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Top 3 Roller Derby Skateboard Reviews in 2022

You’re probably thinking about the Roller Derby sports, which the company pioneered back in the 1930s. However, they also produce skateboards, which are just as popular as the skates. These Roller Derby skateboard reviews will focus on the buying guide and also review some of the most popular models.

While the company started with their namesake rollers and ice skates, they also ventured into other sports equipment, including ice hockey and, of course, skateboarding. Their skateboards are particularly popular in the US but also enjoy some international popularity.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know before buying a Roller Derby skateboard.

Roller Derby Skateboard Buying Guide

Before reviewing some of the best skateboards by Roller Derby, let’s look at things you need to consider about this brand, in particular.

Riding Experience

First of all, to get a sense of Roller Derby skateboards, one needs to consider how the riding experience is, in general. Since the company specializes in sports equipment, that aesthetic is evident in their skateboards as well.

roller derby skateboard reviews

If you’re someone who enjoys doing tricks on skateboards, Roller Derby skateboards are a viable option.

That said, there are ample choices for beginners as well, with smaller, wider, and more lightweight boards, best for learning the skill.


Of course, for most skateboard pros and beginners alike, the deck is the most important consideration. After all, it’s the most expensive and main part of the skateboard.

The deck in Roller Derby skateboards is of high-quality. They have good options for both beginners and pros with several types of deck materials.


If there’s one component of Roller Derby sports equipment you can trust, it’s the wheels. The brand is an expert in skate wheels, so, understandably, the same quality and consideration would reflect in skateboard wheels.

Their skateboards are some of the smoothest in the market. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to the material and, most importantly, the size of the wheels – the bigger the wheels, the better, especially for beginners learning to cruise.

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Trucks help you give control of your ride. If you’re looking for easy maneuverability, you have to pay attention to trucks.

These days almost all manufacturers and brands use aluminum trucks that are five inches in size. So it can be hard to distinguish whether they are even good or not.

The good thing about trucks is that you can adjust them to get the kind of control you desire. Nevertheless, they have to be strong to last long.

Bushings and Bearings

As far as bushings are concerned, Roller Derby skateboards have good-quality bushings. Even when they wear off, you can easily find cheap replacements. If you’re looking for something truly high-quality, you can replace the bushings.

roller derby skate reviews

Roller Derby skateboards use bearings that make cruising and controlling a breeze. As these skateboards are largely focused on learning and performing tricks, it goes without saying that the bearings have to be smooth.

You’ll mostly see Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated bearings, which use good quality materials. As a result, these are considered long-lasting. On top of that, these skateboards provide a smooth ride, which is essential for beginners.


You’d think that such a popular brand would offer skateboards that cost hundreds of dollars. On the contrary, Roller Derby skateboards are quite affordable.

These skateboards use maple decks and quality components but still don’t cost a lot. This is one of the reasons why you’ll see Roller Derby skateboards everywhere.

While there are many high-end brands, especially out of California, this Illinois-based company has managed to keep its prices reasonable from the very start. So you’ll easily find a skateboard that’s within your budget.

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Is Roller Derby a company or a sport?

Roller Derby is the name of the popular skating sport that originated in Chicago in 1935. It’s a team-based roller skating sport that’s still popular, especially in the US.

Roller Derby is also the name of the company that produces the skates that were first used in the sport. However, it produces other athletic and sports equipment and parts as well, in addition to the iconic roller skates behind the sports Roller Derby.

Are Roller Derby skateboards good for tricks?

Roller Derby skateboards can be used for performing basic skateboard tricks. However, the support may differ between the different models.

Some are better for performing tricks as they have lighter weight and stronger grip. These are also good for newbies trying to learn basic tricks before moving on to more advanced ones with skateboards designed specifically for performing tricks.

Are Roller Derby Skateboard Parts Easy to Find?

Yes, you can easily find parts for Roller Derby skateboards, even if they are from a different company. Parts like bushings, bearings, and even wheels may be replaceable.

Although Roller Derby puts in decent quality components, if you use your skateboard every day, they are bound to get a lot of wear and tear. Luckily, it wouldn’t cost a fortune to replace them, and you won’t have to buy a new skateboard.

Best Roller Derby Skateboard Reviews

Here are some of the most popular RD skateboards on the market:

1. RD Street Series Skateboard

roller derby skateboard reviews


The RD Street Series Skateboard is one of the best offerings from this particular brand. It’s a solid skateboard at a reasonable price, making it a great option for someone just starting out with skateboards.

With a 9-ply laminated hardwood deck, it’s quite sturdy. The length of the deck is 31 inches, while the width is 5.5 inches. This classic shape deck is perfect for newbie adult riders, as well as pros who have been riding wider boards.

The wheels are 50 x 30 mm injection PU, which is high-quality when you consider the price. Another highlight is the Bevo Silver 5 race-rated bearings, a sign of solid construction.

The double-kick deck design, paired with the grip tape, makes for a great board for learning tricks. You land smoothly after an ollie or any other trick that involves jumping or flipping the skateboard.

The Street Series features complete skateboards that come ready to ride. These are good for both skate parts and sidewalks, but preferably smoother surfaces.


  • Full-layer grip
  • Excellent for learning tricks
  • Tough deck construction
  • Great value for money


  • The trucks may need adjustment.

2. Roller Derby RD Retro Skateboard

roller derby skate reviews


The RD retro skateboard has a major 60s vibe with its design and colors. It’s the reiteration of the Roller Derby Deluxe #20. It even has that printed on the deck with Circa 1962. Even the colors and other graphics are the same as the original.

The deck of this retro skateboard is 7-ply laminated maple. It has a single kicktail and measures 28 inches in length and 7.5 inches at its widest. The deck is equipped with aluminum trucks that have a raw finish, in line with the retro aesthetic of the board.

With bigger 60 mm diameter PU wheels, it’s great for cruising. Although, the Bevo gold-7 race-rated chrome bearings make it a good choice for doing some basic tricks as well. You can easily control the movement of the wheels.

As you can guess, the hardware has major upgrades compared with the original. Of course, technology has improved significantly over the decades. However, the deck manages to give it the same exact appearance.


  • Classic style deck
  • Spray grip
  • Smooth bearings
  • Cast PU wheels that are long-lasting
  • Great for cruising and doing basic tricks


  • Not ideal for advanced tricks

3. Roller Derby RD Deluxe Series Skateboard

roller derby skateboard review


The RD Deluxe Series skateboards are very similar to the Street Series. They have a 30.75 inches long and 7.5 inches wide deck and injected PU wheels. The wheels are 50 mm in diameter too.

The deck is also similar in construction, thanks to 7-ply hardwood maple. Couple it up with the Bevo Silver 5 race-rated bearings, and voila.

So, all in all, you may think that both RD Street and Deluxe are the same. But not entirely.

It basically just comes down to the designs, making Deluxe a separate line from the Street Series.

You have the quintessential Cali Bear graphic, then a bearded bear graphic. The most hipster is the beard graphic, which is basically one long beard along the length of the deck.


  • Great for both teenagers and adults
  • Tough deck construction
  • High-quality T5 aluminum trucks
  • Cool design options


  • Could use improvements in turning


As these Roller Derby skateboard reviews indicate, the company produces some of the most affordable yet quality skateboards. In fact, they were also behind the first mass-produced skateboard in the US.

You can still buy that very same skateboard, well, it’s look-alike really, as all the parts are modern.

These skateboards are particularly good for teenagers and adults trying to learn how to ride a skateboard. They are also versatile as you can use these for commuting or performing tricks at the skate park. You do get good value for money, even if they don’t last for ages, as the prices are fairly low.

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