How To Do Skateboarding In The Rain – Tips & Tricks

We know some of you out there are looking for this article to find a way to satisfy your craving for skate while the weather doesn’t allow it. But unfortunately, experts have advised against skateboarding in the rain or any other wet conditions.

In an attempt not to dampen your mood further, we will be suggesting some alternative activities!

skating in the rain

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Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. We (and many experienced skateboarders) will advise against this activity.

There are many reasons not to skateboard in the rain, aside from the usual ones that stem from common sense, including, but not limited to:

  • Spending lots of money and hours afterward fixing whatever damage the rain caused to your board
  • Catching a cold, sneezing on your board for a straight week afterward, and risk falling from losing your balance after you sneeze
  • Not being able to see obstacles through the rain
  • Not being very visible to other vehicles, etc.

If these reasons don’t convince you from putting your board back into the shed, we definitely have more detailed rationales for you to consider below!

skateboarding in the rain

Skating in the rain isn’t really a good idea

Why You Shouldn’t Skateboard In The Rain

1. You’ll Ruin Your Bearings:

Your bearings aren’t too costly to replace, but it’s really hard to find ones that work to your standards. Even if you want to keep the current bearings after a skate in the shower, they’re going to be extremely difficult to fix.

And if you’re stubborn enough to keep the bearings, you’re not allowed to be surprised when your wheels take a Journey To The West after an ollie.

It’s hard to fix broken bearings if they already go through oxidation, and this happens pretty fast with water seeping in. Most people don’t even have to repair those parts much since if they care for them properly, they will last for a decade! So, if you value your bearings, don’t skate in the rain.

skateboarding in the rain

2. You’ll Waterlog Your Deck:

A skateboard deck is essentially made of several wood plies, and between those layers is epoxy resin to hold them together.

The water constantly seeps in, which will not only damage the quality of the wood but also weaken the resin’s cohesion and break the wood plies from each other.

This will cause the board to become a delaminated and waterlogged one and render it useless. You can still ride on it, but the board will no longer hold its quality and shape.

3. You’ll Ruin Your Wheels:

If you think the bearings are the only thing affected by rain, you’re absolutely wrong! Your skateboard wheels are very hard and slippery if you’re comparing them to longboard wheels.

But even longboard wheels’ intense grip cannot withhold against wet roads, so there’s no chance smaller wheels can perform such a feat!

Once you slide from rainwater, you’re not going to have enough time nor quick reflexes to correct yourself. You’ll be injured or thrown onto the road even.

4. You’ll Ruin Your Board’s Grip:

Aside from losing the grip on your skateboard wheels, you’ll also lose the grip on the surface of your board. Most boards use grip tape to increase the chance of your feet staying on it, so if the tape is worn down by rainwater, imagine how hard it is to stand, let alone do tricks.

skating in the rain

Grip tape is the element that helps you stay safe on your board

5. You’ll Reduce Your Truck’s Lifespan:

Your trucks can take quite a beating, but you won’t like them when they start to rust. The kingpin and nut - the two main parts that hold your board in one piece - will suffer the most from the rush and can heavily impact the overall quality of your ride.

You can definitely clean off the rust with white vinegar, but that will require you to take the trucks off your board completely. Once you’ve dismantled your board, it’s going to be very hard to reassemble.

What To Do When Your Skateboard Gets Wet

You have no choice but to take off all the parts. It’s going to be a hassle, but it can ensure your board’s lifespan.

skating in the rain

If your trucks are wet, you can dab them dry with a towel, as trucks can hold their quality for pretty long. But the important part that you need to pay attention to is the kingpin nut, which should come off completely.

And finally, you should leave your deck to dry from the sun. If the weather isn’t working in your favor, pull out the towel again and try to absorb all the moisture. You can also try blow drying the deck, but we would not recommend putting it into the oven, as it will break the resin’s cohesion.

Other Places To Skate While Raining

If you can’t skate at your favorite outdoor spot, we have a few suggestions for you:

  • Indoor skateparks: You might not be fond of driving for hours to get there, but it sure hits the spot when you’re actually there.
  • Underground parking garages, abandoned warehouses, or stations: Keep an eye out for security because you won’t want to argue with them. These locations will protect you from the rain, but not from the law.

If you resign from going outside at this point, you can always turn on the TV to do some spectating or even Youtube for some tricking videos. Living vicariously might not completely solve your craving, but the content should be entertaining enough to distract you from going outside.

Alternative Skating Methods

You cannot do it in person, but there are video games on this incredible sport. Any Tony Hawk Proskater game should help you get your mood solved, but as time goes by, there are more skateboarding simulations and puzzle games for you to try.

Even if you don’t feel like playing the games, you should still collect them and use them as inspirations for the next time you get to skateboard outside.

We recommend these games:

  • The many Tony Hawk Proskater games on Playstation and Gameboy
skating while raining

Tony Hawk’s ProSkater has been on the market for quite long.

  • Skater XL on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
  • 720° on Arcade game, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum (if you dig the retro vibe)
  • OlliOlli on Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

Outro: It’s hard for true skateboarders to keep themselves indoors, and skateboarding in the rain can sound very tempting.

But you’ll need to keep yourself safe and your gears long-lasting if you don’t want to waste money on medicine and replacing boards too often. Indoor skating is always an option, remember that!

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