Some fundamental skateboard tricks that you need to know

Like other sports, skateboarding is easy for some skateboarders but is a challenge for the other. Therefore, we have a list of some fundamental skateboard tricks in order to help you to shorten this difference.

For instance, the rail stand is a necessary technique you need to learn before doing an Ollie, and with somebody, doing such balance tricks is not as difficult as the flip ones. However, any skater has to learn some fundamental skateboard tricks and conquer them prior to have a thought of higher levels.

Especially, it is essential for beginners or new skateboarders who don't know what to do next. In fact, there are some skaters ignoring almost basic maneuvers but still can skate well. It is true but if you aim to go further in this sport and have a desire to become pro skateboarder, you have better do step by step.

If you are aware of skateboarding, you may see the kick turn maneuver somewhere. This is one of the most fundamental techniques in skateboarding.

A lot of people have a thought that ollie is the very first trick that beginners should like, but it is not true. You only can do an ollie smooth if you are able to do the basics since it actually not easy to learn, especially with new skateboarders. Besides, you have better find a list of good quality skateboards for beginners to find the best one for you.

Kick turning is a basic skateboarding skill but it can be a little confusing to know how to do this. You may need to apply this skill in case you are in need of a quick turn but don't want to lean your body, you raise the front trucks of the board up from the ground, then rotate. Keep your balance, and take time to practice, and you will be better over time.

These days, kick turn is not considered as a trick despite its essential role, since there are a lot of basic skateboarding techniques. Many beginners may ignore them, and start learning kick turn right away. It is not easy, of course. Some can succeed in the first times, but many people fail since they do not have enough balance and skills.

When you are able to do a 180-degree spin or more on the air, it means that you have mastered the kick turn. The more degrees you spin, the more admirable people are with you.

The Ollie

When you are confident that you have mastered the fundamentals, it is time to learn how to ollie. Ollie is a popular and basic trick that almost skateboarders learn, but it is a tough challenge for beginners. You may take a few hours to conquer this, but the others may take days or even a year, depending on your ability and diligence. If you are the 2nd case, don't worry. You skate for yourself, so don't make it become your pressure.

Rock to Fakies/ Rock N' Roll

Rock to Fakies/ Rock N' Roll is a familiar trick done in skateboard parks or ramps. Depending on how you do it, it will be divided into Rock to Fakies or Rock N' Roll.

In the Rock to Fakies, the skateboarders ride up to the top of the ramp, bring the tails of front trucks over the coping and go down in fakie. Rock N’ Roll, basically is similar to Rock to Fakies, except the action when skateboarders do after being on top.

 At this time, skaters do a kick turn and ride down the ramp in a usual stance. In the beginning, it may be a little bit difficult and strange, but after some tries, we are sure that you will get into it. Don’t forget to find the best skateboard brand to buy for the best experience.

Rock to Fakie and Rock N' Roll are amazing skateboarding tricks that you can confidently perform at the skatepark. They also help you to level up your skills as well as be a base for you to learn other tricks.

50-50 Grinds

The next skateboard trick we would like to introduce is the 50-50 grind. It is an amazing grind trick for you to learn, therefore, a lot of skaters spend time practicing it.

In this trick, skateboarders use both trucks to grind the ledge. 50-50 grind does not require too much on the practicing place, skaters can do it on a ramp or even street curb.

The compulsory requirement of learning this trick is that you are able to do an ollie. 


The first sliding skateboard trick that almost skateboarders learn is boardslide. It is one of the basic tricks.

In boardslide, skaters ride along the ledge or rail, then do an ollie. Next, when your board is on the sidewalk with an obstacle below, keep sliding along the ledge, jump over the obstacle and go away.

It is required to learn ollie first, as well as make sure your body is comfortable on board. However, it is quite challenging so it is not a trick for a skateboard for kids.


Last but not least, we would like to introduce another skateboarding trick - the manual. It is a basic technique that you can see how you improve day by day.

A manual is a skateboard technique that skateboarders stay on their back wheels and make the board keep running. From this, people create a nose manual in which the back wheels are replaced by the skateboard's nose. The tip for doing this trick is to be confident and balance.

 However, you should be careful since you can do this trick over, and as a result, you fall off the board. Helmet and protective gear are highly recommended to protect you from getting hurt.


In conclusion, we hope that our article about some fundamental skateboard tricks that you need to know may help you in improving your skill. Don’t forget to share in case you find it useful. Good luck!

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