Tips for loosening your skateboard trucks and making them turn properly

What are the skateboard trucks?

It is important for a skateboarder to understand what the skateboard trucks are. They are the metal parts that work with a certain mechanism to make the board turn and ride. A truck consists of two main parts, they are the hanger and the baseplate.

The metal part that allows the axle to come across to keep the wheels on both sides of the skateboard is called the hanger. The baseplate has the main function of holding the hanger with the support of a kingpin and a kingpin nut. Find more related articles at Skateadvisors.

Guideline on loosening the skateboard trucks

Loosen The Nut

The initial step is to loosen the kingpin nut since it helps to fix the hanger. To do that, use a special skate tool to turn it counterclockwise. In case you don't have that tool, a wrench of the 3/8" dimension is an ideal replacement. Remember to keep an eye on your nut since it can be lost easily if you only leave a few threads for it to hang. Instead of, add some softer bushings into it. In case you find that the nut is easy to loose by hand regardless of how hard you try to screw, you have better find a replacement or you may be risky while skateboarding later.

Have the washers changed

A tip for you to loosen your skateboard trucks is to have the washers changed. Some skaters usually take the bottom washers which are located on the baseplate. Or if you are able, you can get the full set. Flip the washers over, or use the flat washers to switch them.

 In general, there are curves on the washers in order to hold the bushings, the less curve it has, the less restricted the truck's turn will be. As a result, many skaters get rid of the washers to enjoy the turn more freely.

Change The Bushings

Another way you can apply to make your trucks turn correctly is to have the bushings changed. There is no exact definition of what is correct, it depends a lot of your preference and hobby. However, with most of the skaters, it is when you can ride your skateboard without the trouble from the wheels as well as you do a tic-tac turn without carving too tightly.

If you have old bushings and you want to make use of them, let's clean them first in case they are dirty, then compare how hard they are with the others by biting one randomly. It is considered as a good way to determine the level of hardness the bushings are. Remember to put a bushing into a plastic bag before biting or your mouth will be dirty, too.

The tightness of the truck also can be improved by the bone hardcore bushings since the manufacturers provide a wide range of hardness for you to choose. If the skater is a child, you have better choose a set of blue softer bushings as a child is usually not too heavy. The kind of bushings coming along with the trucks may be a little hard and make the board turn not very smoothly.

In case the skater is heavier, the black hardcore bushings are more suitable since it can bear the weight. If you want to have more useful tips, you can find at our skateboard purpose category.

Which level of tight the skateboard trucks should be

So how should we know which level of tightness our skateboard should be? We can check by standing on the board and have something to hold, then lean the total weight on one side to make the board turn. Pay attention to the wheels, don't let them touch the skateboard deck. By supervising whether a skater stands on the board stably or not may tell us how tight the trucks are.

After a period of time, skaters may have thought of changing their current skateboards, or in a money-saving situation, tighten the trucks after having some rides. In many cases, when the bushings are broken, they will compress and loosen later. For more tutorials, let’s have a check to Category Archives for "Tutorials".

Tips for the skateboard to turn properly

In case you find that your skateboard just stays to only a certain side, it means that you need to have the bushings broken more seriously or even need to replace them. To know exactly what to do, you have better rotate the bushings then have some rides to see how different it is.

The bushings are rotated by loosening the kingpin nut and turning the bushings a quarter. The mechanism of the truck is from side to side, not from front to back, so you can see how the switches break the other parts.

In case the bushings are too old and cracked, you have better find another replacement.

The final words

In the above article, we have introduced you to a full guideline on how to loosen your skateboard trucks and make them turn properly. In fact, it is not easy to do until you start working. So, let’s have something done. If you have any issue, come back here and leave a comment below, we will answer as soon as possible. Good luck!

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