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Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Detailed Reviews In 2022

Whether it’s owing to the cool, playful designs of the Rimable Complete 22 Inches skateboard or the hype that you’ve heard about this board, the Rimable is definitely on your radar now.

However, choosing a skateboard is a tough decision to make, and it’s too much toil to scour review after review online. This in-depth review about Rimable Complete 22 skateboard will help you determine whether this mini skateboard is worth the investment.


Rimable Complete

Deck Size (LxW)

22 x 6 inches

Deck Material



3 inches thick Aluminum trucks


59mm 78A Polyurethane wheels



Maximum Weight Capacity

198 pounds (90 kgs)

Brief Review Of The Rimable Complete 22”

At a glance, it’s easy to notice that this Rimable board is made of plastic instead of bamboo or maple wood. Plastic makes for a lightweight board, and high-quality plastic used for the Rimable goes the extra mile to make it lightweight and durable.

rimable complete 22 inches skateboard

The deck is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide, which is slightly small for adult skaters to push around comfortably but perfect for kids and teenagers. Despite the weight, this brilliant mini skateboard can withstand a great weight capacity, making it suitable for kids of all weights and sizes.

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All the quality components, including the 3-inch thick aluminum trucks, 78A Polyurethane wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings are put together using solid bolts, nuts, and screws for great control, maneuverability, and smooth ride.

The Rimable board is not built for cruising only, as the kicktail design assists the rider in pulling off tricks, turns, and slides. On the downside, you may want to loosen or tighten the trucks before your first ride, which is not a deal-breaker but a little customization for the ride comfort.


  • Budget-friendly

  • High-quality, robust plastic deck

  • Appealing designs

  • Various colorways

  • Kicktail for cruising and tricks

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Smooth ride

  • Impressive weight capacity

  • Lightweight and portable


  • Trucks might call for readjusting

  • Bearings needs some improvements

Rimable Complete 22 Detailed Reviews


Rimable Complete is equipped with 3-inch aluminum trucks that aid in improving the maneuverability of the mini skateboard. The trucks are quality and solid, which is a nice perk at this price bracket.

rimable complete 22 skateboard

Rimable Galaxy3-Inch Aluminum Trucks

However, they are quite tight for some people, which requires some adjustments for the board to perform well.


One of the main features that sets Rimable 22 inch skateboard apart is its 22-inch long and 6-inch wide plastic deck. The material makes the board significantly lighter than many other penny boards in the market.

rimable 22 inch skateboard

Don’t assume this lightweight deck is by no means subpar to bamboo boards in durability. The deck can hold up to a weight of 198 pounds (90 kgs), which indicates how strong it is across the board.

The manufacturer also incorporated a kicktail into the design, making it perfect for cruising around towns or university campuses.

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The kicktail is also key to pulling off turns, slides, and tricks. It allows for performing ollie - the gateway trick to a vast number of tricks for skateboarding.

In addition, this penny board is developed with young skaters in mind. There are up to 8 color designs to choose from, all of which offer aesthetic appeals and easily match any street culture. Galaxy themes are bold and playful, while green, blue, or dark blue decks are combined with different colored wheels and are just as stunning.


Rimable Complete 22 is designed for fast speed and high control for the sake of a smooth and thrilling ride. It comes with 59mm Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. These wheels are rated 78A, which is considered on the softer side of the Durometer A scale.

rimable 22 skateboard

59mm Polyurethane Wheels

The soft wheels help the skater maintain the speed with ease, reduce the effort put into pushing, and provide a great cruising experience. In addition, the board won’t make such a rolling noise that you would with hard wheels. These smooth, soft PU wheels promise you a quiet ride without drawing much attention anywhere it goes.


The board features ABEC 7 rated bearings which generates mixed feelings for many people. Some noted it’s of decent quality and holds up to their weight, while others recommend replacing them with more quality bearings to improve the ride quality.

rimable complete 22 inch skateboard

ABEC 7 Bearings

Size And Weight

With a 22-inch long and 6-inch wide deck, this Rimable skateboard is on the smaller side, making it perfect for kids and teenagers. With such a small size and a weight of only 4 pounds, carrying it around or tossing it into your backpack is a real doss.

Who Is This Skateboard For?

Overall, Rimable Complete 22” is a great board with several positive sides. Most of the components are solid to ensure a stable, smooth ride. You will also have fun when choosing from a variety of color themes. Any of these cool designs can easily stand out in skate parks.

rimable complete 22 inches skateboard

Rimable Galaxy 3

Rimable Complete 22” is a great entry-level board for children of all ages and weights. It’s a budget-conscious choice if you’re unsure how committed you or your kids are to the sport. You can rest assured that your children will ride this board safely, thanks to its durability and good quality.

Commuters and cruisers also find this board a nice match. A smooth, thrilling riding experience is what you can expect from this Rimable offering.


A mini skateboard with quality parts and solid performance at an affordable price are not easy to find. Rimable Complete 22 inches skateboard, despite a few of its demerits, is overall a good board within this price range. It’s not a dream board for everyone, yet a brilliant choice that won’t disappoint young beginners and cruisers.

We hope our detailed reviews can provide you with the necessary information to decide for yourself!

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