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Mini Logo Trucks Review – An Honest Outlook

Are you searching for a Mini Logo Trucks Review to see if they are worth investing in? Then this article is the one for you. We will provide you with a better picture of the brand to decide for yourself about this topic. With no further ado, let’s dive right into it!

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Highlight Features

Below are the highlight features of the products:


The truck width usually refers to the hanger width. If possible, we recommend choosing the trucks with the same measurement as the skate deck to avoid wheels hiding beneath or sticking out from the board.

The trucks provide several sizes, from 7.13 inches to 8.75 inches. This size array can fit any skateboard decks that have a width from 7 inches to 8.75 inches.

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Mini Logo is well-known to be one of the best low trucks brands on the market. The most popular height is 47.5 millimetres (1.87 inches), ideal for pairing with small wheels from 50 millimetres to 58 millimetres.

mini logo trucks review

Mini Logo offers low and high trucks

Suppose you want a higher model; do not worry, the brand still got you covered. It has a high trucks line with 53 millimetres (about 2.08 inches) that work wonderfully with above 60 millimetres (2.36 inches), giving you more movement and fewer wheel bites.


The lighter trucks bring you better tricks performance. So if you are looking for a good lightweight truck brand, Mini Logo is the one you should keep an eye on.

When you are doing tricks such as jumps or flips, your board will respond better and faster due to these trucks that weigh only 335 grams (around 0.7 pounds). These are perfect for those who love to have more pop.

Keeping in mind is that controlling the skates with these trucks can be more challenging due to the pop. However, if you don’t mind it, then these products are still worth trying.


As you can tell, the quality of the products depends on their materials. The Mini Logo trucks, beyond any doubt, are made of one of the most durable materials there is.

The aluminium substance reduces the overall weight and upgrades the steadiness simultaneously. Thus, it conducts better control and nicer riding experiences.


One thing that you need to know about this brand is that its design is one of a kind. All the products coming from this brand have a curved hanger structure.

mini logo trucks review

The brand has a curved hanger design

The hanger slightly curves inwards to the axle, encouraging to lock the truck on grinds. This unique design offers more stability and strength, bringing you safer skating sessions.

The trucks also come with medium bushings and a light base plate so that they are more responsive. With this design, you can execute even the most complicated tricks with no difficulty.

Pros And Cons


  • Stable construction quality
  • Unique curved hanger design
  • Diverse size options


  • On the pricier expense


Are Trucks Important Parts On Skateboards?

Trucks are the most vital part of the skateboard. They play the role of keeping the bearings and wheels firmly to the skate deck.

Also, they have a massive effect on how your skateboard performs and feels. Therefore, think carefully when choosing the trucks since your skating execution depends on them.

Are Mini Logo Trucks Good?

Anyone who has used Mini Logo trucks can confirm that they are among the best truck brands out there. With the unique design and durable build quality, it is hard to find a limitation of these products. So if you are finding a worthy brand to purchase, this one is the go-to.

How Much Do Mini Logo Trucks Cost?

The trucks coming from this brand cost around 38 dollars to 70 dollars. This price range is definitely on the more premium side. However, in exchange, you will have for yourself the best quality products. So we say this is a fair and square give-and-take.

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So there you go. Above is our forthright Mini Logo Trucks review that you can keep for future reference.

You now have a clearer vision of the brand and what it has to offer after reading this article. Positively, you can decide whether one of Mini Logo’s products is worth the investment.

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