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Quest Skateboards Review: Best Choices from Pro Skaters

If you’re looking for a cruiser or a longboard, you’ve probably come across a Quest Skateboards longboard. The brand is well-known for the longboards it manufactures.

But is Quest Skateboards a good skateboard brand?

Having t In this post, we’ll be doing a thorough review of Quest Skateboards. We’ll discuss the type of skateboards the company manufacturers, separately discussing each component of their skateboards.

Lastly, in this Quest Skateboards review, we’ll look into their top five skateboards, discussing their pros and cons.

Once you’re done reading, you can formulate your judgment on whether Quest Skateboards is a good brand or not.

What is Quest Skateboards?

As mentioned earlier, Quest Skateboards are well-known in the skating industry for the longboards they produce. They’re one of the top-selling skateboard brands.

quest skateboards brand

Based in California, USA, Quest manufactures skateboards of all styles. You’ll find longboards, shortboards, and even downhill Bombers.

Quest takes extra care to provide riders with the best quality boards, from the detailed graphics to their materials’ robust quality. A Quest Skateboard is going to ensure you have a fantastic skating experience.

Are Quest Skateboards Good?

So, how are Quest Skateboards? Do they live up to all the hype, or is it all just a hoax?

Well, we did some research, and here’s what we found:

Deck Shape and Quality

The quality of your deck is one thing you should never compromise on. You don’t want to invest in a deck that will snap into two just after a few rides.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about weak decks with Quest Skateboards. They use high-quality bamboo, maple, and plastic when manufacturing their decks.

quest skateboard review

The best part is that Quest produces a variety of deck styles and sizes. There’s a deck to cater to the needs of all types of riders. From kids to adults, beginners to pros, with Quest, you get it all.

They’re constantly modifying their models, so you’ll see older models modified with newer strategies. For instance, their combination of the lower center of gravity and mellow concave makes it easier to maneuver your board.

Also, their graphics are quite colorful and eye-catching.

Wheels and Bearings

The key to a good, smooth skateboard ride is high-quality wheels and bearings. Quest uses high-quality polyurethane wheels to avoid wheel bites and provide riders with more grip.

Depending on your riding style, you can find all sorts of wheels, shapes, and sizes to cater to your needs.

Generally, the bearings used for Quest Skateboards are pretty good and roll smoothly. However, with a select few models, the bearings sometimes get stuck, but this issue can quickly be resolved by regular maintenance and lubrication.

Trucks and Bushings

When it comes to holding your wheels and deck together, the trucks play an important part. Quest uses high-quality aluminum trucks that are durable and rust-resistant. Besides, their trucks can work efficiently for long periods without requiring constant lubrication.

Quest bushings have excellent quality. However, generally, bushings don’t last very long and wear off soon. Hence, it’s important you remember to replace them when required.

Best Quest Skateboards Review

Now that we’ve taken a look at the separate components of Quest Skateboards, let’s discuss specific models.

We’ve reviewed some of the best Quest Skateboards, discussing the pros and cons of each.

1. Quest 2012 Classic Longboard

quest skateboards review


If you’re looking for a durable longboard, or skateboards under 100 USD, then the Quest 2012 Classic Longboard might be to your liking. Measuring 40-inches in length and 10-inches in width, this durable board is made of a 7-ply Hardwood maple deck.

The 7-inch aluminum trucks are sturdy and allow you to make sharp turns. Moreover, they’re designed to prevent wheel bite.

The best part about the Quest 2012 Classic is that it is resistant to scratch and water and rust. You don’t have to worry about avoiding every puddle in fear of ruining your board.


  • Sturdy 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • No wheel bite
  • Resistant to scratch, water, and rust
  • Deck gives you a lot of space to stand comfortably


  • Given the large size, it is a bit heavy

2. Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard

quest skateboards


If you’re into downhill skateboarding, then you’ll love Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard. This longboard has a 34.5-inch long and 9.2-inch wide 7-ply Hardwood and bamboo deck.

Besides, the deck has a strong grip tape that allows you to stand with more stability.

It comes with unique 70 mm polyurethane open wheels that are perfect for downhill skating. As the wheels have a larger diameter, gravitational forces are reduced, which means your skateboard is going to ride smoother.

Unlike most longboards, which are usually on the heavier side, Formula One is comparatively lighter. This makes it easier to carry around.


  • Strong grip tapes enhance stability
  • 70 mm PU wheels ensure a smooth riding experience
  • Lighter option despite the 7-ply Hardwood construction


  • Board is a bit stiff

3. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

quest skateboard review


Next up, we have the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard. With a super flexible 7-ply bamboo and Hardwood maple deck, this board provides riders with high-performance. The kicktail and nose construction ensures you have more control as you ride this board.

Moreover, the deck is quite durable, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping into two just after a few rides.

This board comes with 70 mm 80A polyurethane wheels that are quite durable. Moreover, as the wheels are on the softer side, this means you’ll get more grip. You can ride with more grip and stability over bumps and cracks.

The 7-inch aluminum trucks are lightweight and come with 4 mm risers. The risers help prevent wheel bite issues. The trucks combined with the ABEC7 precision bearings allow you to carve smoothly.


  • Super flexible deck
  • Kicktail and nose shape allows for more control
  • 70 mm 80A wheels are softer, providing riders with more grip
  • 4mm risers help prevent wheel bite


  • Screws get loose after a few rides

4. Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard

quest skateboards brand


If you’re looking for the right balance between speed and stability, then we suggest you take a look at the Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard. The 70mm PU wheels provide riders with grip while also allowing them to accelerate.

Moreover, the wheels are suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces. This means whether you’re skating in skate parks or in the streets, you’ll have a stable riding experience.

This 7-ply Hardwood kicktail board is durable and can hold up in harsh weather conditions. Besides, the deck is easy to maneuver.

The graphics on the deck are also quite colorful, making it attractive.

The aluminum trucks are durable and will not bend or break. Plus, the reverse kingpin provides more stability while you speed down the streets.


  • Wheels are suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • The deck is made to endure harsh weather conditions
  • Reverse kingpins provide more stability at high speed


  • Wheels wear over time

5. Quest Tribe Pin Kicktail Longboard

quest skateboards reviews


Lastly, on our list, we have the Quest Tribe Pin Kicktail Longboard. This board has been constructed after detailed research and testing to provide riders with the best riding experience.

You won’t have to worry about your wheels wearing out with this board due to rough riding. The 70 mm, 80A PU wheels are on the larger and softer side, which provides more speed and stability.

The 7-ply Hardwood maple deck has the right balance of stiffness and flexibility, making it hold better against impact. Moreover, the strong grip tape allows you to stand stable on the deck even at high speed.

The best part is that the construction of this board is done using environment-friendly materials.


  • Constructed after detailed research and testing
  • Deck has a good balance of stiffness and flexible making it durable
  • Eco-friendly


  • Trucks may be too tight


We hope this Quest Skateboards review helped you better understand the type of boards the company produces.

Not only did we discuss some of the best Quest Skateboards, but we also looked into specific components. You should have no trouble finding a suitable skateboard for yourself.

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