skateboarding can be environmentally-friendly as well

Over the course of several decades, skateboarding has revolutionized from a street activity for young people to a monumental sport in the 90s, and even became a substitute for the normal means of transportation. And now it gained popularity all over the world.

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Everything began in the 1950s when skaters came up with an idea to use wheels made from clay to adhere to the deck and then riding through many corners in the new town in California. However, in the past ages, skateboarding has been entwined with the environmental alterations. 

In the past, some swimming pools in South California were completely dry due to the severe drought. But every cloud has a silver lining, or in other words, a new activity was created following the impact of the disaster.

 Many people took advantage of these derelict pools to turn into places for riding and before long we had many new tricks and techniques of riding invented.

More than an outdoor activity, skateboarding can be environmentally-friendly as well

Since people can use it as a type of vehicle, so the essence of skateboarding is considered as “going green” lifestyle. More and more folks commute to the workplace or school by a skateboard every day. This obviously can help reduce the exhaust fumes from the vehicles on the streets.

 And there is no denying that to produce boards, they do not need as many materials as to produce vehicles like bicycles and motorbikes and of course, the procedure is much less expensive and sophisticated. Besides, traveling by board somehow is more time saving than by bike or motorbike, particularly in the traffic jam. 

How come skateboarding can be harmful to the environment if we do not change?

Despite the aforementioned fact, in modern times, skateboards may also be a detrimental effect on the environment. Skateboarders’ style is getting more and more fashionable and trendy in terms of clothes and brand - new techniques, whereas its hesitation to make changes and adjust to a society striving for sustainability can lead to negative impacts on the environment. 

The skaters are utilizing more and more public infrastructure to perform the skating tricks. Then its surfaces and sidewalks will be worn away through the time, as a result leading to the degradation of public poverties. Besides, building more and more skate park for business 

occupied public plots which can be used to build house and parks. 

In addition, skateboards are mostly made from maple and this is one of the major causes of maple clearance whose growing years are up to 50 - 60 years. Forest clearance is a burning issue for the society since it destroys the flora and fauna’s habitat and consequently sparking more discharge of CO2 to the atmosphere. Plus, cutting down trees excessively also causes the vulnerable soils to be washed away. 

The other fact is that substituting  polyurethane for clays to make wheels is more protective to the users but not healthy for the environment since making polyurethane creates detrimental discharges

In addition, after several months, the skaters tend to buy a new board or footwear and other protective accessories. This will definitely accelerate the market for these products and of course, more discharges of CO2 being emitted

Nevertheless, if we know to apply creative thinking in the production of skateboards and updating the skate parks. Let take BambooSK8 as an example when this brand has used bamboo to make boards, instead of maple as usual.

In our skateboard purpose category we also provide a lot of useful information related to the skateboarding products that you can have a look at it. Some ideas were devised by the businesses, for instance,  to call fall collecting used boards from the skaters to utilize the usable parts to make new boards.

Many individuals started to recycle their boards by creating a brand-new one by themselves or taking advantage of its parts to make handmade products. 

The local authorities are also making a concerted effort to think up more projects of building a sustainable skate park, fill public areas with more trees and greening the cities. 

All the above creatives ideas, plans, and efforts exemplified the promising ways of striving for sustainability in the skateboarding community.  So if you are a skateboarder, it is time to change and apply ideals methods for yourself.

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