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Moose Skateboard Deck Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

If you’re considering buying a replacement for your skateboard and don’t know any brands to choose from, this Moose skateboard deck review is worth your attention!

We know that thousand items on the market now will confuse you a lot in making a final decision. Besides, not all reviews on the internet are 100% true as they can be the marketing strategies of some manufacturers.

Hence, this post is extremely useful as we evaluate the product based on our practical experience. If you’re ready, let’s start!

moose skateboard deck review

Moose Brand & Outstanding Products

Moose brand is more and more popular, with both amateur and professional players. It provides users with hundreds of choices. No matter which your skateboard type is or what you require, their items will meet all your needs.

Some products are available at Moose now:

  • Blank decks
  • Blank completes
  • Graphic decks
  • Graphic completes
  • Longboard decks
  • Longboard completes

moose skateboard deck review

Diverse Types Of Moose’s Deck

Moose Skateboard Deck Review

You’ve had an overview of this brand. Certainly, it isn’t enough for you to consider and determine whether to buy or not. That’s why the Moose deck review is helpful, as it will give you the most detailed information.


With other manufacturers, they will choose different materials for each price range. This method helps them to reduce the cost, so some of them even use unqualified resources. Moose doesn’t do that.

All their decks are made from 100% Canadian Maple – the standard material if you look for a quality item. Thanks to this one, Moose products has the outstanding advantages that will significantly support users:

  • Increases deck’s strength: This material can stand the large weight and strong impact from the environment.
  • Lightweight: The lighter the skateboard, the easier it’s to slide. Even when designed with many veneers, the skateboard still ensures the proper weight.
  • Great wood grain: If you’re the one who prefers the natural appearance of wood, this material is an ideal choice. The warm color and less grain bring it a clear and smooth experience.
  • Easy to clean and preserve: You can simply clean it with mild soap and damped cloth to remove dirt and keep the luster of the wood.

moose deck review

High-quality Canadian Maple Wood


Many users encounter the situation when buying a deck and can’t assemble it as fit as the original, resulting in the skateboard becoming loose and unbalanced. You won’t meet this problem if you choose a Moose’s items as they always meet the standard in dimension and proportion.

The diversity in product design makes them flexible and suitable for different users. You’re offered blank decks and graphic decks with dozens of patterns to choose. Especially with the blank deck, you can consider natural wood grains or fully covered color.

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This one is the main factor that satisfy user and attract more attention of people. Moose concentrates on enhancing their quality to offer all skateboarders a better experience and the best value for the money they pay for.

7-ply construction ensures the quality and durability of your deck. It’s an ideal design as it gives players enough flexibility while keeping the solid and stable platform for you to skate on.

More than 7 veneers will make the skateboarder heavy to slide, which requires more force and can lead you too tired after a short time. On the contrary, decks are made from less than 7 ply will be fragile and not strong enough.

The adhesive layers still tight in humid or high-temperature environments. With industrial compression methods, the plies are guaranteed to stick together for a thick and firm deck.

moose skateboard deck review

7-ply Construction Ensures Deck’s Quality


We can classify their product into 2 main categories: complete skateboard and decks. Thus, can easily find a replacement or purchase a new one from this brand.

If you have a longboard, it’s easy to choose 1 item from this brand as they’re really diverse. You need a Concave, Pintail, Kicktall, Drop-down, or Through concave deck? Moose has all of them. Other types such as Oldschool, Cruiser, etc. aren’t exceptions.


If you’re worried about the price, you can rest assured now. Even when you have a small budget, Moose also has the suggestion for you!

The product’s price ranges from $20 with a small number are about $60. Compared to other brands on the market and which benefits they bring, their price is affordable, and some are bargains.


Now you’ve had all the necessary and true information through our Moose skateboard deck review. We make sure it’s based on our own experience, and we hope you’ll find it helpful for you to make a final decision.

Overall, we appreciate Moose’s deck quality as well as their design, variety, and price. All you need to do is consider which one is the most suitable for you and meet all your needs.

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