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ReVive Skateboards Review: Is it Good Enough?

If you’re active on the skateboarding side of social media, then you may have heard of ReVive Skateboards already. While ReVive is a relatively new player in the skateboard market, it has managed to make a name for itself.

Despite the popularity of ReVive Skateboards, one can’t help but wonder if the company is worth the hype?

Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post. We’ll trace back to the origins of ReVive, talking about how the company managed to find a place for itself in the skateboard market.

Besides, we’ll look at some of their products in our ReVive Skateboards review.

Let’s get right into this review.

Getting to Know ReVive Skateboards

Here are some commonly asked questions about this brand.

What Are ReVive Skateboards?

ReVive Skateboards was launched in 2009 by Andrew Schrock, a famous Youtuber. Even though the company hasn’t been around for long, it’s well-known amongst skateboarders.

revive skateboard reviews

ReVive Skateboards started as a result of Andrew’s We Want ReVenge skateboarding documentary series on Youtube. As the series became popular, the viewers began asking for advice regarding skateboard products.

Andrew, with the help of Bryan Arms, began selling skateboards under the name ReVenge Skateboards. However, after a year or two into the business, they ran into copyright issues and rebranded themselves as ReVive Skateboards.

How Did ReVive Hit Big?

Not only does ReVive offer skateboarders a decent quality board at an affordable price, but the brand is backed up by various skateboarders who have a significant social media presence. Some notable riders include:

  • Aaron Kyro
  • Sam Tabor
  • John Hill

If you’ve been on the skateboarding side of Youtube, you’ve probably seen at least one of Andrew’s videos. His personal channel has around 3.7 million subscribers.

revive skateboards review

Aaron Kyro runs Braille Skateboarding on Youtube. The channel has over 4000 videos and 5.32 million subscribers.

Sam Tabor and John Hill also have almost around a million subscribers each. Looking at these numbers, it’s safe to say that ReVive has some huge YouTubers vouching for it.

The strong social media presence of the ReVive owner and team gives the company an upper hand. ReVive doesn’t need to pay a team of marketing professionals or hire a separate team for advertising compared to other companies.

The rider’s team markets the board on the channels, easily introducing their products to the targeted audience.

Is ReVive a Reliable Company?

We’ve discussed in detail the secret behind the company’s popularity, but is ReVive a good skateboard brand?

Unlike most skateboard brands, ReVive is an online brand, meaning that it doesn’t have a physical store you can visit. Due to these reasons, some riders are doubtful about the legitimacy of the company.

However, ReVive’s dedication to supplying skateboarders with quality products has proven the company’s reliability. Moreover, all ReVive decks are manufactured in Pennsylvania.

What Other Products Does Revive Make?

ReVive’s mainly produces skateboard decks. However, it does sell some apparel and skateboard accessories.

The company has three sister brands:

  • Force Wheels
  • 3 Block Skateboards
  • Amgrip

Products manufactured by all four brands are sold on the same online platform. This means you’ll find wheels, grips, and other skateboard hardware on the site as well.

revive skateboard review

If you’ve purchased a skateboard deck from ReVive and are looking for the remaining components, you can consider getting their Skateboard Starter Pack. It contains all the components one needs to build their complete skateboard, minus the deck.

This pack includes a pair of trucks, four wheels, skateboard hardware, and even a tool to help you assemble the board. It is available for the following deck sizes:

  • 7.5-inches to 7.75-inches
  • 8.0-inches to 8.125-inches
  • 8.25-inches to 8.5-inches

Are ReVive Skateboards Costly?

You can find ReVive Skateboards ranging from $30 to $40, which is quite affordable. Don’t misunderstand, though. Just because the prices are low does not mean the decks lack in terms of quality.

The main reason for the low prices is that ReVive decks are designed and marketed by the team. Moreover, they’re sold online directly to customers.

This saves ReVives additional costs such as marketing, designers, and distributor costs, making their overall prices cheaper.

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Top 5 Revive Skateboard Reviews in 2022

Now that we’ve discussed how ReVive made its place in the skateboarding market, it’s time to look at some ReVive Skateboards decks.

Are ReVive decks good and worth the price?

We’ve reviewed ReVive’s top five skateboard decks. You can weigh out the pros and cons to decide if ReVive is worth it.

1. ReVive Red Lifeline Skateboard Deck

revive skateboards review


First on this list, we have the ReVive Red Lifeline Skateboard Deck. The Lifeline is available in a standard concave shape. Made of 100 percent hard rock Canadian maple, the board measures to 31.5-inches in length with varying widths:

  • 7.5-inches
  • 7.75-inches
  • 8.0-inches
  • 8.125-inches
  • 8.25-inches
  • 8.5-inches

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a smaller deck, the Red Lifeline also has a youth version. This version measures 28-inches in length and 7.25-inches in width.

Moreover, if you don’t just buy the deck, you can purchase the complete youth skateboard.

As far as ReVive Skateboards go, this is the oldest and one of the most popular decks. If you’re a fan of Andrew’s channel or the brand, this one is a must-have.

While the graphics are simple, they’re long-lasting. While riding, you might get a few scratches here and there, but the colors will not fade.


  • Oldest ReVive deck
  • Graphics are long-lasting
  • The deck is available in various sizes and even as a complete skateboard


  • The graphics may be unappealing for some riders

2. Braille Skateboarding Aaron Kyro Dragon Pro ReVive Complete

revive skateboard review


If you’re a fan of Braille Skateboarding or Aaron Kyro, then the Braille Skateboarding Aaron Kyro Dragon Pro ReVive Complete might be to your liking. You don’t have to worry about assembling this board, as it comes pre-assembled.

This complete high-quality skateboard comes with a ReVive deck, wheels, hardware, grip tape, bearings, and trucks. It has a medium concave shape and is made of Canadian Maple.

Also, this skateboard is durable and can hold up well against minor impacts. It allows riders to glide along roads, which makes it perfect for beginners.

However, given that this is a complete board with high-quality components, it has a higher price tag.



  • Components are difficult to replace

3. Revive Prism Skateboard Deck

revive deck review


If you’re looking for a vibrant and colorful deck, then you might like the Revive Prism Skateboard Deck. Similar to Red Lifeline, this deck is also available in various sizes.

However, this deck is available in limited versions. You may find the deck, but you might not find a youth version or a complete version. Moreover, as Prism is one of ReVive’s best-sellers, it runs out of stock pretty often.

If you have your heart set on this model, we suggest you grab it quickly before it runs out.

Like other ReVive decks, this deck is also made of 7-layers of Canadian Maple and has a medium concave shape.

This is an excellent board for practicing tricks as it is durable and can hold up against impact. Besides, this board gives you a stable grip and allows for smooth landings.


  • Vibrant and eye-catching graphics
  • Smooth landing
  • Deck has a stable grip


  • Stock runs out very fast

4. ReVive Lava Skateboard Deck

are revive skateboards any good


If you’re looking for a deck available in multiple versions, then look no further than the ReVive Lava Skateboard Deck. Hand-shake version, youth version, complete board version, deck only version, you name it, and ReVive shall deliver.

The deck sizes for the Lava range from 7.5 inches to 8.50 inches. This board is made of Canadian maple and has a medium concave shape.

Regardless of your skill level, you’ll enjoy riding on the Lava as it gives you just the right amount of grip to perform tricks.

Moreover, the graphics on this board are eye-catching and long-lasting. Carrying a board with faded graphics is the last thing you have to worry about with the Lava deck.

Also, it’s one of ReVive’s popular models as the stock tends to run out fast. Unfortunately, if you miss your chance, you might have to wait for a little as restocking takes some time.


  • Available in a wide variety of versions
  • One of ReVive’s most popular decks
  • Provides skaters with the right amount of grip to perform tricks


  • Restocking takes times

5. ReVive Dinner Time Skateboard Deck

are revive decks good


Last on our list we have the ReVive Dinner Time Skateboard Deck. If you’re looking for a deck with an interesting and eye-catching design, the dinner time illustration on the deck is sure to grab your interest.

If you ask ReVive users to vote for their favorite deck shape, Dinner Time will win. The concave on this board allows you to maintain your balance and maneuver with ease.

This Canadian maple board is available in a variety of sizes, though we suggest going for the 8.0-inch deck as it is suitable for all types of skating.

A bonus of getting this board is that you get an exclusive set of stickers for this version.


  • Dinner Time illustration grabs attention
  • The concave shape allows you to maintain balance and maneuver with ease
  • The 8.0-inch allows for versatile skating


  • Graphics wear out easily


Now you know the secret behind ReVive Skateboards’ popularity. Not only does the brand sell durable decks, but the prices are also affordable. Additionally, ReVive is also backed by a group of YouTubers with a strong social media presence.

We hope our ReVive Skateboards review helped you get a better idea of the product features and made it easier for you to decide if you want a ReVive deck or not.

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