Learning to make your own skateboard bearings

If you are an experienced skateboarder, you may know that a skateboard consists of 8 bearings to have smooth rides, each wheel requires a pair of bearings. You have better equip the same type of skateboard wheels and bearings in order to prevent you from unpredictable risks.

Mixing and matching different wheels and bearings are not recommended. Even though your budget for the skateboard is limited, don't hesitate to invest in a high-quality set of wheels and bearings.  

Learning to make your own skateboard bearings

Making new skateboard bearings is not for a beginner, just take into consideration if you have enough confidence in your experience and have a full set of skate tools. There is a thing you should keep in mind: the quality of the bearings decide how properly your skateboard ride and turn. A defected set of bearings may lead to regretful accidents that you never expect. Find some possible accidents in skateboarding in Blog Skateadvisors.

A set of 8 bearings has the price range from $15 to $30, based on the brand you choose. If you don't need to cut down the expense, find a trusted local store and go to pick one.

How to buy skateboard bearings

There are some necessary things you should keep in mind before purchasing skateboard bearings. They are:

ABEC ratings

ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. The ratings show how precise and accurate the bearings are.


ABEC 1 is the rating you may see on the low-cost bearings which are made of low-quality steel.


You may see that rating frequently on the skateboards for the beginners while Learning How To Skateboard.


In general, a skateboard with ABEC 5-rated bearings is quite good. Skateboarders can do several tricks with this kind of board.


It is considered as high-quality bearings, of course, the price is not affordable.


It is the highest rating of ABEC for the bearings. Professional skateboarders who are seeking for speed usually use this kind of bearings.

What the bearings are made of

The skateboard bearings are made of two main materials, they are steel and ceramic.

Steel bearings

Almost bearings available on the market are made of this kind of material. Steel is the material that almost bearing manufacturers choose to produce their products. But, the quality of steel is various, as well as the sealing and the inferior balls of the bearings. Like many things, the higher the price is, the higher the quality is. The amount of money you spend on your bearings decides how good or bad your bearings are.

When your skateboard has a cheap set of bearings, you may feel like your wheels are somehow rigid or have a screeching sound when your board stops suddenly.

Ceramic bearings

Steel is a kind of metal so in hot weather, steel bearings expand and may lead to the broken. This is one of the reasons why people think about using ceramic to make bearings. This kind of bearings is more durable and more expensive, too.

Bearing spacers

As you may see, there are a pair of bearings on each wheel, and people make use of bearings spacers. This part helps to distribute evenly the weight putting on the board. People place them between the two bearings. A high-quality spacer may help to lengthen the lifespan of your bearing and improve your skateboarding experience as well. 

If you think that the spacers of your skateboard are not good enough, find a replacement and assemble at home by yourself. To do that, refer to our guideline at How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels.

Bearing washers

Bearing washers, also are called speed washers, are placed between the skateboard bearing and the nut in order to increase the speed of the wheel. Especially with skateboarders who are interested in doing tricks, this part can prevent the bearings from being damaged.

The final words

The bearings play an important part in any skateboard. So, it is necessary to equip a good set of bearings. If you are not a professional skater, don't try to have your bearings fixed when they are damaged, find a suitable replacement instead of since this affects a lot to your safety. 

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