Tips for cleaning your skateboard bearings

After a period of use, your skateboard bearings will become dirty and cannot work well. It is time you need to clean and oil them again to make them fast and nice as initial. If the maintenance is usually done, the ability to break down is lower and you will not suffer from unpredictable accidents. Let's read on to know how to clean your bearings.

In fact, there are some common ways skateboarders often do to clean the bearings, depending on how much you can do, a complete or partly maintenance.

Tips for cleaning your skateboard bearings

If you want to clean the skateboard bearings in the quickest way, you have better leave the board together. In that case, you only need to drop some oil in the bearings while spinning the wheels. The aim of wheel spinning is to let the oil to be in all parts of the bearings.

The dirt inside is also removed as well. Don't save the oil too much, since the dirt only be got rid of by enough amount of bearing oil. Pay attention to how your bearings spin before after doing, you will see how effective the cleaning is. Read the related article on how to know what size skateboard to get.

In case you have used the bearings for a long time, it will be more difficult to take all the dust off. Normal bearing oil is no longer effective, you need to use grease instead of, combining with spin the wheels by hand for a couple of times before letting the bearings spin by themselves. 

When your skateboard bearings are partly clean, don't apply too much oil. In this situation, they are fine and able to spin without any stuck. At that moment, prepare a clean cloth and clean the excess oil as well as dust. Some kinds of the napkin are also ok. However, we don't recommend you to use a paper towel or such paper-made materials since the paper can leave some tiny particles on the bearings.

 The best one you should use is your old and clean sock or shirt to wipe out all the things, bring the bright appearance and smooth mechanism to the bearings. Ensure that the cloth can clean up all the corners. Keep wiping until you see there is no stain on the cloth. 

Remove the axle nut and the wheel

If you want to clean the bearings more deeply, you have better remove the axle nut. As a result, you can clean the bearing shield which is placed in a place covered by the nut. Remember to wipe out all the dust inside the gap of the shield, too.

You can also take the washers which are on the outside of the skateboard bearing off. Use the towel to rub them, then apply a cloth which has been absorbed oil already on the surface to ensure that the rings are both cleaned and lubricated.

Do the same with the axles. 

If needed, you can have the bearing shields removed, but we don't suggest doing that option because once you take them off, it is not easy to re-assemble them into the bearings without any damage. In case the shields don't fit back properly, don't worry too much since the bearings still work without this part.

We will introduce you to a step-to-step guideline on how to remove the bearing shields. First, get a razor blade and use it to pry into the area between the ring and the shield, this action will be helpful in popping out the shield. Some skaters said that the razor blade is more effective in comparison with the paper clip, the clip may harm the shield. 

When all the bearings are completely clean, re-assemble and push them back to the right places. Make sure all parts fit well without any dust inside. You may be at risk while riding your skateboard if you don't align them properly and the shields come off. In case you are not able to do that, just remove them without any consideration. Then, your board is ready to have some easy skate tricks to learn.

Remove the bearing from the wheels

The third level of cleaning the bearings is to remove the bearings from the skateboard wheels. As a result, you not only clean the front but also the back. 

remove skateboard bearing

When the bearings are out, cleaning by wiping out by cloth is not the only way, you can put the bearings into the cleaning liquid. This method works better, especially when your bearings have hard-to-remove dirt and stains. You can choose to take the shield off or not in this way. After dipping and soaking, take them and spin in your hand to remove all dirt. Apply oil after that.

However, just put enough amount of bearing oil since the extra oil makes the bearings get dirt quickly after that. The situation of oil excess can be obviously seen by the oil dripping out of the wheel on the surface of the graphic. Keep it in your hand, use the clean cloth to wipe all stains left. Less or more oil is not good. Find more helpful tips at Skateadvisors.

Even though take all the skateboard bearings off the wheel is better for cleaning, it wastes too much time and effort. In addition, if you are not careful, you may miss some small accessories such as the balls or more badly, have them broken like the case of the shields. Like removing the shield in a previous way, people find it hard to re-assemble all the things back to the correct positions.

Make use of household items to clean the skateboard bearings

There is a wide range of household items you can make use of to clean your skateboard bearings, just ensure that you have lubricated them after completing. WD-40 is a common lubricant that people usually use in such cases, but according to some experienced skateboarders, this material is not recommended as it is easy to stick dirt. You can apply some kinds of bearing oil such as speed cream then the bearings are ok later. 

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