What impacts does skateboarding make on popular cultures?

Although skateboarding normally takes place in the open-air, it has made a spectacular impact on stuff that seems to have no correlation with it. 

In the Post Radical documentary, the skateboarding cultures are discovered which brings to the audience a brand-new perspective of worldwide intense influence of skateboarding on the skateboarding fanatics.

However, as far as what Rick McCrank who is a pro skater has said, skateboarding is not only a place exclusively for the outcasts or those who have a proclivity for putting on unorthodox clothes. Initially being judged as an unconventional pastime, throughout years, skateboarding has gained its popularity all over the world Skateboarding has more evolved in its styles varying from vert skating, street skating to cruise.

For each style, there would be a specialized board. For example, for cruise skating, the suitable board is cruiser skateboards which you can have more understanding at best cruiser skateboards under $100 - best cruiser brands

Therefore, it is understandable that this sport can have an astounding influence on the worldwide popular cultures.

What impacts does skateboarding make on popular cultures?


In the beginning, skateboarding was perceived as an absurd way for the players to self-express themselves. But after that, it became more prevalent among the native people on the West Coast of the US in the late 1980s. Its prevalence coincidentally was at the same time with the appearance of punk rock. 

 Because of having somethings in common related to the beliefs and receiving the facilitation in California for the development of skateboarding and punk rock, the skate punk appeared and had a big impact on some famous bands at that time like Black Flag. 

 Since skateboarding was more widely admitted by the public, the music also changed to be more comprehensive and reached more ad more professional bands during the period of the 1980s and 1990s. The boundary to connect these two cultures gradually turned tenous when there was the involvement of the rock band Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne. 


At the end of the 1970s and 1980s, thanks to the high practicality and popularity of all types of shorts and T-shirts, skate fashion has thrived to become a promising industry.

 When skateboard and its videos became more widespread among the young generation, then it would be more likely for the firms to penetrate into this market and draw their attention. As a result, this promoted the activity of sponsorship for famous skateboarders and proceedings from the fashion brands. 

Some brands like DC, Supreme and also the garment division of skateboard journal such as Thrasher started to catch up with a little bit later and specialized into the production of street fashion which has become more applicable in daily fashion in recent years 

Though these companies have achieved some certain attainments and contributed to the promotion of skate clothes, the strong penetration of the fashion brands has been underestimated by some folks.

The experienced skateboarder John Rattray used to state that there are many cultural legacies embraced by skateboarding, hence if you were entitled to have escapism by skateboarding, there would be the emerging ardent feeling to those things which could be belittled or not really highly appreciated by non-skaters. 

Films and Televisions

Skateboarding has become the center image in a lot of well-know documentaries or movies and TV shows. Some typical examples are Bart Simpson and Z-Boys. The notorious Jackass team became more well-known thanks to the skating footage.

 What people knew about them is their attitude against dictatorship and “doing everything for passion” mindset. All exemplify their attractiveness to the public whatever how much these folks are interested in skateboarding. 


The application fo skateboarding in games bolsters the attractiveness of skateboarding to devotees. A succession of games of Tony Hawk is still among the most well-known games in the videogame industry in spite of the fact that most players appeared to have never touched a real skateboard.

It might be an unconventional idea but the impact of skateboarding on popular culture seems to have little correlation with skateboarding. Above all, the mindset and way of life of people desiring to dedicate their time to living their passion draw the attention of the community. 

Today, when becoming an official sport in the Olympic Games 2020, skateboarding has developed considerably since its onset. Skaters are also more and more creative, for example, they try to figure out how can they build a complete skateboard by themselves.  However, in spite of the constant development, it is still quite not really popular when it comes to active involvement which highlights more its influence on popular culture. 

Skateboarding has penetrated into the industry of music, fashion, games, and movies, so whatever you like skateboarding or dislike it, your way of life is somewhat to be impacted by it already. 

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