Skateboarding can work in schools and daily life

If Eric Diaz - a teenager in the East LA did not start to learn about skateboarding, his life may have been led to another direction. 

He would not get his college degree in 2 years and he thinks that worse situations could happen: wrongdoings, jail, or even suicide. 

He found it lucky that he caught sight of skateboarding ramps that are quite near his house. 

This teenager discovered the Garbage Board Shop which is a place for the skateboarding platers and children in the town. If they dropped in the shop, bringing along their homework to do right there, the shop owner would allow them to practice the skateboarding tricks at the provisional skate park of the shop.

Skateboarding can work in schools and daily life - the USC research figured out

If your kids are getting interested in skateboarding like these kids, it is definitely a good thing and you should support them, probably by buying a skateboard for them. You can click here to buy best skateboard for kids.

He got more engaged in the practices in the shop, then he could imagine his positive life path ahead. After all, he realized that skateboarding not only brings to him a relaxing and sound place to let his hair down but also makes him to be more persevere and determined which can help him to get a better life. 

His story meant too much for the USC boffins who have spent a long time researching the skateboarding style and the skateboarders’ perspective. They have to go to many places and investigated various skaters there to figure out how are their experiences and what backup they want to grow.

 Skateboarding players have the perseverance to keep doing a technique tons of times every day and they are innovative and have the intercultural connection. So  The leader of the research team wondered how come they can do to turn these things and their eagerness into chances in education and their profession?

Thanks to the financial support of$264 000 from the Tony Hawk Foundation, the USC scientists have done their survey targeting teenagers and young adults across the country. They are carrying out further interviews with the skateboarding players in several areas to get a deeper understanding of what obstacles and difficulties the skateboarding players have to cope with. 

Neftalie Williams, one collaborator of the research said that the research’s aim is to find out what hinders youngsters from entering the university and getting a good career path and then can bolster them to get a better academic degree.

Another main aim of the research is to grasp the way they are acknowledged and also evaluate themselves. Some people still hold the prejudice of the anti-social” characteristic in the 1960s whereas others pay attention to the profitable potentials of the skateboarding field coming from the skateboarding fashion business, the commercial endorsement contract, and the international competitions. 

The contradiction still remains so far. The young generation of skateboarders is holding up well even when its stance in the world among other sports has been consolidated.

Skateboarding brings to players rewarding skills

Back to Diaz’ story, he aspires to spread the advantages of skateboarding to other folks. Thanks to his attempt in both keeping persevere and focusing on learning more knowledge, after all he enters California State University, Los Angeles with the major of engineering. 

Since he is the one in his family to go to university, he finds it difficult to adapt to the academic knowledge and the college culture. Nevertheless, whenever he has to manage to overcome the hard tasks or exams, he will temporarily get away from these stuff and turn to keep doing with his skateboarding trick. He said that practices make perfect and life also has the same rule. If you fail, just stand up and get down to it again.

 We are sure that every skateboarder can have a similar mindset when keep playing skateboarding. However, for those who just begin to take up this sport, in order to practice better, remember to equip yourself with a proper skateboard first. There are many types and brands of skateboards for you but you can take a look at the reviews on to get more insight to choose the best one for you. 

Comprehending the value of skateboarding to the community can make it nourished.

Zoë B. Corwin - the leader of the research also hopes to get the attention of more parts in the community to the skaters’ capacity, especially in university education. She supposed that the universities should appreciate the sporty spiritual and academic capacity of skateboards’  community

An all-out attempt to make skateboarding thrive

The USC team aspires that what they found out can give more insight to the teenagers and young generation by highlighting the diverse benefits in various aspects of skateboarding. They imagine that in the future, the skateboarding community, educators, and the whole community and other unions can join hands to encourage skateboarders. 

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