The things you need to know before having your first skateboard

Your birthday is coming and your parents promise to buy you the first skateboard in your life? Very excited, right? It is time for you to have research about it to find out the most suitable one.

Purchasing a new skateboard will not let you down in case you know exactly what you want. The feeling of stepping on a board and going everywhere is so good, and you can't wait anymore to have the wheels rolling below the board.

However, as a beginner, there are a few things you need to figure out first, and we are pleased to give you some advice to get the best skateboard for the money.

The things you need to know before having your first skateboard

Actually, choosing a new skateboard is quite simple, but it is an issue for the amateurs. A complete skateboard includes a deck, trucks, grip tape, a set of bearings, wheels and other necessary accessories.

It is easy to choose separately, but if you combine them into a system, it will been more than that. Check out our guidelines below!

You need to go to a skateboard shop or store to get your first skateboard. But which shop do you go to and how do you find the right one? These days, there are plenty of skateboard shops around any neighborhood, for example.

Of course, you can go online and order one, but we highly recommend you to go to the store to figure out exactly what you are looking for as well as receive some useful advice from the salesman. The store will be responsible for your whole purchasing process, from choosing, shipping and warranty later. 

There are thousands of choices in the store that will make you unconcentrated in what you've prepared. For instance, with the skateboard's material, you can even see some weird ones such as plastic, bamboo or even fiberglass.

You have better keep away from such kinds because these skateboards just have a nice appearance but the quality is not ensured. Pro skateboarders usually pick 7-ply maple skateboard as their first choice. They said that this kind of skateboard with perfect quality will provide the best skateboarding experience.

From the above information, you can see how important it is when choosing a local shop to purchase your skateboard instead of getting it only or ordering from foreign stores. It will not only help you to choose the first one easily but also promote the development of the local economy. 

Choosing a skateboard shop to buy is necessary but you also need to keep in mind how to choose a suitable deck. It depends on the way you do with your skateboard, the skateboarding frequency, the style, and your level.


Skateboard decks come in various sizes. in which a size of 7.5 to 8 inch is the one a lot of pro street skateboarder recommend. Larger sizes, such as 8-inch and larger skateboarders are usually used by skateboarders who often skate in pools and skateparks.

In case you are beginners or don't have special requirements, we highly suggest you having a try a skateboard deck with 8-inch width and a 30-inch length with some famous brands. In the market, it is not difficult for you to find the best skateboard brands for beginners.


Skateboard wheels usually depend on the purpose you skate, street, pool or park. If you are going to have street journeys on your board, wheels with smaller sizes are the most suitable ones.

 The reason is that skateboarders often make flips, so the lighter the wheels are, the more responsive they are. The ideal size of street wheels is from 49 to 52 mm, while 54 to 60 mm is the right size of deck for park skateboard since the larger deck enables you to skate more quickly.


The size of the truck is determined by the size of your skateboard deck, so it is important to get the right deck before choosing the truck. You have to keep in mind how wide the deck is to find the axle with a suitable length, ensure that it fits well, not in or out too much. 149 truck size is ideal for the normal 8-inch deck.

Shapes of deck

People usually think that almost skateboards have the same shape. It is not true. The various shapes of skateboards may make people confused and hard to understand at first. If you are beginners, you can choose freely some different deck shapes which you think are suitable for you.

Then, you will find the most ideal one for your skateboarding later. Back to the first time of skateboarding, it is highly recommended to get a conventional shape of the skateboard deck so that you can skate easily with some fundamental tricks like pumping and flips on the flat surface. This is also the best skateboard for kids to learn on.

Graphics on the deck

Graphics are the ones printed on the surface of the skateboard deck. If you are looking for nice graphics on the deck and do not want it to be worn and torn over time, you have better keep it in your room, hang it on the wall and consider as a decorative thing.

Skateboarding graphics are usually cool, but the main purpose of the board is to skate, so of course, after a long time of use, they will be fade away somehow. 

The final words

In this article, we have listed somethings you need to know before having your first skateboard. We hope that it will be helpful for you in choosing the right one, bringing an exciting skateboarding experience. In case you still have any problems, do not hesitate to let us know so we can give a hand. Finally, be confident and get your very first skateboard and all will be alright soon. 

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