How to Take Trucks Off A Skateboard With Ease

Trucks are essential parts of a skateboard, so knowing the right steps in how to take trucks off a skateboard will provide significant help when you want to remove these parts for maintenance.

With that in mind, we are here to provide you with a handy guide on how to take the trucks off without dropping a sweat.

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Many users might be thinking that it is hard to learn how to take trucks off a skateboard. You will be amazed by how easy this process is, should you follow the following steps!


Before we start to go into detail, preparing appropriate tools is a must. For a smooth and quick procedure, you should have these tools in hand: a Philip-head screwdriver, a skate tool, and of course, your skateboard.

Not everyone has a skate tool in stock, and that is not a problem! You can use some alternatives; for example, a plier or a wrench should do the trick.

Positioning your skateboard is also important for more comfort throughout the process. From our personal experience, flipping the skateboard upside down and putting the truck in a horizontal position will be most suitable.

how to take trucks off of a skateboard

The best position to remove your trucks

Remove The Nuts

With Skate Tool

The trucks are attached to the board by a series of bolts; as a result, you have to remove them first to take the trucks off. We recommend you use the smallest socket of the skate tool for the best fit.

Now place the skate tool on one of the nuts of your choosing, then on the upper side of the skateboard, put your screwdriver on the hole of that nut.

When everything is in place, turn your screwdriver counter-clockwise while holding the skate tool firmly. After some rounds, the nut should come off, and then you repeat this step with the other nuts.

how to take trucks off a skateboard

Hold your skate tool and turn the screwdriver

Without Skate Tools

The steps are the same for plier or wrench users, but you have to grip the plier hard and squeeze it down while you twist the screwdriver.

Take The Trucks Off

Once you have removed all the nuts and bolts, you can start removing the trucks off their screws. Be careful, though, as the screws grip the trucks quite tightly, so make sure that you do it gently and carefully to avoid any accidental damage to the trucks or even the board.

When that is done, you will have the trucks and the board with screws attached. Should you want to remove the screws as well, it is completely fine and simple to do.

Remove The Screws

This step is only for those who want a full skateboard maintenance or just replacing the screws. You can skip through this one if you want to keep the screws intact.

  • Position your skateboard on a flat surface upside down again. This time you can see the screws sticking out from the bottom.
  • Use pressure and push down hard onto the board, the screws will slowly be pushed out of the board.

If you feel that the strength is not enough, try jumping on the skateboard! Many people have done it without damaging the board, and it is fun to do as well. Although you should beware, the screws might bounce out of the board everywhere, and you can potentially lose them.

Can not find a flat surface to position your board? Try to use a hammer and beat the screws out of their socket. However, this is the last resort, as it can damage the hardware.

how to take the trucks off of a skateboard

Push your skateboard so the screws can come up

Reinstalling The Trucks

With Skate Tools

After you have finished working on the trucks, it is time to reinstall them. To replace or reinstall your skateboard trucks back on your board, follow these steps:

  • Set the trucks back in their original place. Make some adjustments so that the holes align with the screw holes.
  • Remember the screws we removed previously? Now use your thumb, gently push the screws through the holes on the skateboard and the holes in the trucks. If you do it correctly, the screws should fit in perfectly.
  • Next, use your fingers to turn the nuts clockwise until it is too hard for your hands.
  • Once you twist all the nuts, use the skate tool to tighten up the screws like the previous step.

The final result should be your skateboard back in one piece with sturdier trucks.

how to take off skateboard trucks

Reinstalling the screws

Without Skate Tools

The steps are the same from start to finish, but this time, you will instead use a wrench to tighten the screws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we found that many people concern when they try to remove their skate trucks

What Can You Use Instead Of A Skate Tool?

Having the specialized skate tool is great, but there are still some effective substitutions if you are unable to grab one yourself. Equivalent to a skate tool, you can get a wrench or a plier to take the trucks off.

How Tight Should Trucks Be On A Skateboard?

It purely depends on your personal preference. In theory, tight trucks will bring more stability to the skateboard and more security for the rider.

On the flip side, loose trucks can improve your flow and flexibility, making it the right choice for professional skateboarders who want to perform complex tricks.

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Last Words

And above is our guide on how to take trucks off a skateboard. Those steps are based on our own experience, so rest assured that anyone with any tools can do it themselves! We hope that by reading them, you will be able to repair your skateboard with little effort.

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!

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