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Independent Stage 11 Review – An Optimal Choice For Trucks

Independent has always been classified as the industry-standard compared to other truck brands on the market. Today, our experts will explore more about its best-seller by giving you the Independent stage 11 review.

The industry legends Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, and two other co-founders created Independent in 1978. This California-based company is very well-known for its consistently reliable deck trucks on the market.

Independent’s trucks are strong, durable, lightweight, which ensure you a smooth, long ride without worrying about the quality of the skateboard. Let’s dig deeper with us to figure out the Independent stage 11’s excellent features!

Features Of Independent Stage 11

These trucks are sturdy, long-lasting and mostly made of aluminum, biodegradable and friendly to the environment. Here, our experts will take a closer look at every part of this truck.

Stage 11 Has Three Types Of Heights

Accordingly, you are free to choose from these various heights for your skateboards. A truck’s height is the distance between the axle and the deck. There are three options for you in terms of stage 11:

  • The Standard Profiles: 55 millimeters
  • The Mid Profiles: 53.5 millimeters
  • The Low Profiles: 48.5 millimeters

Depending on your skateboard’s wheel diameter, we highly recommend that you should carefully check the size and buy the right ones to fit your deck. For bigger wheels, they usually come with looser trucks and vice versa.

Another great thing about stage 11 is that you can customize the gap between your deck and axle using riser pads.

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Their Widths Are Various As Well

You can pick any width available as long as it works for you. There is no fast and hard rule when it comes to choosing the right width.

independent stage 11 review

Independent Trucks’ Size Chart

One common method is to match the deck as close to the axle as possible. Fortunately, Independent has created a specific guiding chart to be much easier for skaters to get the accurate size.

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Four Different Styles And Variants

With innovative designs and modifications, the manufacturer has produced the standard, modern stage 11 and is available in four variants.

Independent Standards

The most basic variant of Independent is the standard trucks. They are durable and suitable for all types of skateboarding. The trucks are made from high-quality 356 T6 heat-treated aluminum with Grade 8 chrome alloy steel kingpins and axles.

independent stage 11 trucks review

Independent Standards

The standard trucks have no frills and guarantee to give you the best performance. You can perform crazy stunts such as flipping and diving into the pools and maintaining a smooth riding experience. These trucks are great to carve, rush down the hill, or cruise as well.

Independent Hollows

They are nearly the same as the Standards above. The Hollows consist of a hollow axle and kingpin to remove some weight of the trucks, which makes them lighter. However, they are still strong to perform tricky stunts.

Additionally, their price is a little bit higher than their standard counterparts.

Independent Forged Hollow

This variant has a forged base plate which is more powerful than the cast base plate. It contains a high-tensile steel and chrome alloy hollow kingpin and axle.

independent hollow trucks review

Independent Forged Hollow

Compared to the standard and hollow variants, the forged hollow is much stronger. It is considered one of the best skateboard trucks in terms of quality and price.

Independent Forged Titanium

The forged titanium has the highest price among these four styles. It contains a titanium axle, a hollow kingpin, and a forged base plate.

independent stage 11 hollow trucks review

Independent Forged Titanium

This variant guarantees excellent performance. You can take deep turns, stunning tricks in the pool or on the street. There is room for you to grind on without breaking the kingpins and bushings at all.

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In conclusion, the Independent has been the first option worldwide when it comes to skateboard trucks. Particularly, the Independent stage 11 is one of the optimal products of this skateboard brand.

Although they are more expensive than other trucks on the market, they are still outstanding thanks to various heights and widths, great strength and durability, and excellent turns and grinds.

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