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Despite the stigma associated with the use the skateboard protective gear, it is quite necessary to be in your protective suit before the worst get you off guard.

There is equipment that makes up the skateboarding protective gear. Each of these is defined by the part of the body that is protected.

Types of Skateboarding Protective Gear


This is the most important skateboard protective gear that any skateboarder should own. There are essentially two types of skate helmets. One is suitable for multiple hits while the other disintegrates after the first hit. The one-time-use helmets are normally certified as bicycle CPSC although many skateboarders prefer using them as well.

It is therefore good to note that the beginner should get the multi-use helmet and not the one-time-use one. The onetime use helmet has an EPS foam liner which breaks once the skull hit against it with an impact.

This does not rebound and hence has to be replaced with a new one. The multi-use helmet has a liner that rebounds after a hit however, the case may not be so when the skateboarder was skating at a high speed.

Elbow and knee pads

Both the elbow pad and the knee pad are generally made in the same way. Elastic fabric is fitted to wrap the part of the limbs while the plastic cup on the exterior provides protection against harm for repeated hits.

The manufacturers are responsible for the quality of this skateboard protective gear since there are no set standards for the quality of the elbow and knee pads made for skating. There are however elbow and knee pad CE certifications by the European Union but they are not specifically set for skate pads.

Other equipment

There are some companies that make additional skateboard protective gear such as the ankle guards & wrist. The use of this equipment is however limited to specific tricks. They may also be used when the skateboarder is recovering from injuries obtained during a slam.

Cup-sole shoes provide protection for the feet because they restrain the feet from movement. This can be dangerous to some though.

skateboard protective gear

Where to use the skateboard protective gear

There are specific places that are the best suit for using these skateboard protective gear and they include:

A skate park

Some skate parks have it as a law to be in your helmet while using their facility. However, most public skate parks allow skateboarders to skateboard without the helmet. Nonetheless, it is quite advisable that beginners use one while skating.

It is also necessary to note that transitional skating can be quite slippery such that most skilled skateboards are normally caught pants down and lose their balance causing the board to slip off their feet. This can be fatal for anyone without a helmet.

Most skate parks are not really concerned about the other skating protective gears.

The street

There are no set rules concerning skateboarding on the streets and you will be free to do as much as you would possibly desire. With all this freedom, it is however still necessary for beginners to still use the helmet as most are yet to discover their limits.

The roll away

It is altogether a personal choice whether to use the skateboard protective gear or not while skating but it is always best to stay protected to the greatest extent that you can and especially for new skateboarders. You can, however, offload some of them with time as you get used to the sport and you realize that you very less frequently hit against any obstacles while skating.

 You will nevertheless be more secure when you chose to keep your helmet on until you are very sure of your skillfulness which may not come easily. Just keep your head well protected.

It is my hope that you got more informed after reading this article and that you will feel free to share it with a friend.

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