Some questions that your parents may wonder about skateboarding

Skateboarding is a new sport recently, so many older people such as our parents will not have any idea about it. So, if you want to learn skateboarding, surely your parents will have a lot of questions about this, especially you are still a child and never take part in any activities like this before. In this article, we will list some common questions that the parents of skateboarders may ask and the answers.

Some questions that your parents may wonder about skateboarding

Purchasing a new skateboard is not an easy task, especially when the user is a kid. You have to consider a lot of things, from a suitable size to the quality of the board. People usually think a small board is the perfect one for the kid, but actually it is not true. Manufacturers explain that even you are a 24-year-old adult, a 4-year-old child or a 64-year-old man, you can still choose a standard adult-size skateboard and this board will meet almost your requirements.

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 If your child is a beginner, you have better find a rookie-grade board since the places for the beginners are usually on the streets or the sidewalks around their house, and this kind of board is one of the most suitable ones. In case after a period of time, you are bored with skateboarding, you can use it in another way by learning How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall.

How can you choose the skateboard parts to purchase?

While purchasing a new skateboard is difficult, getting skateboard parts is a much more complicated challenge. The current skateboard has its own size and measurements, so the replacement should fit with other parts as well as meet the new requirement of the skater.

You have better pay attention to these problems first. If possible, you have better go to a local skate shop and ask for advice about what you are looking for, such as ask them What Size Skateboard Truck Do I need.

Is it necessary to get the full set of protective gear?

Anyone would like to protect them and their relatives from getting injured. So do the parents of skateboarders. They want their children to enjoy their time on the skateboard without any risk. However, they also wonder that is it necessary to equip a full set of protective gear for their children or just a helmet is enough?

 In addition, they have no idea how much does the quality gear cost? A full set of protective gear consists of a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and even a pair of skate shoes. Let's find a suitable one for your kids, or you can ask for support from the salesperson.

Skateboarding is not 100% safe, how can you protect yourself?

As you may know, like other sports, skateboarding is not a 100% safe activity. You can be at risk at any time. However, you can do something in order to lower the ability to get injured while skateboarding, for example, using protective gear or learning how to fall off the board in the right way.

Is it normal that I break my skateboard and tear my shoes?

When you ride a skateboard, it means that you are going to break a lot of things. Among them, the board is in the first place of the list, the following ones are your shoes and pants which are worn and torn significantly. Your parents may wonder, is this normal? Let's explain to them the reason why these things are going to be like this, and get some examples, too. 

Is skateboarding suitable for a girl?

Skateboarding has no limitation on the gender of the skateboarders. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you still can enjoy this. We have seen a lot of girls riding their skateboards around the surrounding without any fear. In fact, this sport is a little bit intimidating for girls, but not all of them.

 Some girls even find it hard to skate in public areas, or on the streets with other guys. However, it is the minority. In fact, there are plenty of female professional skateboarders in the world, they even participate in skateboarding contests or Olympics and achieve high rankings.

Is there any skateboarding contest for us to take part in?

Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular these days, then the number of contest that people hold for this sport is increasing, too. Contests are a great place for you and any skaters to have a chance to meet up with each other and enjoy the time together. They are held by both local authorities, private companies and organizations. You can participate in a local skateboarding community for amateurs since they will organize a contest annually.

Is there an age limitation for skateboarders?

A lot of parents want to skate with their children. It is a great way to improve the family affection. However, they wonder whether they are too old to start skateboarding? The answer is no. It is never too late to start. But, they have better learn some helpful tips for adult skaters. They also need to look for a suitable skateboard size, like What Size Skateboard Wheels Do You Need.

How can my kid become a professional skateboarder?

Many parents express their hope to have their kids become professional skateboarders in the future. However, they don't know how to help the children to achieve their dream. In fact, there are a lot of ways to do, such as sending the children to training schools, participating in different contests and so on. But the first thing the parents should do is to determine what their children truly love.

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