Is Longboarding Good Exercise? Top 12 Benefits Of Riding

Is longboarding good exercise? If you want to give longboarding a try, you probably ask this question.

Longboarding is a challenging and adventurous sport. This sport demands constant practice and skills to conquer. Continuous movements of the whole body are also required to keep the board rolling, making it a fantastic workout.

However, longboard riding is categorized as one of the toughest and dangerous sports, explaining why parents generally do not allow their children to take risks. So let's find out if it's worth the bet.

is longboarding a good workout

Not only is longboarding known as a sport, but it is also an art form, a hobby, and a means of transportation. At first, this is quite dangerous, especially for beginners. But when you practice regularly, it will bring many fruitful results to your physical and mental health.

Enhance Balance

If you have trouble balancing and staying on one foot, you should give longboarding a try.

Be sure of your stance, standing, and balancing on the board, then enjoy maintaining and changing positions while stabilizing your center of gravity.

is longboarding good exercise

Strength Training

You need to expend power during the pushing-riding process, and your core muscles and body muscles are responsible for this hard work.

This process makes your body converge strength, and during this regular activity, you can get persistence and stamina for weight lifting.

Joint Reinforcement

Riding a longboard involves movement not just in your lower extremity but in the whole body. It affects many joints, your lower back and ankles.

is longboarding a good workout 1

Support Cardio And Heart Health

Longboarding builds a healthy heart. Your heart rate can reach about 140-160 beats per minute when skating. This sport is a great idea to improve the circulatory system and the body's inertia.

At the same time, you can step out of your comfort zone and create new experiences.

Build Muscles

All the muscles in the body are working simultaneously to set a longboard in motion or maintain high speed.

In particular, the shoulder muscles will become balanced and healthy, the biceps and abdominal muscles will be firmer, and the waist will become slimmer. Additionally, other muscles such as leg muscles, glutes, and thighs get tone, giving you slim and agile legs.

is longboarding good exercise


This sport is an effective way to improve your body flexibility. Longboarding requires speed and power, and when you create pressure on your legs to move the board, it makes your body incredibly flexible day after day.

You will start to notice the improvement of flexibility and power within your body after riding for a good while.

is longboarding a good workout

Furthermore, science has proved that longboarding can reduce 50% of damage to the musculoskeletal system in middle-aged people. Especially for children, it will help their body develop naturally and enhance social activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Longboarding?

Longboarding is an affordable way to improve both your physical and mental health. It is no coincidence that young people increasingly love this street sport. They enjoy their fun workouts while doing them all on longboards.

Let’s have a better look at what you can get out of this sport.

Lose Weight

Longboarding is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It has been proven that, when skating at 20 mph, the body burns 300 calories or more.

The number of calories that you burn will depend on the intensity of your longboarding. This is a great weight-loss method that will help you quickly get back in shape.

Relieve Stress And Refresh Your Mind

Stress is a reality of modern life, and it might lead to body fatigue, poor health, and depression. If you want to relieve stress, try longboarding. Many young people consider longboarding as a form of escapism. When they are skating, they forget the negative aspects of their life.

is longboarding a good workout

The continuous physical activity involved in longboarding will help the body regenerate new positive energy, excitement, and refreshment. It is worth mentioning that practicing with a board until mastering the skills will take a relatively long time and perseverance.

However, the feeling of mastering the feet and board excites skaters. Such things will help your mind to be more positive and alleviate stress.

Sound Sleeping

Pressure from work, school, or family has caused insomnia for many young people. But worry not if you do longboarding. It can make you extremely tired, so you will want to lie down and fall asleep right away.

is longboarding good exercise 3

Why do you feel so sleepy after longboarding? As mentioned, the muscle groups work mostly all the time. At the end of the session, the body will become exhausted. It brings out a sound sleep, and then you can wake up with a flexible body and a fresh mind.

Save Time And Money

Instead of spending a lot of time and money at the gym, you can go wherever you want and turn it into your spot to work out. It means that while you are going to school or the office, you can burn calories!

Moreover, traffic jams are no longer on your worrying list when you use a longboard in place of your car or public transport.


Longboarding is evolving pretty rapidly and gaining more popularity day by day. As it is a fun mode of transportation which more and more people opt for.

is longboarding good exercise

Many countries encourage their people to live green. The more people use longboards to commute, the better the world becomes.


This fun fact may probably make you a fan of it. Longboarding requires just a longboard that isn’t very big to carry. So if you’re traveling, you can take it along without any concern. Anywhere or anytime, the longboard will be your best traveling companion.

Many people use their boards between the bus stops or browse the campus with ease.

Is Longboarding Tiring?

As mentioned before, longboarding is a physical activity that engages every muscle in your body, so it is normal that you feel exhausted after longboarding sessions. However, body fatigue and exhaustion as a result of longboarding will help you sleep better at night.

Tips For You

A few tips are good to keep in mind when you practice longboarding.

  • Do not attempt difficult tricks if you still struggle with basic skills such as braking, balancing, etc.
  • It is advisable to practice with a coach or an experienced longboarder.
  • Choose quality longboards to ensure safety.
  • Fully equipped with protective accessories such as knee bands, gloves, elbows, and helmets.


So, is longboarding good exercise? Although there are risks of injury, health benefits that you can get from longboarding are significant.

This is an incredibly effective measure to balance the body and improve overall health that anyone should try once at least. Learn the skills first and then move on to harder techniques.

If you can spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day riding with your kids or friends, your life will become much more interesting. Thank you for reading!

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