Steps to build skateboarding competitions well

We have received many questions of skateboarders asking about how they can be well-prepared for creating skateboarding competitions that they intend to do. That’s why in this article, we are going to provide you with some useful needed steps to get ready for your desire. However, bear in mind that the following information is simply our suggestions and not something required that you must stick to.

Besides, the list is not organized randomly, so you can do each step in whatever order that fits you. And if you come up with additional steps to do, just get down to it without hesitation. 

Steps to build skateboarding competitions well

We think that once you have an intention to apply for a skateboarding competition, you must have had some visualizations of how it takes place and that is a great beginning. Whatever you understand about what you are going to have to do and its importance to you, the very first thing to do is embarking on building more thoughts and obtain some external facilitation. 

The core lies in the later one - obtain some external facilitation. No need to apply yourself to build everything from scratch alone. Have people’s involvement from now on since they are the ones who might accompany you in the following period and also be oblivious of the loophole in your scheme and contribute much more constructive viewpoints. 

In case you are a complete novice in skateboarding competitions, it will be a lot better to search for more relevant information on skateboarding competitions, for example, Website Skateadvisors is a good source for your reference. Or you can consult somebody who has at least some certain experiences. 

We recommend that skate shops in your living area are the best place to nip down to receive more information. If you did not find any shop familiar to you yet, find one instantly as skate shops are an unlimited source of numerous skateboarding happenings. Or in a brighter situation, if you own a skate shop or are working there, you already had an edge over others in the beginning.  

Step 2 - Permission

What you should do next is to seek authorization to join it. Meekness is what you should head for and also being amenable to reason when dealing with the local officials. Gently ask them everything that they require you to complete. 

If you intend to organize your skateboarding contest in a private skate park or on an individual’s ground, obviously you need to go there to ask for their consent also. However, this might be quite smoother sailing 

In addition, you can have a further choice for the revenue of the competition - some derelict areas but remember that it would be like taking a gamble and not really safe. You either could be stopped by the authorities anytime or are unable to have insurance for this. That means apparently, your expense would be decreased but you might have had to be troublesome when working with the officials or any participants are injured 

Step 3 - Insurance

The insurance policies in each city and country are different. Therefore, ask your local authority all things you have to make them done. This belongs to getting the consent step but we also would like to ensure that you will definitely get it done. 

Waivers are another option you can try by collecting the documents of skateboarders’ commitment to doing everything on their own risks. In case the participants are not old enough, you should apparently directly ask for their parents or guardians to confirm their waivers.  

Step 4 - Winning Prizes

When it comes to awards for the winners, you can have many ideas to base on, and these are some recommendations:

Reach some skateboards shops around your living area to seek their donation. They can support your competition with skateboards, protective gear, etc. You might be quite amazed that it turns out a lot of people are skateboarding advocates.

For the skate shops itself, this is also a good chance to promote their brands in the public and also raise the understanding of how to choose suitable and good skateboards products when skaters might have some common concerns, for instance, what size skateboard wheels do i need

Besides, asking for financial support from skateboarding firms is a great idea. Writing an email to them, explain your competition information in detail, and ask them whether they could support financially the awards.  

Seeking donations from external sources is quite challenging and thwarting and requires patience. Just relax your body and keep moving forward. Also, you had better start the award seeking earlier than some steps as it would take a lot of your time for sure. 

Step 5 - The official happening

Everything is generally prepared and you would be waiting for a couple of days to launch the competition. 

The last suggestion that we would like to provide to you is about your expectations before officially starting the competition. You might be worried a lot about possible pop-ups happening in the event. There are possibilities that these unexpected pop-ups could happen but when it really comes, do not freak out but try to calm down and breathe easy.

They might be a bit confusing and messy at that time but just think that it is natural in the skateboarding event. Everything you can do is to figure out what you have to to to fix it. 

What you are trying to do means a lot to the skateboarding communities in general and for the skateboarding devotees as well. Local skateboarding competitions are really beneficial for the skateboarding player to encourage themselves, challenge themselves in a tough situation, make new friends, and sharpen their skateboarding tricks.

 In addition, it is a place for people to enjoy. Hence, you deserve thanks and appreciations from the public for certain. 

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