right or left. This technique is named "carving turn". If you lean to the right, your board will go to the right and vice versa. There is a note you should pay attention to: keep your balance, or you may fall off the board. 

Kick turn is the next step of turning, by leaning your body back slightly. At the same time, raise up and flap the front wheels, turn them to the direction you want. Putting force into the back of the skateboard may make it easier to lift up the board.

Last but not least, you have to determine the direction you what to go before making a turn. This will make you more comfortable with your board as well as your ride. It is important to be aware of the surroundings to ensure you will not be at risk.


You have completed the course of push and turn, now you can move to the most favorite step that almost people are in love with: riding. It is exciting to riding around on the skateboard, but this action is not easy to do. You may need time to practice day by day.

Pro skateboarders recommend beginners to ride a skateboard anywhere they can, from the store, school, street or park. It helps you to improve skateboarding skills and become more comfortable on your board even though you ride on unfamiliar terrains, also make you get better at skateboarding.

This part is so important that you should keep in mind all the tips and techniques. When you know how to ride a skateboard, you will see the world in a very different way.


We have listed almost steps of how to push a skateboard, then it's time for you to learn about stopping. You can stop a skateboard in various ways, but there are two main ways pro skateboarders suggest, they are power slide and foot-dragging. The power slide is a little bit hard to learn for beginners, and this technique may make your wheels worn quickly.

It is easier to apply the foot-dragging technique in stopping a skateboard. You just put your back foot down and drag it along the board, then the board will be slower and slower.

The final words

In the article, we have shown you some tips on how to push and ride a skateboard. If you are a beginner, this is the basics you should keep in mind before trying new tricks. We hope that you may find it helpful and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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