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Theeve Trucks Review: All You Need to Know

Theeve trucks review offers skateboarders an insight into one of the most renowned truck brands in the market. This manufacturer has always been in the game ever since skateboarding became a trend for youngsters.

What are the best things about their products? Are these trucks worth paying for? Keep reading this article to find out all the answers.

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Brand Overview

Theeve Titanium Truck Co. came into light in 2007, and it soon became a leading truck production company.

Aspiring to be a pioneer in the market, this manufacturer was the first company to use titanium as the primary material for their trucks. This innovation has marked an important milestone in the history of truck production.

After that, Theeve took advantage of that perfect momentum to launch several lightweight and sturdy trucks with flexible motions.

Theeve Product Lines

Up to now, the brand has introduced four different Theeve lines to the market. Each of them has different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Some general information is as follows.

theeve trucks review

Theeve TiHANGER V2

– TiHANGER trucks reduce 20% of the average truck weight. Despite being axles with a one-piece deck, it still proves to be twice as strong as typical trucks.

– TiKING ones deliver a much better grinding performance compared to other skateboards with the well-balanced kingpin and axle.

– TiAX trucks are thicker with superior durability.

– Theeve has combined the best features of the three above lines into CSX trucks. With the highest price, CSX is also the premium product line from Theeve.

Theeve Trucks Detailed Analysis

Material and Design

A typical Theeve truck consists of one titanium piece with a connected axle rod. The strength-to-density ratio of titanium is the highest among metallic elements, providing this material with supreme sustainability.

For that reason, the axle can never slip while grinding. This design has set the standards for products launched later in the market. You can see that many other producers start to use titanium for their trucks as well.

Thanks to its titanium axle, you’ll realize that it is surprisingly lighter than other trucks in the market when you hold the Theeve trucks in your arms. A thin yet strong structure makes it easier for you to move their boards from one place to another and perform complex tricks, especially flipping.

Moreover, the manufacturers always try to catch up with their users’ tastes, so these trucks’ design is cool, eye-catching, and trendy.

theeve csx trucks review

Theeve Classic Rainbow


Theeve trucks enable skateboarders to deliver top-notch grinding performances on all kinds of topographic. From concrete blocks to crooked skatepark ledges, you’ll be able to nail every single trick (with a little practice, of course!).

Thanks to a marvelous steel kingpin, Theeve trucks can maintain their agility, durability, and strength. Unlike older models, which easily slide out, these trucks allow you to grind smoothly with great feelings. That’s the reason why Theeve trucks are absolutely a perfect choice for beginners.

With innovative production technology, their price might be a little bit high for starters, but it’s worth every penny as you can use it for a long period.


The ability to carry out sharp turning is essential in choosing a truck for your skateboard.

Other manufacturers have always been famous for their magical turning, but Theeve trucks demonstrate to be a worthy competitor. The bushings around the kingpin enable your board to perform flawless turning movements.

theeve trucks review

Theeve TiKING Truck

Theeve trucks contain rubber bushings that sensitively respond to every single movement you make while skating. Hence, they provide instant support every time the board turns to a different angle.

These harder bushings also provide you with sustainable resistance. You’ll find it easy to maintain your balance while being on the board.

A minor problem with the bushings is that it’s not easy to get used to its stiff transitions during the first few times you use the board. You can replace the bushings with more familiar ones, but this is not a big problem for intermediate and professional players.

Pros and Cons

This part summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of Theeve products in general. Along with their premium quality, you also need to pay attention to their flaws to make the right choice.


  • Premium-quality titanium axles
  • Light yet strong structure
  • A wide variety of models for different players
  • Reasonable price
  • Cool contemporary design
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Unadaptive bushings
  • Speedily blown out pivot cups

Final Thoughts

Theeve trucks absolutely deserve its reputation. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also sturdy, flexible, and highly responsive to any movement you make while turning or grinding.

And this Theeve trucks review has hopefully given you an insight into this prestigious brand so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

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