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SCSK8 Skateboard Review: Does this Brand Worth Your Money?

In this SCSK8 skateboard review, we’ll talk in-depth about this popular skateboard brand that’s gradually giving some of the top skateboard brands in the US. SCSK8 is a stylized abbreviation of Southern California Skate. It specializes in skateboards for beginners, especially adult beginners.

scsk8 pro skateboard review

They have diversified their product line over the years, including complete skateboards and blank boards. More importantly, the prices are quite reasonable, unlike some of the high-end brands that charge quite a lot for their skateboards.

We’ll also review three of the best SCSK8 skateboards, helping you find the skateboard best suited for your needs.

Buyer’s Guide

Before proceeding to the actual SCSK8 skateboard reviews, here is some important information for you to make sense of this brand and what it has to offer.

Even when you’re sure about the brand you’re buying from, it’s helpful to consider the key aspects of the products.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Off the top, you have two options when buying from SCSK8: complete skateboards or decks.

They have quite a big range of complete skateboards in different sizes and styles. Obviously, that’s a convenient option, as you get the skateboard ready to ride.

scsk8 skateboard review

On the other hand, if you want a bit of personalization or are looking for a customized skateboard, you could go for a deck and make your own skateboard.

The most important consideration, either way, is the deck. While there are plastic skateboards as well, most SCSK8 skateboards have maple decks. The maple decks have seven-ply construction that’s durable and long-lasting.

Maple wood, as you know, is one of the best materials in terms of riding. So whether you choose a complete skateboard or just the deck, quality is guaranteed in both the options.

Wheels and Bearings

The wheels of SCSK8 are generally big at 52 mm. It goes without saying that wheels are an important consideration. As in most modern skateboards, the wheels are made of polyurethane.

scsk8 skateboard review

Since these skateboards are also designed for beginners, they are soft. If you’re a beginner, go with the model that offers softer wheels.

Just as important as wheels are the bearings. Pay attention to which ABEC bearings they have, as that would determine how smooth and noiseless the ride would be. Most of the SCSK8 models use ABEC-9 bearings.

The ABEC-9 bearings use rubber sealing that keeps dust and moisture at bay. As a result, these bearings last quite long. Normally, bearings are the first component of the skateboard to go out.


Aluminum is the most common material used in trucks, as it offers longevity and prevents rusting. SCSK8 also offers aluminum trucks that are five inches in size.


If you’re someone who does a lot of tricks and skates at the skate park or other such places with smooth surfaces, you also have to consider how the bushings are in a skateboard.

Since SCSK8 skateboards are targeted mostly toward novice riders, their bushings aren’t the best.

Bushings provide extra support to riders, especially those skating on ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces.


The one thing that has helped propelled SCSK8 into the brand it is today is its design. They offer quite a variety in terms of the deck design and colors, so there’s something for every kind of rider.

scsk8 pro skateboard review

If you like your skateboard simple, there’s an all-black design. If you like them themed, there are some fantastic options. Most designs seem to have a narrative behind them, which makes them all the more interesting.

As this something of a personal preference, choose a design that best represents your skateboarding spirit.


In the end, it comes down to the price, especially if you have a limited budget. Fortunately for you, SCSK8 skateboards are quite affordable, to begin with.

This is one of the highlighting qualities of this brand, as they are bringing quality skateboards, most of which are made in the US, at pretty affordable prices.

Most of their complete skateboards are under $100.

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Weight Limit

Ideally, you want the lightest skateboard, but that shouldn’t compromise on the weight capacity, meaning the weight the skateboard can bear.

Since these skateboards are primarily designed for adults, they have a high weight capacity of upwards of 200 pounds.

Nevertheless, make sure that you get one with a weight limit much higher than your weight, especially if you’re a heavy person.

Top 3 SCSK8 Skateboard Reviews in 2022

Here is a short SCSK8 Pro Skateboard review with its top three offerings:

1. SCSK8 Pro Complete Skateboard (Frank’s Finger)

scsk8 pro skateboard review


This SCSK8 Pro skateboard boasts a fun Frank’s Finger graphic that looks like Frankenstein’s monster’s finger chopped up. It manages to mix in a satirical aesthetic into the design of the deck.

This model features a 7-ply maple deck that’s sturdy, without adding too much weight to the board. Speaking of weight, it can withstand up to 225 pounds.

With ABEC-9 bearings and 52 mm wheels, it delivers a smooth ride on both soft and rough surfaces alike. The Pro Grip black tape enhances the grip of your feet on the deck, so it can also be used for tricks.

This high bounce skateboard is a complete skateboard that doesn’t require any assembly.


  • Satirical design
  • Pro grip tape
  • Smooth wheels
  • Good for both riding and tricks
  • No assembly


  • Not very fast

2. SCSK8 Pro Complete Skateboard (Checkered)

scsk8 review


This SCSK8 Pro Skateboard features a cool checkered print on the top and a solid black on the bottom with the SCSK8 logo. This 8-inch wide skateboard is perfect for a teenager or adult beginners as it provides ample space for placing your feet and maintaining balance.

As is standard in SCSK8 pro skateboards, this one also has a 7-ply maple deck with ABEC-9 precision bearings developed by the company itself. It also has five-inch aluminum trucks and 52 mm PU wheels.

While beginners can use it to learn skateboarding, it’s sturdy enough for intermediate and pro skaters to perform tricks.


  • Wide deck
  • High-quality bearings
  • No assembly
  • Smooth wheels


  • This one is made in China

3. SCSK8 Pro Complete Skateboard (The Natural)

scsk8 pro skateboard


If you’re someone who likes things simple and minimalistic, this SCSK8 Pro skateboard should be your choice. It has a natural wood finish with a soft color that looks quite elegant and sophisticated.

The deck is a 7-ply maple deck and features 80AB heavy-duty black grip tape. Then you have the quintessential ABEC-9 bearings from SCSK8 that help gives it a smooth ride. The wheels are high-bounce, soft 52 mm PU, which are present on most SCSK8 skateboards.

The skateboard itself is quite lightweight, coming in at just five pounds. So it’s also easy to carry when you’re not actually riding on it.

If you like to customize your skateboard, this would be a good choice as it’s plain and solid. You can paint it or apply stickers.


  • Simple design
  • Quality components
  • Easy to personalize
  • Soft wheels


  • Too simple for some riders


Where is the SCSKS8 brand from?

SCSK8 (Southern California Skate) is based in Southern California, which isn’t surprising as a lot of skateboard companies are based in the Golden state.

While it’s still a new company on the US skateboard scene, it’s slowly gaining a lot of popularity, especially among novice skaters.

What type of skateboards does SCSK8 offer?

Currently, SCSK8 offers maple and plastic deck skateboards, primarily for cruising and learning skateboarding.

Is there any warranty for SCSK8 skateboards?

No, SCSK* skateboards don’t have a warranty.


As this SCSK8 review shows, these skateboards are some of the most affordable skateboards for new and pro skaters. It’s hard to find maple skateboards in the price range that SCSK8 offers, and that too with decent quality components.

This company is still in its nascent stages, so it would be exciting to see what next they bring out. But if their current products are anything to go by, it would be something with great value for money.

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