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Krux Trucks Review: All Skateboarders Need To Know

Via our Krux trucks review, you’ll get the overall view of this brand’s items as well as helpful information that you may haven’t known before.

Some parts of the skateboard must be replaced regularly to ensure stability and effectiveness, and trucks aren’t the exception. That’s what gives many people a headache as it’s really hard to find out the best one among thousands of items on the market.

In this post, we will reveal to you our experience when using Krux trucks and how we evaluate them. So, let’s start!

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Krux Skateboard Trucks Review: What You Should Know

We’ve tried more than 5 trucks from this brand, so it isn’t difficult to overview them. There are 4 aspects that we depend on to give our assessment. Keep reading slowly and carefully to get the key points.


In addition to the deck, the trucks have to stand the large weight and strong force from the player, especially when they jump or ride on the rough road. Hence, this part is responsible for stabilizing and balancing the whole skateboard.

krux trucks review

Krux Trucks Are Made From Super-durable Aluminum Alloy

Some products on the market can break easily as they are manufactured from inexpensive and less durable materials. If the trucks break by accident when you’re riding it can lead to breaking your deck, and it’s really dangerous.

The 2 reasons above show you why the material is important, and the Krux brand really pays attention to this problem. We appreciate the way it uses monolithic cast aluminum for manufacturing, which makes all items more solid and sturdy.

Aluminum alloy is the most favored choice as they are durable with environmental conditions. This material makes the trucks flexible enough to turn while keeping the deck firmly.

Besides, other details such as nuts are also made from durable stainless steel. Trucks are coated with a powder coating to reduce environmental impacts and prevent rust.

Construction And Design

Loose or improper construction and design can cause trucks to fail more quickly. Krux overcomes this by focusing more on the details.

You will love the feeling when you hold its truck in hand for the first time. Solid, durable, and carefully assembled are what you will feel.

krux trucks review

Certainly, we’ve tried dozens of trucks before, and some products even dropped the kingpin when we mounted them to the deck. We haven’t faced this problem while using the Krux trucks, although we had the latest item for more than 6 months.


Krux doesn’t have a wide range of products for you to choose from. However, we make sure that all players can find the best item because it includes the standard trucks, which match all types of skateboard such as Longboard, Cruiser, Penny, etc.

There 2 popular product lines from Krux are Standard and K5 Standard:

Krux Standard Truck

  • Axle: 7.6 inches – Hanger 5 inches – 0.73 pounds (331g)
  • Axle: 8.0 inches – Hanger 5.35 inches – 0.75 pounds (339g)
  • Axle: 8.25 inches – Hanger 5.625 inches – 0.76 pounds (346g)

Krux K5 Standard Truck

  • Axle: 7.6 inches – Hanger 5 inches – 0.73 pounds (331g)
  • Axle: 8.0 inches – Hanger 5.35 inches – 0.75 pounds (339g)
  • Axle: 8.25 inches – Hanger 5.625 inches – 0.76 pounds (346g)
  • Axle: 8.50 inches – Hanger 5.8 inches – 0.78 pounds (355g)
  • Axle: 9.0 inches – Hanger 6.25 inches – 0.80 pounds (364g)

krux standard trucks review

Krux Standard Truck Product


You’re looking for quality products, but budget is your biggest problem? Krux trucks are your saviors!

All the items from this brand are at average and under-average price ranges. For this reason, we can ensure that they are affordable to all players, even when you don’t want to pay too much for a replacement.

Some readers may think that “the cheapest is the dearest”, their opinion can be true in some situations, but not with Krux items. We have shown you all our experience above, and you can rest assured about their quality.

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Pros And Cons

Besides all the advantages this brand’s products bring to users, there are some drawbacks that we think it would be better if they improve or change more effectively. Take a look at our pros and cons list to make sure whether Krux trucks are completely suitable for you or not.

What We Like

  • High-quality materials
  • Standard design and dimension
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Easy-to-use for both beginners or skilled players
  • Flexible for different types of skateboard
  • Best values for price

What Should Be Improved

  • A limited number of models
  • Doesn’t include premium items

Who Should Choose Krux Trucks?

Are you confused about whether Krux trucks are suitable for you or not? Based on their features and characteristics, they are suitable for all players.

If you’re looking for trucks that are great at balancing and smoothening your ride, then Krux items will meet your needs! They will support you well throughout the process that leads to a better experience.

It’s also easier for you to perform tricks or practice hard techniques with these brand products. Mini ramps or local streets will be the best combination with those trucks to give you wonderful cruises.

krux skateboard trucks review

Krux K5 Standard Truck


And that’s all of our Krux trucks review. Hopefully, you have gotten all the important points and information via our experience.

We appreciate the product’s quality, construction as well as bargain prices. Hence, all players can purchase Krux items as they will satisfy you at all!

Last but not least, consider carefully to make a final decision!

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