Tips for doing a drop in on your skateboard

Drop-in is one of the most difficult skateboard maneuvers that you may see at the skatepark or on a ramp. It doesn't too many skills to do, but the skater needs to be very courageous and confident at themselves. If you are going to skate at a skatepark or on a ramp, you have better learn how to drop in on the board comfortably.

Tips for doing a drop in on your skateboard

Firstly, you should know the definition of the drop-in. What is drop-in? It is a skateboard maneuver that most skateboarders will do when they are in the skateparks or professional skateboard areas.

There a rounded raised clip located on the top edge of the ramps and along the bowls' edges, people call it the "coping". Skaters ride up to this coping and go down the ramp straightly with high speed. This type of skateboarding is suitable if you have the best cruiser skateboards.

If you are a beginner and just come over the skatepark, you should ride around on your skateboard comfortably to be familiar with the park, the terrains, and the transitions.

There is no required trick needed to be learned before learning how to drop-in on a skateboard, but it is essential for you to know how to skate first. As you may know, drop-in is done while you are riding very quickly, to prevent you from any risk, you have to be comfortable on the board as well as have the ability to control it. 

2. Check Out the Ramp

If you are going to the skatepark for the first time, let's ride the board around the ramp's bottom initially to be familiar with the terrain, especially the transitions. Don't forget to wear a full set of protective gear before getting started.

 You will have some messes while doing drop-in, the accident can occur anytime with your head smacked on the ground. This is not a great way to end up your skateboarding, so at least wear a helmet.

If you are not familiar with the material used to made of the ramp or skatepark, you should not ignore this step. Each material, for example, wood, concrete or metal, brings different feelings while skateboarding. Some types of skateboard wheels are suitable for skatepark while the others are not.

So, it is essential to equip the right wheels before you are going to the park. In case your budget is limited and you want to get multi-purposed wheels, ask for advice from the salesperson or at Website Skateadvisors.

Once you have been comfortable when riding around the ramp or the skatepark and get some familiar feeling about the terrains and transitions, let's ride up to the top of the ramp.

3.  Set a Line

When you are already on the top of the skateboard's ramp, the very first thing you need to do is to check where the ramp goes. Where does it end, in a flat area or it is connected to another ramp?

 Decide where you aim to when you have reached the ramp's bottom. It is highly recommended to find a large flat area to land on for the first time you do the drop-in. It is safer. However, you are no need to be scared of thing which has not occurred yet, especially when you may face up with the real difficulties once you get to the bottom of the ramp.

Keep an eye on any obstacles or skateboarders around. Sometimes you may pay too much attention to your trick and don't notice that you are going to smack into something or someone else.

4.  Set Your Tail

The next step is to put your skateboard tail on the copping which we have mentioned above. Then hang your back wheel over the ramp's edge. Make use of the back foot to hold the skateboard up, while the front foot is placed across the tail.

Now the front wheels are on the air, lift the board up a little bit. Put the front on the ground near the board to keep balance, and wait until you are ready to drop in.

5. Place Your Front Foot

Wait until you are ready to place your front foot on the front trucks of the skateboard. 

6. Stomp and Lean

When step 5 is complete, stomp the skateboard by using your weight in order to make the front wheels of the board to hit the ramp and make use of the ramp as a fulcrum to lean on. 

You will be afraid of these actions, it is normal. Don't turn back when you have already stomped, or you may fall down. You need to be confident that you and your skateboard will do well with 100% effort. After completing it, you will find it easier and easier. Find more helpful information at Skateboard Purpose Category.

Skill is an important part of any sport, but self-confidence is even more important. You must keep this thought in mind. This is the main factor differing the skateboarding to the others. You are the strongest competitor. So when you face up with the difficult work like drop-in, you overcome yourself and conquer it.

Step 7 - Ride Away

This is the last but not least step in learning how to drop in on a skateboard. Make sure you know exactly the place you will go right after you hit the bottom of the ramp. At this time your speed is still high, but don't worry, control your body and your board and ride away.

The higher the edge of the ramp you stand, the higher the speed you have while riding down. This speed allows you to ride around the park after landing, or you can choose the option of doing another trick. This's up to you.

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