Skateboard Helmet Vs Bike Helmet – What’s The Difference?

Falls during biking and skating are inevitable, especially for beginners. To protect yourself in the event of an accident, you need to have skateboard helmet vs bike helmet. However, can you use a bike helmet for skating and vice versa?

One thing we all know is that helmets help save lives. It can reduce the risk of severe traumatic injuries by 51% upon impact and the odds of dying by 44%. However, the type of the equipment will function differently.

This article will provide you information about the differences between two kinds of head protection from design to functions. It will help you decide which helmet you should use for your situation.

skate helmet vs bike helmet

Skateboard helmet vs bike helmet

You can rely one some factors to distinguish a cycling helmet and a skateboard helmet. Check them out in the section below to know which one will provide you with proper protection

Safety Standards

One of the distinctions between the two helmet types is the safety standards. Each of the sports has its unique safety policy. Some standards are regulated by the government, whereas others are simply consensus policies that producers follow.

You can get to know the safety standards by looking at some stickers on the interior of helmets. Below are some basic guidelines:

Skate Helmets

On the other hand, manufacturers only need to follow ASTM F1492 standard to produce skate helmets. It means the products have softer foam, which is not suitable for high impacts. 

However, a skateboard helmet has a thicker outer shell, making it appropriate for different low impacts when skating. 

The difference above indicates that you should not wear a skateboard helmet when cycling on the road. However, when you bike in a park or some places with fewer chances of big accidents, the skate helmet can be an acceptable alternative.

Many skate helmets are dual-certified and can meet the CPSC standard. You can look at online specifications or stickers of your skate helmets to know whether they can sustain a major hit or not.

Bike Helmets

In the US, people have to follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Bike helmets are specifically designed to withstand a single big impact such as a collision with a motorbike or car and a fall on the sidewalk at high speed. These impacts will compress the helmet foam. 

Since a severe can alter the helmet, users should find a replacement to ensure ultimate safety.

Inner Materials

The inner material is one of the main differences between bike helmets and skateboard helmets. The interior has a close collaboration with the portion that prevents injuries. 

One common inner lining material used for bike helmets is expanded PolyStyrene, EPS, or Styrofoam. The material is basically crushable foam that is lightweight, cheap, and can break down upon hard impacts. The helmet needs replacing after experiencing a hard blow.

Another foam widely used in skateboard helmets is Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). The material is squishy and features a rubbery texture, making it able to restore the shell size and shape after impacts. 

This multi-impact type is suitable for light sports helmets, including roller skating, road biking, and skateboarding.

There are also other types of foam technologies such as EPU (Expanded PolyUrethane), E-PLA (Expanded Polylactic Acid), Tau Multi-Impact Technology Foam, which many manufacturers use for building their helmets.

The Outer Shell

skateboard helmet vs bike helmet

Outter shell of skate helmet

Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass (Carbon fiber), commonly known as thin or thick plastic, is an ideal material for a helmet’s exterior. Some bike helmets possess a thin plastic crust like road bike ones, whereas others have rough and solid plastic surfaces.

Skateboard helmets usually have a stronger and harder outer surface than the bike ones.

Head Coverage

Another feature that a skateboard helmet is different from a bike helmet is the head coverage. It is because the two activities have different collisions and falls.

Aggressive BMX helmets and downhill mountain bike helmets have full face coverage. Some jumping and serious speed from bike riding need serious protection of helmets. 

Full face coverage is not for general usage since they are considerably heavier and hotter than other types.

skateboard vs bike helmet

A Full Face Bike Helmet

Road bike helmets don’t cover the lower back of the wearers’ head. The reason behind is that road riders are not likely to fall off backward. The forefront and center of your brain are parts that need the ultimate protection.

skate vs bike helmet

A Road Bike Helmet Doesn’t Cover The Lower Back Of The Head

Meanwhile, skateboard helmets do require coverage on the lower part because skateboarders usually fall backward.

skateboard helmet vs bike helmet

A Skateboard Helmet

Visor Or No Visor?

One noticeable feature of mountain bike helmets is that they do have visors. They help reduce glaring and allow better visibility under sunlight. 

skate helmet vs bike helmet

A Helmet With Visor

However, road bike helmets do not need visors because road cyclists usually wear sunglasses. Similarly, visors are not available in most skate helmets.


Vents are essential, especially under hot conditions because they will cool down your head. Helmets for cycling typically have more vents than those for skateboarding.

Bike helmets need more ventilation since bikers are more likely to heat up. They usually have to ride long distances such as eight miles to work or a 30-mile loop on a mountain. 

However, these helmets seem to be more expensive than the others even though they use less materials. It makes sense  manufacturers have to make it safe, lightweight, and sturdy at the same time.

Some high-end helmets tend to have aerodynamics without the vents. The fewer the aerodynamic varieties have, the less wind drag the vents produce.

Skate helmets commonly feature a smooth design with fewer vents. There are some skate helmets with vents, but the design is not for the  airflow. Meanwhile, bike helmets with holes in the front and out the back for the air to flow.


Some commuters, casual road cyclists, and even mountain bikers are into using skateboard helmets because of their aesthetic look.The main reason behind this is skate helmets often look cooler and more youthful.

skateboard vs bike helmet

Smooth, Round Skateboarding Helmet

It all comes down to your needs to choose a skate helmet or a bike helmet. If you want to be stylish, you can go for the skateboard helmets.

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skate vs bike helmet

Road Bike Helmets With Multiple Holes


That’s all about our skate helmet vs bike helmet comparison. There is no doubt that the two types have their distinctions and features. They are different in terms of safety standards, visors, coverage, outer and inner materials.

However, which one you should pick greatly depends on your needs and personal preferences. 

When you need to have a tool to protect you from accidents, you should go for the right type. The skateboard helmets will prevent all of your head while the bike helmet will focus on protecting the front position with a heavy impact. 

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