Is Skateboarding a Good Workout ?

Are you bored of having a sedentary life? How about engaging yourself in any physical activity?

Could skateboarding be that activity for you?

Now, you’re probably thinking, is skateboarding a good workout? Does it give you mental and physical strength?

We will reveal some of the benefits of skateboarding that may help you understand it is not just a hobby but also an excellent workout.

Here’s how skateboarding can help you stay fit:

Burns Calories

Skateboarding will make you sweat if you manage to have a good session without intervals. As a result, you may burn more than 400 calories on average in an hour. But, it may depend upon the length of the session and the track you select for skating.

is skateboarding a good workout

Moving all parts of your body would help in burning calories faster. A track full of hurdles would burn your calories more quickly.

The more calories you want to burn, the more you can skate without taking breaks. 

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Improves Flexibility

Stretching your muscles during skateboarding is easy. You'll feel more relaxed whenever you go for a ride on your skateboard. 

Skateboarding allows you to move many muscles at a time and help you learn to keep your balance.

If your body seems stiff, skateboarding will improve flexibility and agility. The movement of your arms and legs would stretch your muscles continuously. As a result, the joints would move freely too.   

is riding a skateboard good exercise

Enhances Cardiovascular Strength and Respiratory System

A good session of skateboarding would pump your heart well. Consequently, it would deliver an adequate supply of blood to your body and brain. 

So, skateboarding would be beneficial in enhancing your blood circulation and heart functioning. In addition to that, constant moving in the session would also help in improving the lung capacity. The respiratory system would start functioning as it should, and your stamina would increase as time passes by.  

Reduces Weight

Since skateboarding is an excellent cardiovascular activity, therefore it would also burn calories more quickly. And losing calories would result in reducing your weight.

Moreover, the regular ride would prevent you from getting overweight. And if you plan to reduce your weight, it is the best time to start skateboarding.

Helps Coordination

A good workout usually has strong coordination among your body parts. When you ride on a skateboard, your arms, legs, feet, and eyes come into action. Skateboarding helps in such coordination to enjoy a good workout. 

is riding a skateboard good exercise

Some sports make you lazy in the end. Whereas this sport makes you feel energetic due to continuous movement of body parts in the right way.

Promotes Creativity

We believe that skateboarding would make you think creatively. How?

In a parking lot and stairwell session, you would visualize every trick or stunt in your mind before you do it. 

But before you attempt to perform any stunt, it would be better to learn the basics from the professionals. Otherwise, you may end up with some injury.

Provides Stress Relief

A hectic life schedule and household chores have made our lives stressful. You must be thinking of taking some time to relax.

how good is skateboarding as exercise

But, no long holidays ahead? Still, do you want to enjoy mental peace? Gathering your friends and riding skateboards together can be a great activity. 

Skateboarding is a kind of sport that would take your worries away.

Teaches Patience and Precision

If you want to get better at assessing risk, skateboarding can also help with that. You would be able to assess on-the-spot consequences if you fail to execute the trick properly. 

It is not only a sport anymore, it can also make you more intuitive, at least in terms of riding and doing tricks. 

You may fail over and over again in learning and performing any skateboarding skill. But, in the end, you would learn to be patient as well. 

Keeps Away From Health Problems

This sport is considered a good workout for you. If you regularly ride on a skateboard, you might be able to keep yourself away from health problems. This may include diabetes, obesity, low blood pressure, low heart rate, etc. 

how good is skateboarding as exercise

So, skateboarding is not only a good workout, but it can also help you reduce the risk of diseases by staying active.    

Helps Overcome Fear

Does fear overwhelm you? Many people do not give this excellent sport a try because of fear of injuries. 

You might also face fear when you decide to ride skateboarding. But, you will learn how to turn fear into confidence gradually. Performing tricks and stunts under the supervision of an expert might help you get over that fear and truly master this amazing sport.  

Skateboarding is a Workout for All Ages

You may be surprised to know that elders can also ride skateboarding. They need to follow the guidelines and take safety measures. But really all you need to do is focus and take things slowly.

is skateboarding a good workout

This sport is common among young people who are keen to enhance mental and physical abilities.If you are interested in doing stunts, it is advisable to consult a professional trainer beforehand. This would reduce the chance of possible injuries. 

On the other end of the age spectrum, children are happy to learn skateboarding from an early age. It shows how skateboarding is becoming popular even among children.

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Is It Budget-Friendly?

Do you want to kick start an activity that suits your pocket and involves a workout?

Fortunately, skateboarding is one of the inexpensive sports, and its ride gives you a full-body workout. You can get more active without joining a fancy gym and paying a heavy membership fee. 

If you are a beginner, we recommend spending a little more when buying a skateboard and also buy protective gear.  

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Final Words

Grab a skateboard and start riding. And you would end up with a good exercise, boosting mental and physical strength.

So is skateboarding a good workout? Turns out, it is!

You should go skateboarding, keeping in view that it offers so many benefits. You’d probably like it so much that you would also recommend this workout to your loved ones.

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