The hindrance of skateboarding

Skateboarding is getting more and more prevalent. You can find it easy to catch sight of it on the street, on social media, and in films. Skateboarding players are diverse as well including boys, girls, LGBTs and youngsters, and adults.

Skateboarding players and their devotees can be any subject groups in the society. If you are a kid or a young adult, you still have a sense of pride for the first time you can keep standing stably on the board. 

And if you feel interested in this sport and want to take it up, let’s start by choosing a board with a suitable deck size in skateboard deck sizes. It will help your learning progress a lot for sure.

After that, you start joining the skateboarders’ community and make the aquaintance of multiple admirable skateboarders there. In the USA, the skateboarding players account for a significant number, specifically up to hundreds of players in a town. 

The local authorities in some countries started to build skate parks, for example in Kabul, Tokyo, etc,. In the remotest areas, you even can catch sight of many kids or teenagers practicing their skateboarding techniques. Skateboarding really has a considerable impact on the community

The hindrance of skateboarding

Which places the skater normally play?

It is quite unbelievable that there is no existence of a skate park in a lot of cities in the USA. Whereas you can easily see a basketball playground or baseball field in many places, it is really hard for skateboarders to look for a skate park and then they have to skate around the streets, on the pavements, at school, etc or even can not skate at any place.

 As a result, they could gradually lost their passion for this sport. In some cases, what they obtain from this sport is an unexpected fine that they have to pay for the local officials. 

It has been stated by many proponents that unless the city built a skatepark, the whole city would be the only place for skateboarding. 

Even in some cities that acknowledge skateboarding, skateboarders have to encounter the danger of being crashed by conveyances. Statistics showed that averagely almost one skater dies per week in the USA because of the crash relating to a conveyance.

According to a report of Public Skateparks Fatalities in 2011, an ordinary skateboarder faces persistent warnings that people do not like skaters riding around them, that they could be charged for a ticket and be crashed by automobiles and other municipal dangers. Skate park proponents are really dealing with these nuisances 

Being a skateboarder means you did accept the physical hurts and legal responsibility. If you make more attempts to halting it, you would put the skateboarding in jeopardy more due to the complaints and criticism from the community.

 Consequently, the skate park proponents begin with a deluge of a gloomy picture of the society’s recognition. This explains that a single skate park you can see or use today embraces the monumental contribution from a proponent confronting the disadvantaged beginning and overcoming many outer difficulties. 

For the most part of skateboarder players, especially the youngsters, skateboarding comes to them naturally and has become a part of their lives. Society attempts to make laws against skateboarding, supposing they are doing fairly by saying “We encourage the young generation to play skateboarding but can not play here. 

The core problem is that what skaters want is a playable field. People should learn that skating on a deck with 4 wheels can not be considered a damaging deed and skateboarding style does not support any antisocial tendencies.

Strictly executing measures against skateboarding which do not allow the skateboarders’ speaking up just makes the situation worse and worse. What the skateboard players need is not less than a skate park. 

The Skatepark Solution

In quite many cities, the number of rules against skateboarding is much more than the skateparks. What to do is how can both create a skate park and reduce the skate park proponents and then adjust the communities’ s mindset of preventing skateboarding into “putting” in proper place for itself.

 Executing measures against skateboarding just downplay the values of skateboarding which brings to the young generation activeness and more involvement with society. Not many people are courageous enough to raise voice for skateboarders and therefore, each of them plays an important role in this battle. 

A skatepark is a location for the skateboarders’ communities to congregate. Hence, the people can see what a skateboarder normally does and also the reflection of his youthful dynamism and courage. That will help to diminish the earlier negative judges from the public.

If you want to become a part of the skateboarding community and contribute more to this fight for skatepark, do not hesitate but taking your board (in case you are confused to choose a good skateboard, click for more information)  and get down to it. 

If any skatepark is built, that comes from the joint effort of many groups in which they are collaborating and deal with their public. These attempts consequently change the communities’ mindset and boost their awareness. 

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