The things skateboarders need to prepare before going downhill

If you have not stepped on a skateboard and going downhill, you may wonder how the experienced skaters feel for their first time. Many of them said that it was a tough experience with many different feelings: fear, anxiety, and excitement.

 It seems like an invisible wall appearing in our head, and we are able to spend most of our lives to break through it so that we can be better, stronger and quicker.

Not only in skateboard but also in other sports that contain high-speed activities, people usually start the game with a lot of apprehensions. Who doesn’t fear when they are going down from the high hill with a speed of more than 80 km per hour?

To be honest, it is not really easy to handle it and not many people can do it simply. For kids, it is more difficult, and you may need to find the best skateboard for kids

Many skateboarders see going downhill skateboarding is dangerous. However, practice solves it all, as long as you have enough time and dedication. If you are in love with this activity, you will find it exciting. The feeling against gravity becomes an undying but attractive obsession.

As you may know, skateboarding on the downhill is not simply to step on a skateboard and let it run freely for the very first time. You have to put your effort into it in order to have the perfect turns around the mountain. It is true to say that any pro skateboarders have paid not only time, money but also tear, sweat and blood to have the ability to master this skill. 

There is an undenied truth that if you are falling in love with downhill skateboarding, you will not leave it even though it makes you hurt, makes you scared and make you bleed sometimes. Other people who are not skateboard's fans may not see its value and may consider this excitement as an odd addiction.

 You are going to fall, you are going to be painful but you still love it. It is how skateboarding is attractive and more and more people are attracted to this sport. 

From these points of view, in this article, we will show you what you should prepare before having a downhill skateboarding. They consist of a lot of aspects, especially a full set of protective gear to ensure your safety. Let's start!


Board is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. It plays a huge role in ensuring your safety while skating. If you go skateboarding without protective gear, it like you are going to put your life into dangerous situations. Therefore, it is essential to equip high quality and suitable gear for the journey.

In the market, boards are various in both sizes, shapes, and styles. If you don't have a preparation, you sometimes may be overwhelmed in the store to find the right one for you and your buddy. So, let's make up a list of some features you want for your board, read the recommendation from experienced skateboarders to finally get the most suitable one.

The pro skateboarders recommend that the board you step on for going down a hill must be a stiff one with a slight concave in order to keep you stable on it. In addition, a set of firm and well-balanced trucks is needed so that you will not slip too far forward or backward in case your speed is too high and out-of-control at a steep slope.

The proper bushings and wheels are necessary in this case, too. We would like to introduce you to some ideal bushings that a lot of pro skateboarders use, they are Venom Downhill Barrels and Riptide APS Barrel Bushings.

Orangatang In Heats is a good choice if you are finding a sharp lipped set of wheels. Well-equipped board will bring you a completely different experience for downhill skateboarding, especially when you have a quick turn.


Gloves are in the set of protective gear you need while going on a downhill. If you want to prevent your hands from being hurt, blooded or more seriously, broken, gloves are necessary. 

You can combine skateboarding gloves with slide pucks, Ojoom Slide Pucks, for example, to conquer zigzag hills. Then you may see how exciting the game is! If having time, you can try it on the best cruiser skateboards, too.


The helmet is a necessary thing not only in skateboarding but also in other sports such as cycling, hockey, horseback riding and so on. In such dangerous sports, there is no reason for people not to use helmets to protect their most important part - head. You can imagine how awful it is if you skate down to the hill without a helmet. It is not cool, it is stupid.

In case you think that wearing a helmet while skateboarding is inessential, let's spend a few minutes to think about your parents or relatives who will have to deal with difficulties after you fell on the downhill and your head is smashed to the tough ground.

In case you have other questions, let’s find in Category Archives for "Skateboard Purpose"

The final words

Let's have final sentences: skateboarding is an attractive sport that you may fall in love with it hopelessly after the first try. You will find all information about it, try to learn all the tricks and practice day by day. Since it appears in your lives with such dense frequency, it is a must to keep your health and protect yourself from getting hurt after dangerous activities like going downhill. 

Follow our recommendations, we are sure that you will enjoy this sport for a long time with a lot of excellent experience. If you find this article is helpful, don't hesitate to share it so that everyone can know. A comment is also welcomed.

Now, let's start your game!

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