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Kryptonics Skateboard Review: Good or Bad?

Are Kryptonics skateboards good? Do they provide you with a good skating experience?

Your skating experience can change depending on the quality of your skateboard. For beginners, if the skateboard you purchase is not suitable for your skating style or is not strong enough to handle a little impact, it will hinder the learning process for you.

In this Kryptonics skateboard review, we’ll delve in deep to assess the quality of Kryptonics skateboards. We’ve shortlisted some of the top-selling Kryptonics boards and highlighted all their pros and cons to help you decide whether the boards are worth buying or not.

Moreover, we also discuss a few general features you need to consider before you hit the purchase button.

So without further delay, let’s get right into this Kryptonics review.

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Top 10 Best Kryptonics Skateboards Reviews

1. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5-inch Complete Skateboard

kryptonics skateboard reviews


First on our list is the Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5-inch Complete Skateboard. Unlike most skateboards that have 7-ply decks, this Kryptonics comes with an 8-ply maple wood construction. This deck has a super wide deck with a width of 9.75-inches and a length of 30.5-inches.

The single kicktail, along with the wide deck, provides you with more stability and control. You can steer through all types of obstacles with ease on this board.

In addition, the 65 mm x 51 mm, 88A durometer wheels ensure you have a smooth skating experience. The aluminum trucks on this board are quite durable and, when combined with the soft bushings, provide easy control.

Plus, the angled riser pads provide height while also allowing to ride at higher speeds.

This deck is quite durable and can hold a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs.

The one downside to this board is the bushings. With a precision rating of ABEC5, the bearings are not super smooth. You have two possible solutions for this problem.

First, you ensure regular maintenance and lubricate the bearings whenever required. The second option is to get new replacement bearings with a higher precision rating.


  • Single kicktail, a super-wide deck provides stability and control
  • The 8-ply deck is more durable
  • 12 mm angled risers provide height and speed


  • ABEC5 precision rating is low

2. Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31-inch Complete Skateboard

are kryptonics skateboards good


If you want a skateboard that will let you perform tricks, look no further than the Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31-inch Complete Skateboard. This double kicktail board is 31-inches in length and 9-inches in width, giving you ample space to stand comfortably.

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You can perform all sorts of tricks thanks to this board’s double kicktail design, which ensures excellent control and easy braking.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about this board snapping into two while you skate, as it has a super sturdy 9-ply maple wood deck. The 9-ply is way sturdier than the traditional 7-ply and will last you a long time.

Besides, this board has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

The smaller 52 mm x 32 mm wheels on this board are perfect for performing tricks. They ensure you have more control while you skate. Moreover, the 5-inch durable aluminum trucks are great for steering.

However, the ABEC3 bearings on this board are going to be a bother for you. They may not glide as smoothly as you want. If you decide to purchase this model, we suggest replacing the bearings with a better skating experience.


  • Double kicktail with rounded edges provides more control and easy braking
  • Excellent for performing tricks
  • The 9-ply deck is super durable


  • ABEC3 precision rating of bearings is super low

3. Kryptonics Original Torpedo 22.5-inch Complete Skateboard

kryptonics skateboard review

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Next up, we have a Kryptonics cruiser review, so if you’re looking for a cruiser, you might want to look at the Kryptonics Original Torpedo 22.5-inch Complete Skateboard.

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This board features a durable, custom-molded polypropylene deck that does not only impact resistant but is also quite flexible. The patterned deck has integrated grip tapes that ensure your feet stay firmly on the board even when you’re moving at high speed.

You get a lot more stability and speed with the large 62 mm x 51 mm polyurethane wheels. Plus, the 3.25-inch aluminum trucks are sturdy and can hold up more weight while also giving you speed.

This board has a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs, which is a bit low. Also, the bearings’ ABEC5 precision rating is relatively low, which can prevent your board from rolling smoothly.

The wheels may become loose and wobbly now and then, but all you need to do is tighten them, and they’ll be good to go.


  • Durable custom-molded polypropylene impact-resistant deck
  • Patterned deck with integrated grip tape ensures stability
  • 62 mm wheels are larger and provide more speed and stability


  • Low weight capacity

4. Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard

is kryptonics a good skateboard brand


Next up on our Kryptonics skateboard reviews is the vibrant Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard. Measuring at 26-inches in length, this 8-ply maple wood deck has a classic cutaway shape.

The cutaway shape combined with the arched deck and slightly concave shape make it easier for you to steer the board.

You’re sure to turn a few heads, thanks to the mermaid-inspired graphics of this deck. Plus, it also has four die-cut strips of grip tapes that ensure your feet stay on the deck. They also give a cool look overall.

This mini-cruiser has larger wheels measuring 60 mm x 45 mm. As the polyurethane wheels’ contact area is larger, it provides you with a lot more stability.

The Kryptonics cruiser features 4-inch durable trucks with painted hangers and baseplate. The 12 mm angled riser pads add more speed to your board. This mini-cruiser can hold up to 220 lbs.

Like most of the Kryptonics skateboards mentioned so far, these bearings’ precision rating is also low. With an ABEC5 rating, your skating adventure is not going to be as smooth as you want.


  • Cutaway shape combined with the arched deck and the slight concave provide more maneuverability
  • Four die-cut grip tape strips provide grip while giving an overall cool look to the deck
  • Larger wheels have large contact area and are more stable


  • The graphics might not appeal to all riders

5. Kryptonics Locker Board Complete Skateboard

are kryptonic skateboards good


Want a board with some fun graphics? Then take a look at the Kryptonics Locker Board Complete Skateboard. This 22-inch skateboard has a thick and sturdy 9-ply maple wood deck.

The improved concave and the double kicktail with rounded edges provides riders with excellent control. You can impress your friends by performing all sorts of tricks on this board. Plus, if you’re faced with any sudden obstacles, you easily apply brakes or steer around them.

The 50 mm x 27 mm polyurethane wheels are on the smaller side, which means they’re easier to control. This feature makes them perfect for riders who like performing tricks.

Also, your feet stay firmly on the deck, even on bumpy surfaces, thanks to the 80Ab strong grip tape.

With the 608ZB bearings with spacers, you glide smoothly along on your board.

Equipped with durable 3.25-inch aluminum trucks, the Kryptonics Locker skateboard provides riders with a great skating experience.

However, the 9-ply deck combined with the trucks’ stone finish makes his board a bit heavier. While the board can hold up to 110 lbs, the weight capacity is slightly lower than most boards.


  • Smaller wheels provide more control
  • Improved concave plus double kicktail shape allows for easier braking and more control
  • 80Ab strong grip tape
  • Smooth 608ZB bearings


  • 9-ply deck plus sone finish of trucks makes deck heavier

6. Kryptonics Spongebob 36-inch Longboard

kryptonic skateboard reviews


Are you fond of Spongebob Squarepants? If yes, then you’ll love the Kryptonics Spongebob 36-inch Longboard. The Spongebob graphics on this board makes it quite popular.

This longboard measures to 36-inches in length and 8.75-inches in width.

Made of an 8-ply maple wood deck, this skateboard is very durable. It’s also super wide, giving you a lot of space to stand comfortably as you cruise along the streets. Plus, the rounded pintail shape allows for effortless riding and smooth turning.

Equipped with 65 mm x 40 mm large polyurethane wheels, this board provides you with stability and speed.

The 6-inch aluminum trucks are durable and feature 88A soft urethane bushings. The latter help ensures you can easily steer your board. You also get 12 mm rises with this board.

The risers add more height and are great for preventing wheel bite.

This board can hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs.


  • Rounded pintail shape is excellent for turning
  • A wide deck allows you to stand comfortably
  • 12 mm angled risers help prevent wheel bite


  • ABEC5 bearings are not very smooth

7. Kryptonics Star Series 31-inch Skateboard

kryptonics review


The Kryptonics Star Series 31-inch Skateboard is another excellent option to consider if you’re into performing tricks on skateboards. Measuring at 31-inches, this skateboard is made of 9-ply maple wood, which means it’s quite durable.

The double kicktail design combined with the pro concave makes this board ideal for tricks. In addition, the shape ensures you have easy maneuverability.

The Kryptonics Star Series is equipped with 54 mm x 33 mm polyurethane wheels that provide great traction.

Besides, the 80Ab grip tape ensures your feet are firm on the deck even when you’re performing tricks. This board features the 5-inch aluminum Krypto Beast trucks, which provide riders with more speed and control.

This board has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.


  • Double kicktail combined with pro concave makes the board ideal for tricks
  • Smaller PU wheels provide great traction
  • 5-inch Krypto Beast trucks are durable


  • Wheel aligned may be off initially and need to be adjusted

8. Kryptonics Stubby 19-inch Complete Skateboard

kryptonics skateboard review


Next, we have the Kryptonics Stubby 19-inch Complete Skateboard. Measuring at 19-inches in length, this board is made of 7-ply durable maple wood.

This mini cruiser is perfect for those looking for a board to help you commute from one place to another. The mini fat compact cruiser shape is excellent for cruising. It’s lightweight and compact, making it super easy to carry around and store in your bag.

It even has a carry handle.

Equipped with large 60 mm x 45 mm wheels, this board is designed to provide riders with the speed and stability they need to tackle the streets. In addition, the clear sand spray ensures your feet stay on the board.

This board can hold up to 110 lbs. It features 5-inch durable trucks with 4 mm risers to help prevent wheel bite.

The only downside of this board is the ABEC3 bearings that don’t spin as smoothly.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large wheels provide speed and stability
  • 4 mm risers prevent wheel bite
  • Great for commuting


  • ABEC3 bearings don’t spin smoothly

9. Kryptonics 32-inch Drop-Down Longboard

are kryptonics skateboards any good


Want a cool-looking longboard for cruising? Then you might like the Kryptonics 32-inch Drop-Down Longboard. This 32-inch longboard has an 8-ply maple wood deck that is quite durable.

The drop-down deck is lower and closer to the ground, which gives you more stability and control. Plus, as the 65 mm x 51 mm polyurethane wheels have a more significant contact area, it adds to the overall stability.

The 6-inch, angled trucks allow you to maneuver your board around obstacles and make sharp turns easily.

You can get this cruiser in a vibrant combination of orange and blue, with the Kryptonics logo in the center. Even the wheels and the trucks are orange and blue, giving a really aesthetic look to the board.


  • The drop-down deck is lower and provides more control and balance
  • Large PU wheels provide more grip and stability
  • Aesthetic orange and blue color combination


  • Trucks may need tightening

10. Kryptonics Torpedo Cruiser Complete Skateboard

is kryptonics a good skateboard


Last on our Kryptonics torpedo reviews is the Kryptonics Torpedo Cruiser Complete Skateboard. This 8-ply maple wood deck measures to 40-inches in length. It has a pin-fishtail design, which provides riders with excellent control.

If you come across any sudden obstacles, you can also quickly brake thanks to the deck’s shape. Besides, this board has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Equipped with large 69 mm x 55 mm polyurethane wheels, this board is perfect for cruising down the streets. Not only can wheels easily glide over bumps and cracks, but they also give you a lot of speed.

Like most Kryptonic skateboards, the only major issue with this board is the ABEC5 low precision bearings.


  • Pin-fishtail design provides excellent grip
  • Large wheels easily glide over cracks and bumps


  • Narrow axle

Kryptonics Skateboards Buying Guide

Here is a quick guide for people who want to buy skateboards from this brand.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kryptonics Skateboard

Start with the following features when comparing different models.

Component Quality

One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the components. We suggest taking a look at the specifications of each part separately before you purchase.

Be sure to check the quality of the bearings, wheels, trucks, bushings, deck, and also the hardware.

are kryptonics skateboards good

If your board’s components are made of low-quality products, the chances are that your board will fall apart sooner. Plus, it’s a risk to your safety.

A good way of finding out your components’ quality is by going over customer reviews on different sites and online forums.

Return Policy and Warranty

In case you get damaged goods or the product is not what you wanted to purchase, a return policy or a warranty can be extremely useful, especially if you’re ordering online.

So before you hit the purchase button, be sure to check the return policy and also check if your skateboard comes with a warranty. Trust us. This is going to save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Pre-assembled Skateboards

Another thing to check when purchasing a Kryptonics skateboard is whether the board comes pre-assembled or not. You can save a lot of time and energy if the board comes pre-assembled.

Especially for beginners, putting together a skateboard can seem like a daunting task.

is kryptonics a good skateboard brand

On the other hand, if you want the complete skateboarder experience and want to assemble your board yourself, you can opt for a skateboard that does not come pre-assembled. You can simply follow the instructions to assemble the board.


Lastly, you need to check how much maintenance each component of your skateboard will require. Also, check how long each component will last. You don’t want to replace your bearings or your grip tape within a month of purchase.

are kryptonic skateboards good

Besides, check which components require maintenance and how regularly you need to clean them. Generally, bearings and bushing require replacement every six months or so, while your axles and kingpin need to be changed annually.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for a Kryptonics Skateboard?

The price of Kryptonics Skateboards varies depending on the model and the components of the board. Generally, Kryptonics skateboards fall within the affordable range for skateboards, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Depending on where you purchase your board from, the prices may also vary a little.

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Kryptonics Skateboards Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kryptnoics a good skateboard brand?

Judging from what we mentioned above in our Kryptonics skateboard review, it is a good skateboard brand. Their decks are sturdy and long-lasting. They produce a variety of skateboards to cater to all types of riding styles.

The only downside to Kryptonics skateboards is that the bearings’ precision rating in some skateboards is low. But, you can easily sort this issue by either regularly lubricating the bearings or by replacing them.

Does Kryptonics fall under Walmart?

No, Kryptonics is a separate, stand-alone brand and does not fall under Walmart brands.

Can beginners ride Kryptonic skateboards?

Yes, of course.

As mentioned earlier, Kryptonics manufactures its boards to cater to the needs of all types of riding styles. You can easily find Kryptonic skateboards that are suitable for beginners.

Before you decide on a model, do make sure it is suitable for your skating style and that it can hold your weight.

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So, is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

According to the information we gathered for our Kryptonics skateboard review, yes, it is.

The company provides skaters with high-quality, durable decks, and their wheels also provide riders with a lot of stability and speed. The only downside that stuck to us about Kryptonics was the quality of the bearings.

But that’s something that you can easily replace if it becomes an issue.

We hope this post helped you make up your mind on whether Kryptonics skateboards are worth getting or not.

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