The development of skateboarding content marketing

For many skateboarders, skateboarding plays an important role, not just a wooden deck with four wheels but a companion, devotion, innovation, hurt, and retrieval. For other skateboarders, it also represents the changes in content promotion. In order to become a good content creator in the skateboarding field, you should read more special insight relating to this unique sport, and our website is a good choice for you. 

Two decades ago, content marketing in skateboarding mostly embraced the fundamental and simple content to attract skaters. Nowadays, speaking of content promotion, they are all attractive and impressive under various forms. In this article, we are going to introduce the 4 strategies that are commonly applied these days.

The development of skateboarding content marketing in the past decades.

Zero Skateboards, a clothing brand was established in 1996 - developed into a top skateboarding company just in nearly three years by taking command of their media. Their content was so unique that it was looked for by a lot of skaters. Collaborating the specialties of specialists in the taste of society and professionals in skateboarding is always a difficult problem for the content makers. 

In reality, the creation in the incredible video produced by the founder of Zero Skateboards was reckoned to be one of the 2 most common videos from 1999-2009. That is to say this video played the most important role in Zero’s achievement.   

Obviously, the thing drew the attention of viewers was the unprecedented scene of skateboarding that provoked their curiosity about the limits that a skateboarder can achieve. However, their cleverness lied in the way every shot embraced a manifestation of the features of the company’s wares. 

The Content Marketing arm of the company gives prominence to make it into an effective communication tool between them and their potential customers which does not resort to  selling   

Are you able to produce videos that both manifest your products’ features and bring to the customer the interest? More and more customers tend to have a preference for amusing videos, particularly when the content of the video never appears before. Have a shot at it 

Be Productive

Apparently, when you release a content, you look forward to the positive evaluation from the viewers. There are also a few times that the effect was not as good as you expected. 

Neil Patel is an oft-quoted example that we would like to mention here. It is among the 10 best digital marketers and has created about 300 posts of customers about content promotion over the course of 3 years. There is no sign of him to slacking off. 

Before the appearance of social video platforms, if you were interested in skateboaridng, it would take you about one or more than one month to have the new video released. Following up on this trend, many content creators took advantage to make good quality photos of skateboarding and skateboarding products and steps to post them in the newspaper and they did achieve good results

In the 1990s, Shorty company continuously made public impressive content on all the media coverage they have. As a result, they receive more and more followers and of course more customers. Nowadays, boosting content marketing by creating a lot of product review articles on the internet is applied commonly by many brands. You can take a look at best cruiser skateboards
to see how they do it. 

Creating a good working team.

Creating more and more creative content by yourself is not an easy thing. This is also the difficulty for most content makers all the time. 

Creating a good team is a solution to prove that only one folk can not practicably perform alone.   

In the 1990s, Flip Skateboards in California gathered a group of renowned experts. This brand did steal the show by the presence of many figures such as Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny,  and Rune Glifberg and these three experts have their own professional knowledge. 

If there are more members in your team to do content marketing, it would demonstrate diverse strong points and characteristics to spread to more people. F instance, Convince and Convert strategy boosts a working group of specialists to offer a thorough and detailed understanding of various aspects of marketing including offline and online form. 


One way to get customers’ trust is by the truth. You should not falsify any information since your customers will sooner or later realize it. Andrew Reynolds a skateboarding expert is an exemplification of how some people put effort and are dedicated to his profession.

The way he lives his life with skateboarding wholeheartedly is an inspiring source to add in content marketing. Therefore, in order to able to think of innovative ideas for your content promotion, you can try taking a hint from skateboarders. Your viewers will be surprised by it for sure. 

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