Tight Trucks Vs Loose Trucks: Which Is Better For Skateboarding?

Needless to say, it is always a controversial debate among skaters: Tight trucks vs loose trucks; which one is better? Unfortunately, there is no proper answer for this question as it mainly depends on your personal desire as well as the obstacles you skate. 

To make it easy, we would like to give you the most straight-to-the-point explanation about each kind of truck. 

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Tight Trucks


  • Having greater stability
  • Handling Speed more effectively
  • Controlling influence Better
  •  Holding flexible Tricks


  • Less lenient when landing
  • Having low manageability
  • Lacking flexibility when turning 
  • Having difficulty in balancing the manuals and chores
tight trucks vs loose trucks

Tight trucks

For those advantages as well as disadvantages, tight trucks seem to take more preference from the vert, ramp skaters or those liking to make an impact. 

When Is The Best Time To Skate Tighter Trucks?

In case your truck is too loose, some problems relating to speed or impact may occur. To avoid this, you should tighten your trucks up to a proper looseness.

When going at higher speed, the loose trucks tend to be quite wobbly and cause some obstacles in balancing. In this case, if you tighten your trucks, you will be more stable, and the chance of getting face planted on the road will be greatly reduced.

To prevent from dropping down a vert ramp or taking down an extreme descent, you should take a severe attack at 30 mph.

When hitting on the large stair places or any big drop, it is of great importance to tight up your trucks. As we mentioned above, if you do not have a special talent in balancing your board, it is a bit harder for you to wear off the tricks. You will have to find out the perfect position between too loose and too tight. 

The over-loose trucks pose the risk of getting wheel bite. At the same time, the too-tight one could make you jump off when landing on the bulletproof places.

Some people often choose to counter the wheel bites by having your board waxed. However, to optimize your safety, there is nothing better than tightening up your trucks.

Loose trucks


  • Having better flow 
  • Gaining the best quality when locking in the grind 
  • Being easy to wear off from the tricks 
  • Balancing the manuals and grinds well


  • Causing difficulty in riding at first 
  • Being prone to injury
  • Staggering in speed 
  • Having the wheel bite
tight vs loose trucks

Loose trucks

Loose trucks are usually preferred by technical street skaters and by people that enjoy cruising.

When Is The Best Time to Skate Loose Trucks?

Needless to say, there is a big drawback in tight trucks, which is its limitation in the board mobility. Thus, anytime you want to do something relating to cruising, it will be much more enjoyable to try on the loose trucks. 

When it comes to safety, loose trucks are undoubtedly much safer than tight ones. When facing cars or bystanders on the street, it is of great convenience to steer away from other people. 

In the case of false landing in skating, loose trucks seem to be more forgiving. They help skaters roll up any obstacles and create a perfect balance during manual skating time. 

Besides, for the aim of improving your style, you greatly need to loosen your trucks. Honestly, it is quite challenging in the beginning. However, as time goes, your skill will improve as well.

Discovering Your Ideal Trucks Adjustment

Test Everything You Want

If you are an absolute skating beginner who is on the way to find the suitable tightness, just get yourself out there. Or else, if possible, a tool for skating could be a great choice you should try.

Afterward, for the new truck, choose the bolt to play at first. You should directly play on your board or,sometimes, make some small turns to quickly check the truck’s comfort. 

Normally, when evolving and progressing, skaters tend to switch the tightness of the truck. At first, most skaters begin with playing quite tight trucks and use the looser one over time. This is why some people see tight trucks as beginner-friendly ones. 

Indeed, for ant newbies, there must be some struggles in board balancing. Also, the thing goes more and more complicated to ride over loose trucks. Anyway, everything could not be as hard as you think if you have an attempt on it.

Loose Vs Tight Trucks: Choosing The perfect point

tight trucks vs loose trucks

Find your sweet spot

To be a good skater, the truck has a wide variety of benefits as it is the foundation of your skateboard. The tightness of your skateboard will have significant influence on your skating. Especially, you could shape the bushing in whatever flow you want by adapting the speed of the truck. 

In the long run, you need to get yourself a sweet spot. You can change the tightness depending on your riding purpose. Yet,  remember to spend a long time on riding adaptation as well as tricks on the approach. Eventually, professional skaters remain in their trucks to maintain their mark.

In a word, it is a challenging mission to find your sweet spot. However, once you get it, you will keep progressing at an unbelievable speed.

Some Related Questions

1. How tight should skateboard wheels be? 

Those having a good experience as well as skills in skating could choose the loose trucks. This is because loose trucks give you sharp turning, making you much more outstanding in a game. On the other hand, you could do your best at anything suitable for you. Some skaters still perform well with the tight trucks.

2. Are tight trucks better for tricks?

As mentioned above, new skaters will find it challenging to maneuver the loose trucks. Thus, they should use the tighter trucks and loosen them to a suitable point.

3. Is it possible to over-tighten skateboard trucks? 

The answer is yes. The trucks having a too-tight size will prevent you from skating at ease.


Tight trucks vs loose trucks, what do you choose now? Most of the time, while loose trucks are suitable for experienced skaters, tight ones are for beginners.

This could be wrong as skaters could choose whatever type of trucks that they feel at ease. To do that, we would like to recommend you make changes and try on all trucks if possible to find out that actually suits you. 

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