Is skateboarding suitable for tall people?

Each person has his/ her own features, some may be higher than normal, some may be heavier. To skateboarders, they may wonder whether skateboarding is suitable for them or not, is there any difficulty they may suffer? In fact, with these people, skateboarding is a little bit harder since their center of gravity is higher than the average and they also need more force to push the skateboard moving.

But the height or weight are not considered as the barrier for young people who want to skateboard. Moreover, a lot of professional skateboarders such as Andrew Reynolds and Tony Hawk are big guys, and they are still legends in this sport. So there is no reason for you to give up skateboarding if you are taller or heavier than the others, just remember to try your best to practice harder and harder.

Is skateboarding suitable for tall people?

The understanding of momentum and balance now is better, and skateboarders have applied this knowledge in the sport. They tend to choose larger and wider skateboards to enjoy their ride so their center will be lower, and they are safer while riding, too. However, the larger skateboarders still need to use a full set of protective gear in order to protect them from unpredictable accidents.

Since the center of gravity of the taller skateboarder is quite high, they used to choose wider and larger skateboards since they think it is the solution for their issue. In fact, this effort will help when you start to learn skateboarding but not for the later ride on the street.

The type of boards is recommended for ramp riding skaters, not for doing tricks. Smaller boards are more suitable to do these and skaters find it easier to do. In addition, find a suitable truck for this board at What Size Skateboard Truck.

From our point of view, tall or big people should approach this sport like anyone else, without any difference. They have better find the right skateboard for themselves, instead of listening to what people say. If they think that the larger skateboard is better, let's give it a try.

In fact, when you are a tall skateboarder, the only way to be better in skateboarding is to put more effort into practicing, to counteract your higher center of gravity by improving your muscles so that you can push yourself toward more easily. How sadly it is that is the only thing we can suggest to you to overcome these inherent drawbacks.

In case you don’t know how to choose the suitable skateboard for yourself, find a help at Skateboard Deck Sizes – Guide 2020.

Tall skateboarders also need to protect themselves

According to some reports, tall skateboarders are more painful than the average ones when they fall off the skateboard; and the percentage of falling off is also higher. The most effective way to help them deal with such issues is to equip the full set of protective gear which consists of a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. If you step on the board but still are afraid of falling, wear more pads. Find more related articles at Skateadvisors.

In general, there is no thorough solution for tall skateboarders to be as good at skateboarding as normal people. These above tips can be helpful partly but still have some limitations. However, there is a plus for being taller and heavier than average, when you skate at a skatepark and have a collision with the other, you may not get trouble in the exchange. Surely not many people want to have a mess with you.

The final words

In this article, we have show you whether tall or heavy people can skateboard or not. Of course, they can, just need some adjustments to be more convenient while skateboarding.

We believe everything will be alright, so don’t worry! Relax, enjoy your time and practice skateboarding as much as possible. You are the only one, don’t compare yourself with the others and be confident.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to give us a like and share with the others so that they can be fine, too. Comment below in case you want to share anything with us. We are always welcome!

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