Thousand Skateboard Helmet Review That You May Not Know

Thousand skateboard helmet review is the most well-researched article that we have ever written. As a professional skater, we feel your safety concern and simultaneously, your yearning for weightlessness when wearing the helmet.

We have recently asked many people which skateboard helmet has a reasonable price and is long-lasting. This question is not easy to answer because there is no standard to satisfy all people’s needs.

However, we indeed found the brand can give most if not all skaters a smile of satisfaction at the end.

thousand skateboard helmet review

Thousand is a well-established brand specializing in helmets for skaters. The brand has different products but is mainly divided into two collections: heritage and chapter MIPS helmets.

Each mentioned category will have particular strengths and weaknesses, but overall, they will execute their job beyond your expectations.

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The Heritage helmet can protect both bikers and skaters. Being fashionable is a plus point of this collection. Let’s scroll down for more information.

Shinny Design

As we mentioned above, the beauty of Heritage helmets is undeniable. It has an attractive design with a slight visor, giving a cap-shaped appearance. Also, the built-in visor will benefit your eyes regardless of any weather conditions.

Multiple choices of color, more than 12 options, will enhance the product’s compatibility with your outfit, and we believe you will indulge in an endless creation. The heritage helmet collection was coated with an anti-scratched substance; therefore, you will be worry-free about getting scratches.

Moreover, customizing your helmet with catchy graffiti or stripes is possible with this brand.

The store has collaborated with various famous artists excelling in design. Therefore, your beloved helmet will differentiate from others’ ones. However, an extra fee will apply to the size and required time to finish the customization.

Outstanding Safety And Anti-Theft Features

thousand skateboard helmet review

A Poplock For Better Secure

Don't let its beauty blur the primary function of the helmet. The Heritage collection has impressive safety features that we will give you detailed information on right now.

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There is built-in high-end styrofoam that resists and absorbs consistently any damage that occurs. Moreover, the primary material is rubberized carbon fiber, maintaining the helmet shape even with excessive force.

The helmet has a wider D-lock hidden by removable logo lids. You can easily remove it by pulling the tag out. Therefore, you can secure your unique item with a solid and hard-to-cut locker.

Great Insulation

thousand skateboard helmet review 3

How To Get Rid Of The Heat

Thousand commits to bring utmost experience to its customers, and comfort when wearing is not out of its range. The Thousand Heritage collection has 7 rectangular ventilation holes, enhancing the effectiveness of heat dissipation.

Also, there is internal strap padding, which can be removable for washing or cleaning. You can wash it daily or one time per few days for better perspiration absorption.


Honestly, we were surprised by the price of this product compared to its value. You will get everything you need along with a comprehensive feature that likely turns you into this brand’s loyal customer.

How does it sound when your helmet gets stolen, and you will have a free replacement? You don't get it wrong; the company does execute the offer.


  • Affordable price
  • Stunning appearance
  • D-lock supporting
  • Removable internal strap
  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Customer-oriented warranty


  • Non Removable visor

Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet Review

Here you go! Another gorgeous collection of Thousand. It focuses mainly on skaters with heavy-duty exercise.

Utmost Comfortable

Like its older brother, Heritage helmet, the Chapter MIPS brings pleasantness for skaters when wearing. The comfort firstly comes from its weightlessness.

Thanks to the carbon material, the product is 0.5 lbs lighter than that of other competitors. Please do not underestimate the small difference as your neck won’t feel exhausted after a long time wearing.

Besides, the Chapter MIPs version has inherited the magnetic clasp. Even though it is more secure than a standard clasp, you can open it with ease. Adjusting the strap length is easy as a piece of cake; all you need is to rotate the dial fit system to the desired level.

Heat dissipation is a bonus point for this collection. The Thousand brand has done an excellent job for its previous model, but it does not stop the company from aiming for better performance.

The manufacturer has implemented more ventilation holes with a catchy design on this model, making it eliminate the heat more effectively but maintain the stylish design.

Fascinating Design

thousand skateboard helmet review 4

A Cool Magnetic Light

Compared to the other models of Thousand, this helmet has a compact design, with a smooth curb spreading from the top to the visor. The design will effectively minimize the windy impact and increase the visual field; hence you can speed up with a better view when skating with ease.

A built-in magnetic light is an unbeaten point of this helmet. It contains a 30-lumen tail light that can stick magnetically on the helmet. So you will be spotted by other transportation or skaters, preventing chances to get injured.

Vegan Leather Strap

thousand skateboard helmet review 5

Well-made Sustainable Strap

Thousand is giving a hand to save the planet, so the company selected any material not harming the environment. Therefore, it chose vegan leather for sustainable strap production.

The strap contains synthetic leather that will not cause any allergy, such as itchy for skaters; it is more breathable, lighter, and durable.

Anti-theft Feature

The anti-theft feature still exists on this model, and it has a hidden removable hole that fits perfectly to any size of D-lock. The company guarantees that if your item is stolen, without a doubt, you will have a new replacement—what a great deal.


  • Lightweight
  • A provided magnetic light
  • Unique and beneficial design
  • Vegan leather strap
  • D-lock
  • Guaranty in case of theft


  • Costly


After the post, we hope that the Thousand skateboard helmet review gives you a better idea of a new future product. There will be many choices on the market, but doing well on both pricing and quality like Thousand will be countable.

If you need any recommendation or suggestion, please feel free to reach out by leaving a message.

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