How To Distinguish Nose And Tail On A Skateboard – Necessary Tips

In this day and age, skateboarding has become a sport chosen by many teenagers for body training and passion building. You also choose for yourself a skateboard, but it’s so difficult to get one because there are so many designs.

What are the different features between them? Where is the nose, and where is the tail? Don't fret. We will help you distinguish nose vs tail skateboard.

nose vs tail skateboard

Nose vs tail skateboard

Have you always thought that the nose must be bigger than the tail? Not all cases are the same. In this article, we will show you two examples of two kinds of skateboards: Popsicle skateboards and Old Skool skateboards.

You will find it really difficult to know where the nose and tail of a Popsicle skateboard are. They are almost the same!

How about Old Skool skateboards? You will find it easier to identify the side of the skateboard. The difference is prominent with the round and flat side, which is the nose, while the other tends to scoop upwards.

So, there are at least two shapes of the nose and tail skateboard.

Which End Do You Skate?

Which side do people usually use while skateboarding? Actually, playing with the nose or the tail does not matter.

However, you will perform kickflips well if you skate with the tail skateboard. Not only kickflips, but you can also do other higher skill performances easier.

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How about ending with the nose skateboard? To answer if playing with this part is better, let’s consider its shape. Some kinds are wider and flatter. Therefore, it’s harder when you flip and rotate on a board of size 8” to 8.25”, but it’s suitable for tranny skating.

How To Distinguish Between Nose And Tail Skateboard

On what basis will you know the position of the nose and tail on the skateboard?

By shape

Through two instances of skateboards of Popsicle skateboards and Old Skool skateboards, the first way to easily point out the nose or tail skateboard is based on the shape, including their surface and angle rate.

Some skateboards have got the smaller end; it is the tail! And the larger side is the nose. This design is suitable for implementing an Ollie, which is the core technique to develop more skilled lessons.

The nose, in this case, should be larger to catch your foot, and the tail of the skateboard will be smaller and closer to the ground.

For some skateboards, they will be vice versa. The skateboard's tail gets steeper, longer, and wider while the other part is sharper and narrower. However, you can do more professional tricks with a skateboard like this.

skateboard tail vs nose

Which Side Is Nose Or Tail Skateboard?

By color

One more tip, look at the board’s color. Is the color of the two sides different? Sure, most skateboards have a brighter color on the nose, so skaters can easily recognize the position of the nose and tail.

By brand name

Are there any ways else to know the nose and tail on a skateboard? Let’s observe where the brand name is on your skateboard. Is the manufacturer's name on it? If yes, how do you read it? If you can go from the front of the skateboard to the end of the board, the order will be a nose then a tail.

By protector

Some skateboards have skateboard tail vs nose guards to protect the border of the nose and tails of skateboards. A plastic bumper will protect the front part, and a plastic cover covers the tail.

However, not at all skateboards have outstanding features to recognize with some points above. Some have the same tail and nose, so you can skate with two sides without any special skill.

Conclusion: Can You Point Out Nose And Tail Skateboard?

After consulting our article, you can distinguish nose vs tail skateboard, can’t you? Let’s learn the function of each part to practice more skills in skateboarding. 

A quick tip to know the nose or tail is to ask the shopper before you leave the store. Sellers get more experience about the shape of every type and will show you the answer.

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